47Dayton, United States
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My self-summary
First and foremost... I'm taken. I met someone here who has made my life - and my son's life - more amazing than I could ever have imagined. I love him with all my heart and soul, and am happy to report that as of October 31, 2008, we're happily married! It was unexpected to meet him, unexpected to fall in love with him, and very unexpected to become his wife - but sometimes the most unexpected things are our greatest and most wonderful joys in life. So for those who think online dating doesn't work -- I beg to differ. And for those of you who think you're going to steal me from him, or think I need something more or could do better, don't waste my time. I have everything I have wanted, needed, or could hope for in him.

So with that said...I am still looking for friends here and there. :) That's about it for now, friendship. Really. Honestly. Just looking for folks to talk to, hang out with now and then. I am officially and completely off the market dating-wise. :)

If any of the following things make you go, "Huh? Whazzat?" then it's a good bet that you and I shouldn't even bother talking, unless you're willing to hear a long explanation and actually LEARN from it:

The letters MMORPG when strung together in that order. The phrase, "I need to get a sig file together for the BBS for my MMORPG." They Might Be Giants. My belief that Stephen King is a comedian.

Right now I'm recovering from being a former psychotic drama queen, learning that it's ok to be happy most of the time, and enjoying my life.

And, for my son: Heavy Metal/Thrash music. Ninja anything. Anime anything. *laughs*

Yes, we're a house full of geeks. I am the Queen geek and my son is the Prince of the Freaks. If this scares you... just back away slowly.

I will also say that if you can't spell or have rotten grammar, use a lot of 1337-speak, TyPe LiKe ThIs, or CAN'T STOP YELLING AT ME BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIND THE CAPS LOCK KEY it's probably best that you don't bother. It's not that I'm a snob, I'm really not. And I can understand that not everyone spells well. But I tend to be drawn to people who read a lot, and typically reading a lot means that you're well spoken. I'm a writer myself, and other writers fascinate me, when they're good at what they do. I've written poetry in the past, and am working on a sci-fi/horror book at the moment as well as a couple of screenplays.

And I'll reiterate for those who don't read my profile carefully and are skimming and not reading, or those who don't "get it": I am married. This means I am off the dating market. I met him here. I have not deleted my profile because I am still interested in talking to other people on a friendship level. I am not looking for someone to sleep with. I am not looking for someone to 'take me away' from him. I am absolutely positively happy with him.

Thank you... please keep reading. :)

I am happily-married, irreverant, and sensual
What I’m doing with my life
Working, writing, chatting. *shrug* I'm writing a LOT, actually, right now. Should be a fun time.

I'm also working on figuring out how to work around my fibromyalgia. And learning how to deal with the fact that I'm now happy and cheerful. Huzzah for good medicine and an excellent doctor.
I’m really good at
Reading tarot and writing erotica. Yes, I'm good at both. Yes, I might be willing to do both for someone if asked. Just depends on what mood I'm in when you ask me. ;) Heck, you can also finish reading my profile, link over to my MySpace page, click on "Amythyst Dawn" and check the blog. Tada! How much are you willing to go through to read my smut, eh?

Take a look at my journal. Some of what I wrote is there. If you "get it" and you like it, send me a message. I'm always up for making new friends. But I keep my IM turned off, because I got tired of getting "hey" and "hi" as a first message from people. Creativity is a lost art in this world, and that makes me a little sad. So send me a message - a real message - and get to know me.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm tall and not exactly waifish. Right now, they notice that my hair is a mass of curls, because I finally found some hair stuff that works and makes my hair look like I want it to. I'm so happy. They notice that I smile for absolutely no reason, and they notice my smile, or so I've been told. Which is kind of cool.

I'd love to think that people notice me for my stunning beauty or killer body, but since neither one apply to me... then I'm stuck with the curly hair and the grin.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Stephen King, Clive Barker, generally good horror writers. Mercedes Lackey. Sci-fi books that don't rely on TV shows for their characters. I like to read books that make me laugh, make me think, take me away from here & now.

Movies: My favorites are "Benny & Joon", "Close Encounters", "Love, Actually", and "American Beauty". I'm honestly not very good at sitting through movies - long story. I've been learning how to do that, though, a little at a time (thanks, baybee!). On a similar note, though, I have only two television addictions -- Ghost Hunters on Wednesday nights and Dexter on Showtime. I love Dexter. Love it love it. Very cool show, very smart.

Music: All of it except for hard core country, rap, and opera. And I can handle ANY of those in small doses, just not full-time. Love Pink Floyd, They Might Be Giants, Rush, Weird Al, System of a Down, Evanessence, Pachelbel, Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Michael Hedges and Barry Manilow. Told you I was all over the place musically, but you didn't believe me, did you? *shakes head* Some people, I swear...

Foods: Yes. LOL No, honestly... chocolate, ice cream, burgers, steamed veggies, salad. And I love to cook. I make a mean manicotti... ask my friends. :) And apparently my cheeseburgers are enough to make most people have something like a food-gasm. My husband and I are working on teaching our son to cook, because chicks dig guys who know how to make them something for dinner more than hot dogs and canned corn. *shudder* I've taught him how to make my manicotti, how to make omelets, how to cook a proper steak, and how to make chicken cacciatore. This weekend, I think I might teach him how to make home made egg noodles, just for sh!ts & giggles.
Six things I could never do without
1. My son 2. My husband 3. French fries & Chocolate (not together) 4. Sex 5. Peace 6. Sleep
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The meaning of my current life, the future, and what the Ultimate Question is. Since the answer is 42. And most recently, why I can look at a buff guy and think, "Meh, so what?" but the thought of a room full of gamer geeks or comic book junkie types, all talking about mana costs and which Heroclix figure is better - Logan or Wolverine - makes my stomach go all fluttery.

I'm a GEEK FREAK! (It's the nerdy version of a fag hag, and it's awful...) *chuckles*
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing at home with my husband and my son, discussing my work week, making plans for the weekend, and being all happy about a night of snuggles. And, during the fall and winter, discussing the upcoming NFL games on Sunday, because we are football junkies in my house, and love to watch the Colts (my son and me) and the Saints (my hubby) when they're on, and randomly pick a favorite based on who's playing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In my dreams, I'm somewhere between June Cleaver and a Princess. I love to take care of my family and be a homebody. And I've recently discovered something about myself, in the bedroom arena, that has thrown me for a loop, but it's fun to explore. Whee!
You should message me if
...you're bored to death and wonder if I'll actually write back. I just might. One never knows. Oh, and I'm on MySpace: My Myspace Page -- so you can look for me there, too, if you're REALLY bored. :) But if you've read this far, that's the place to go - you'll learn a LOT more about me over there than anything you'd read here. Believe me.

Or you could message me if you took my "matchme" test and came out with some sort of result that you think means that we have something in common. You could also message me if you've read this far and are wondering if I'm going to say anything witty. I'm not. It's Thursday, and I have an aversion to saying witty things on Thursday. Unless you're reading this on one of the other six days of the week, and want me to notice that it's no longer Thursday, and therefore I should reply to you with something unbelievably hilarious and thought provoking. Or you could message me because you're bored out of your skull, just like the rest of us, and obviously aren't out on a date somewhere. Instead, you're sitting here hoping to find... something. None of us know what. Except the answer to whether we're more interested in Tits, Asses, or Cuteness when it comes to our choice in women. Or something like that.
The two of us