51Steubenville, United States
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My self-summary
Enjoying Life and remembering what it's all about. Trying to count my many Blessings and avoid the obstacles (is this level 57?) while driving... a golf ball, silly. Not a great golfer, so You can beat me at something :P Anyhow, that stupid clown keeps eating my balls! This is what we call the "humor filter" and - Hopefully - those without a sense of one have moved on....
What I’m doing with my life
Moving upward and onward, having some very good years while most seem to be struggling. i feel Truly blessed and happy; G-d, or karma, or whatever "Jehovah" made all of this is smiling on me (for once). They say "You can't go Home" but i just moved back :) Staying in touch w family and friends (we meet every Sunday night to sacrifice a virgin). Trying to get used to driving far to get to work... against my pet peave
I’m really good at
See above (you can't stop my hook shot, yo!) Making ppl laugh, L@@King for the silver lining or bright side or some place to hide out til the cops get tired o' searching (jk!), gourmet cook, adapting, driving (am i the only one?!), gardening, using both hands (i'm amphibious!), dog whispering and predicting the weather. Oh, and i'm really big in Japan!
The first things people usually notice about me
The antennae
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(this could take forever, but You don't have to.....)

History books, The Shining, To Kill a Mockingbird, Robinson Caruso, Hitchhiker's Guide, 1984, Silence of the Lambs, Watchers, Watership Down, Catcher in the Rye, Romeo†Juliet, Stranger in a Strange Land, Electric K☠☠L-Aid Acid Test, Through the L@@King Glass, I Am Third, Zen and the Art of Motorcylcle Maintenance, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Kon-Tiki, Flaming Iguanas, All the King's Men, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities. Labyrinth, Catch-22, Story ♀f O, SteppenWolfe, Chariots of the Gods, Dune. Anything Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Steve Martini or Hunter S Thompson.
..Used to read a lot. now i kinda need glasses, so not as much :O(

Movies: The Deer Hunter, Dead Poets Society, Ground Hog Day, Ghost, Troy, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, The Truman Show, Click, Sid ஜ Nancy, Fast Times, Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, The Shining and Willy Wonka (originals). One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Forrest Gump, Bruce Almighty, Blue Velvet, Face Off, Vampires, Se7en, Romeo † Juliet (by Baz Luhrmann). Independence Day, Omega Man (et al), Rocky series, Riding w Boys in Cars, ET. Most anything with Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Bobby DeNiro, or Drew Barrymore; or by Stan Kubiak, Fran Coppola or Marty Scorsese.

TV: Guess 2 1/2 Men is out of the question now. Comedies and Jeopardy! mostly. i try to watch series (True Blood, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead) in the winter when i have more free time. Plus, the dvds don't have commercials, so that adds months to my Life, LoL.

