39 San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Looking for the one to write the most important chapter of our lives together with.

More about me... When we first meet you'll probably first notice that I’m seriously 6’4”; however, you will soon learn that my personality and heart are much bigger. I'm a thoughtful gentleman who genuinely cares about people and the kind of person who actually prefers to park my car and greet family and friends inside the airport with a hug. During the work week I enjoy tackling technical challenges with my team to develop and fly satellite systems. And on weekends my favorite things to do are to explore new things and places in the Bay Area (e.g. glassblowing, dining at new restaurants), enjoying the performing arts (e.g. music concerts at shoreline, live comedy at the improv, a traveling cirque du soleil show), weekend trips to Tahoe or the East Coast, and spending time with friends/family and great food. I follow a mixture of both traditional and contemporary values (e.g. celebrating Christmas w/ Santa, opening doors for women, changing a woman’s last name is her call, leading a family is equally shared responsibility). I enjoy being busy most of the time; however, I also like to occasionally turn off the cell phone, sleep in, and take a quiet day with my sweetheart and New York Times close at hand. For now my godchildren and nieces hone my parenting skills, but eventually I hope to have a family of my own. I can be content on the couch or on photo safari but it’s all better with you by my side.

More about who I am looking for... You are smart, passionate about your profession, and curious about everything. You bring your authentic self to whatever you do, are thoughtful, and genuinely care about people and the world. You are the kind of person who never forgets a birthday and always sends thank you notes. You’ll host awesome dinner parties with me to celebrate life’s events and especially New Year’s Eve with our friends and family. You’re naturally kind and courteous to everyone, even when no one is looking; but, you also standup for what you believe in, demand respect, and call people out when they are out of line. Being honest and loyal isn’t a choice for you as it is embedded into your DNA. You’ll join me for a hike at Point Reyes, an elegant dinner in SF, or weekend trip to NYC, but also curl up with me on the couch to watch a movie, reruns of Law Order, or Breaking Bad on Netflix. You’re open to new experiences, whether they take place at home, in a new restaurant, or via airplane. You know how to work within the system, but, always keep your integrity and sense of self. You’ll sincerely love our trips to Portugal, France, and your favorite spots to spend time with good friends and our adventures to other great places like Tanzania, Brazil, and Australia. You’re a committed person who doesn’t bounce at the first bump in the road. You’re affectionate and gentle, generous in sharing your life and heart with the one you love.
What I’m doing with my life
- Designing and building satellites
- Socializing with friends at restaurants, music concerts, sporting events, stand up comedy clubs, etc...
- Enjoying the outdoors (skiing, hiking, camping, etc...)
- Traveling to visit great places, friends, and family
- Working on home improvement projects
- Looking for an awesome partner in crime
I’m really good at
- Throwing awesome dinner parties, New Year’s Eve at my place is not to be missed
- Spoiling my two nieces and three Godson’s
- Earning frequent flier miles, sleeping on planes, and adapting to new time zones
You should message me if
You like the above and are compatible with ENTJs