26Irvine, United States
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My self-summary
I am an honor-bound utilitarian progressionist transhumanist, existential-mereological-epistemological-political-moral nihilist, metaphysical positive reductionist, apistevist epistemological pragmatic absolutist, subjective ethical relativist, objective process and systems computational meta-analyst. Myers Briggs classifies me as an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensory, Thinking, Judging); or the Logistician, which is quite accurate. My actions and philosophy align most closely with the properties of Karmic Daoism.

I like everything from hiking, kayaking, and swordplay, to watching movies, card games, and video games. I enjoy just kicking back and reveling in the simple things in life, from the sophistication of a glass of wine and Deuter to set the mood for a deep and enlightening philosophical conversation of existential heuristics, to some smoke and a few lives on Dark Souls. I take pleasure experiencing nature in nearly all its forms, especially when it leads to expansion of my systemic horizons.

I am someone with fairly high self-confidence, feel entirely comfortable interacting with other people, am pretty assertive, and I find the company of others very stimulating; thus I enjoy meeting new people. I am quite open-minded, and have a strong appreciation for beauty, both in art and nature. I am easily absorbed in music and imagination, as well as natural phenomena; from the vast and alluring universe in which we reside, to the intricate casts of an ant colony. I have a tendency to think often about abstract concepts and ideas, a thinking style that may or may not prove to hold merit, yet proves effective, if not accurate; thus, in my spare time, I particularly enjoy activities that get my mind to think or analyze critically. These tendencies to be open can, however, be something of a double edged sword, as I am occasionally very roundabout or entirely nonsensical to others if I have trouble communicating my thoughts; I can seem to reside in a completely different universe from time to time. Last named of my qualities is my stance of gentle repose. I tend to take things as they come and deal with life on a situational basis. I don't stress out, and I don't allow myself to dwell or regret my past undertakings; instead, I put my efforts into learning from my mistakes and making my next move - or more interesting, not making a move.

I'm a person who admits my own faults, and take full responsibility for my actions. I require myself to at all times be progressing forward, and avoid ignorance, whether through intention or negligence; I never pass up a chance to learn something relevant. I constantly spend time thinking, reevaluating, and refining my own standards and moral values, as well as those of other people, as I seek to always improve myself. I attribute these qualities to mindfulness in conjunction with true, honest, and responsible introspection; through this process, I have, over time, defined and refined that which holds value in my perception, and continue to do so.

I try to give every person I meet a fair and relatively equal chance of becoming a 'regular' so to speak, ranging from talk once in awhile acquaintances to the closest friends; unfortunately for the majority of people, I am "picky as all fuck" (as I am majoritively misanthropic). The criteria and scale by which I place people are expansive, from healthiness, attractiveness, and dexterity to intelligence, sense of humor, experience, critical thinking, analysis, mindfulness, charisma, willpower, and consistency of their state of mind. I am a person of rigidity, holding fast to my morality and desire for truth [being objective fact]. I do not surround myself with people of theistic or pseudo-scientific beliefs, as they fundamentally demonstrate an apparent lack of ability to logically reason between fact and fiction (I honestly hold them in the same regard as one who believes unicorns and pegasi exist). I will, to be bluntly honest, tear every catechism of your beliefs asunder, to separate what in your beliefs (if anything) is objectively true from that which is your subjective projected desire of the universe at large over the course of our communications, in order to ascertain the nature of your being - something I do passively at times and aggressively at others; but always with myself before anyone else, though everyone else inclusive. Judgmental? Not in the common perspective, only in the literal sense - I judge based upon the objective information I have obtained, then refine my judgement as new evidence is presented [which is nigh-constant].

I know the limits of my faculties, what are my definitive morals, my unwavering values, and my immersing philosophies. I know who I am.

Who are you?
What I’m doing with my life
Weekends are generally spent at friends places playing video games, watching movies, or discussing philosophy, reality, or science.

Working as a Security IT Admin; enjoying the sandbox i have been given.

Wondering how to do voice acting on the side.
I’m really good at
Relaxing - Kick back and enjoy a view, music, and smoke.
Games - Anything with rules really, if it can be min-maxed, I'm the guy.
Reading and Writing - Love a good book, and little I enjoy more than writing stories for my Sunday Dungeons and Dragons game.
Physical Activity - Swordsmanship at the top of that list.
Philosophical Discussion - Through the verse and beyond.
Imagery and Storytelling - Some of my best qualities I'm told.
Being unintentionally mercilessly blunt, but always honest.
Real World Tactics and Strategy - I excel at metadata and system analysis.
Pontification (Obfuscatory Linguistic Gymnastics) - Not on purpose; however, I may accidentally tangent into a detailed explanation of some related process to the initial point of subject matter in order to better present some semblance of a coherently perceived position for you to decypher...
The first things people usually notice about me
The most often mentioned physical characteristics are either my eyes (I hold strong eye contact, and I have a rare color mixture of yellow/ green/ blue inside to out) or the way I carry myself (my movements are swift and fluid while still precise; similar to a dancer, but with messier footwork and stronger kata).

The most mentioned mental attributes are my detachment (I do not fraternize with my emotions often), my uncanny knack of finding flaws (in just about everything, unfortunately), my straightforwardness (if you haven't already noticed), or my absolute distaste for bullshit (including, but not limited to: ignorance, stupidity, uselessness, malice, and the inability to detach oneself from their emotions in order to have a civilized and intellectual conversation or debate). My compassion, though however vast, is seen instantly only by those who understand my perspective; otherwise it is overlooked and taken for blood lust (an excessively strange shift if you ask me, the complexities of sociopolitical interaction are nigh-impossible to grasp), but I'm starting to think most people just can't handle the truth and thus respond firmly affirming to the inverse of what is actually the case.