Music (this could be fun) Took me 2 days, so enjoy:
Tom Petty, Tom Jones, Black Sabbath, Black Crowes. Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow had Red Hot Chilis, yet "Popsicle Toes." BiLLiES; Idol, Squire, Holiday, Joel; AND Billy Ray Cyrus; AND Stevie Ray Vaughn want to Kiss Britney. Static X bothers ELO. Shania has REMs with her REOs from her AWB to her ZZ Top. Did BeeGees YnT a SlipKnot? In the Soundgarden, Bruce Twistid an L.O.G and Wi†neSSed a WEENed, WAR WASP Sting Bon Jovi. Arrested Developement: New Radicals in Danzig, Berlin told The New Addition that The Doobies caused Jane's Addiction. Alice n Chains, SaltNPeppa, Sugar Cubes, Bone~Thugs, ~n~ Harmony gave Hanson TheFallen Archies! Pink Floyd Eagles eat Beatles and Monkeys??! Ludacris, Metallica!! Slayer all of GWAR and Pantera... Accept Carpenters.
auction: "ONE! B-52's Three Dog Night n 2-Live Crew, 3 Doors Down, Third Eye Blind, 3-Six Mafia got 3-1-1. FOUR! Seasons, Four Tops. Do i hear FIVE! 4 Fighting, Six Ft Under, SevenDust. Thrice, SOLD! for 50 Cent to Presidents of the United States of ~.America.~" That's Deeeep Purple for a Def Leppard. Plus 44 Nine Inch Nails gave Mott the Hooples? Who Disturbed the Prince and Queen? Car Doors! Fuel for Journey. Exodus to Chicago! Killswitch, Engage. Faster Pussycat! Clutch Tool (30 Seconds to Mars). Dokken. "Ten Seconds to Love!" Nirvana!! Bel Biv DiBow, ABBA Bobby Brown-Bush-Beck BowWow, Chaka Khan, Dimmu Borgird D'JORK. Rage Against the Machine In Flames! Mötörhead is Grateful Dead. Tommy Dorsy, Tommy Waits; meet Tommy, Rick and Etta James. Ratt P☠ison in Richard's Cheese? Mötley Crüe used STP! Eurythmics Everclear; Deftones Exposé(d). Mister Mister, UB40? Train Til Tuesday to Overkill H.I.M. Twisted Sister N'Synch Triumph in Timbuk 3! Bing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Jeezy; They Might Be Giants. Cinderella, Elvis, and Eminem wore Great, White T's with White Stripes and threw a Barry White Snake at a White Zombie. I'll have Limp Bizkit with Pearl Jam, MeatLoaf, Cream-KoRn. "Cut the Cake!" Uncle Cracka? Cracker, please! Kid Rock's no TCHAIKOVSKI!! On Jefferson's Airplane, Janis, Jimmi n Dylan all got The Hives. Winger Heart, :o( Dean Martin NOR Kurt Cobain's ALIVE! Beach Boys, Beastie Boys and Blondie with Guns N Roses... thus Hole. Commodores found a Cult Cure; "Bad Medicine" for their Collective Soul. Gary Lewis, Gary Puckett, Notorious B.I.G. No Doubt, Nora Jones is allegic to Cranberries and Real Big Fish. System of a Down 36 Crazyfists (that bar in CrazyTown), Rush and YES, anywhere "Roundabout" Billy Ocean of O-Town. OZZy and The Osmonds' Partridge Family sailed away to Parliment to Breeder and Bears Offspring that's Barry Manilow. David Bowie owes Dave Clark Five. David Allan Coe saw Dave Brubek, Live by Nick's Cave and took them Bad Seeds down Nickle Creek to Little River Band where Marvin Gay's Ministry at Metal Church is Megadeth for Men at Work. LL, That Skynard Cool J, Loverboy and Nas were FooFighting Foreigners. Those Misfits were Flogging Molly and Smashing Pumpkins. That Insane Clown Posse Used Styx, Sex Pistols, a 45 Special, and a Velvet Revolver Down Boston... You know Daddy Yankee? DC Talk INXS? He had Jars of Clay with Gin Blossoms in 'em!! Bullet, Boys so PoLice ("Send in the Clowns") to Rise Against The Killers and Phish for Dead Kennedys. Aerosmith (the Led Zepplin) "Dropped a Bomb on" VanHalen. Alan Parson's "Project, Tesla" was just Turtles in an Iron Maiden. U2 Was Not Was Kansas NOW, ToTo. But that was all pre-Madonna. Then "One" Green Day, Godsmacked Gorillaz, Dropkicked Murphy's Cradle of Filth, and Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence Taking Back Sunday, for the Rancateurs had Faith No More!!
-Yeah, i know... that took three days O' my Life, so i copywrited(?) it. i'm so vain, i prob'ly think this profile's about me!

Food: Pizza, GOOD Ruebens (home-cured corned beef , etc), stir fry, open face roast beef or turkey sandwiches w mashed potatoes n gravy, smoothies (pineapple and strawberries and pomegranate, oh my!) a GOOD cheeseburger w the works! and Fresh bread. and Pizza (i know)
Six things I could never do without
Love (that's the 1st rule, so i'm told :O)
family (in case they read this!)
friends (keep them close... )
music (former Karaoke King of "the 614")
computer & internet (would rather lose a finger)
pizza (esp DiCarlo's and New York City's!)
Hmmm.... books used to be on here somewhere.... Has anyone seen my attention span?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How mathematicians tend to go insane while trying to figure out how time happens both sequentially, AND at the same... uh... time. Freaky-deeky, eh? Inspector Gadget just went off the deep end (was that a Triple Lindy?!)
On a typical Friday night I am
Celebrating Happy, Happy Pay Day! OK, mostly figuring out bills first, THEN! uh, basketball or TV or some distraction. Is it me, or is everyone really "busy" these days?? But Sundays i try to get to my BF's house where like 2-3 others come by and make fun of TV shows and learn how to cook watching Diners, Drive-Thrus and Dives. we always have a great time, and i've become a pretty darn good cook! Took last date to Red Lobster and we had a blast. Claw fighting is NOT for amateurs!

Trying to figure out what old, single ppl do for entertainment (the strip bar scene would be kinda weird now... for them, LoL) as the realization sinks in that i'm not a kid anymore, Buddy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm half Irish and half Polish, so you'll never be able to tell if i'm drunk or just stupid :0P
You should message me if
you wanna eat, drink and be merry. Not so much drink though, i'm not in college. there's a lot i wanna do before i get old enough to make a freaking bucket list, so come do something with me and make that inevitable list shorter! Just went to Cali, took a ride in a small plane, swam in Gordon Gee's pool and caught a line-drive foul ball at an OSU baseball game... just before it would have hit my date square in the noggin. Got a big round of applause (seriously, it was like a 1/10 standing ovation! :)
Peace and much Love,
-The ღAmerican ☠ Poolbuoyღ
aka "Jack Tripper" (at karaoke)
aka "Kope"
The two of us