I am occasionally called arrogant, usually do to my verbose vernacular and uncommon grammatical syntax, but I find that perceived arrogance is often attributed to those who are intelligent by those who are not; those who are incapable of handling that fact maturely. I have no need to exaggerate my abilities, I know what I am capable of doing and not doing; it is impolite etiquette to make the assumption that I do not, and generally, the claim is projective in nature. "Point the finger, slow to understand; arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand", ah irony, eh?

Apparently, over the course of my maturation into an adult I have progressively become more and more passively intimidating (save when dealing with animals and toddlers, they love me); an unfortunate state of affairs. I have thus far been unable to identify exactly why, but I have gathered that it has something to do with how quickly I grasp a person's motives; from what those whom I trust say, it's impossible to hide in front of me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Catcher in the Rye, Brave New World, 1984, The Miracle of Mindfulness, and Atlas Shrugged.

Movies: Equilibrium - no contest.

Shows: I have to split this into two categories:
Live Action: Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Game of Thrones
Animated: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), the Monogatari series, and Ghost in the Shell.

Music: Various genres of Metal, Hardstyle, Trance, Classical, 80s, and Buddhist Temple music. To List some: Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Manson, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Soilwork, Demon Hunter, Zombie (White and Rob), Dope, Lamb of God, Adrenalize, Wasted Penguinz, OmegaTypeZ, Scope DJ, Frontliner, Tommyknocker, The Viper, Deuter, Bach, Beethoven, Jenkins, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Idol...I can't say any of it is favored among the rest - Save for Pantera, they own me.

And Food: Souls of newborns and blood of the newly deflowered - pretty standard dessert diet for a dude in his mid-twenties.
Six things I could never do without
The family of friends I have carefully cultivated over the last decade who help maintain my sanity.
Philosophy, and the ability to use its toolkit.
My Car, for it is my source of travel and income.
My Laptop, for I must jack my consciousness regularly into the Matrix.
My Phone: it is not simply an alarm, or a clock; but both!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My life, and what I'm doing with it, and what I plan to do with it. Such as: How or what I want to change about myself, and how to go about it. How I value things, from spending time with my friends, to being alive, to the acquisition of new knowledge, to the application of that knowledge. Or simply what I want to do that day. Or even within that hour...What was the question again?

The wall I have encountered. Nietzsche would say the answer is the Uberman, however I disagree with some of its finer points of definition and purpose (shit, even he went crazy); leaving me in an awkward middle ground that resembles quicksand. Such. Is. Life.

Recently I've dedicated a fair bit of cognitive processing to deciphering the strange social game of leverage people play; while execrably infuriating to witness, its rules are ironically fascinating - and I look forward to breaking them at the wheel.

Sensitive dependence on initial conditions.
The state and effect of irreducible complexity.
The relationship, domain, and intersection thereof, of polymetric concepts.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm probably hanging with some buddies, either out, in, or both (doorways being an awkward middle ground and all :/ ...come to think of it, is underwater 'inside' or 'outside' or its own special domain defined only by location?).

The world is ripe for conquer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm actually a very passionate person; I feel emotions deeply, though rarely, but I do not, and can not, let it affect my judgment, nor do I share the complexities or specifics of my feelings around people I don't trust, so I commonly come off as an asshole to people who are postural by nature or who think they deserve trust without having earned it.

I'll talk about nearly anything, if you ask - but be forewarned; I do not take well to those who do not prepare themselves for the answers, nor those who do so in order to posture. Both I will appropriately put into their place without mercy.

Secretly infuriated by a lack of choice for Carnivore as a diet...
You should message me if
You find me interesting and want to have a delightful chat - I don't bite all that hard.

Please don't "like" me, I don't pay for this site, and thus, cannot see who has done so; message me, or don't.

I'm not looking for emotional connections, however rather allowing their spontaneity; thus if you seek a life partner I am no match - passion will rise unto itself, not being found if searched for.

Don't bother me if you didn't take the time to read my profile; its just bad form and etiquette.

+-Bonus Points-+
-You have a well filled and formatted profile.
-You are a /u.
-You want to chill and smoke.
-You're a proud Pegasister.
-You play EVE Online or Dark Souls.
-If you can correctly guess why I answered the number of questions I have, I absolutely guarantee intriguing conversation.
-I don't have to explain nihilism to you, and you have a solid grasp of the subject; not knowing doesn't lose points however, I'm just strangely terrible at conveying this one subject despite it being the concept I understand better than all others.

+-Ways to Lose Points-+
---If you're a theist, please don't message me. It's not judgment, it's just a personal preference; I don't play well with people who do not take full advantage of their mental faculties; such as intercomparison, analyzation, dissemination, and equal rule application). Save us both the time.
---If you think it is safe to allow people to be religious.
---You like or partake in any pseudoscience.
---If you like Rene Descartes or anything that faggot wrote.
---You want kids. Ever. It shows you have no respect for others, or for life.
---You marked 'Atheism' or 'Agnostic' in the above My Details section; a testament to your ignorance, as neither are of religion. Atheism is a null state, of having no religion (so how is that a religion?); Agnosticism is statement of sureness, which is representative of any doubt, no matter how small (Gnosticism is to be entirely sure with absolutely no room for doubt).
---If you think Nihilism is the desire to watch everything burn; no, that's Antinihilism, which is the opposite of Uberman. Nihilism could be called a magic pair of glasses, and depending on who wears them, you get either an Uberman, an Antinihilist, or a Karmic Daoist.

Please don't message me to tell me your opinions of my above stated positions, I couldn't care less. Propagate intellectual communication and debate, not senseless pratter. I'd be more than happy to actually discuss my philosophy, if you can do so as an intellectually honest and open adult. Instigation is not welcome, and will be dealt with swiftly and by a man's price.
The two of us