34North Hollywood, United States
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My self-summary
Recently relocated to sunny LA(circa March '15)! Thus far have been settling in/setting up/gettin down/bustin out. Haven't seen much other than hiking trails, dance floors, food joints, and insane drivers. Would like to add transcendent music, soon-to-be best friends, and quite possibly your face as many nights and mornings as humanly possible.

I hope there is someone else out there focused on their lives and not wasting time doing the same distracting stuff that gets us nowhere day in and day out. Because like a lot of us in the world I really, REALLY enjoy the company of others, and I don't just mean sex. Spending time with strangers, to me, is one of the most gratifying things ever. They're both honest and respectful(mostly), because there's absolutely nothing to lose, no expectations, and also nothing to misjudge. Which is what I think is one of the biggest things that gets in most of our ways- our fear of loss, the demands we put on ourselves and others, and our habit of taking those closest to us for granted.
What I’m doing with my life
Constantly revisiting/reevaluating/restructuring my perspective of my self, others, the world, and the way things work, and loving every moment I discover I am wrong. Planning my next move, either geographically or lifewise, and seeing and experiencing as many things as I can before I get killed doing one of those things(or just by crossing the street). Also, leaning in and loving every second. They're all Hallmark moments.
I’m really good at
Taking a joke
Taking the blame
Taking your food
Taking a walk
Taking your breath away
Taking my time with you
Taking what I want
Giving sage advice
Giving a shit
Giving you my hand when we take that walk
Giving you my attention when you absolutely need it
Giving you hea- ...ummmm, never mind.

Oh, I'm also really good at running a theme into the ground.

Jokes that induce groans are my favorite, but all are situation specific and usually play off something you've said, so don't ask me for one. I'm not a jester or a monkey. ...Unless you are royalty or have peanuts.
The first things people usually notice about me
Meet me and find out, crazy.
Six things I could never do without
-Physical exertion in some form
-GPS (I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction)(update: I'm actually getting better)(update: I'm actually not)
-REALLY amazing food
-Being outside/by myself as much as possible.
-REALLY amazing music(listening or creating, any experience is a good one)
-Infinite Inspiration
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-The universe
-Human relationship dynamics/interactions
-Whether or not I am giving people enough credit/the benefit of the doubt
-Whether or not I am giving myself enough credit
-How to make things taste better(Sometimes I think I like food and animals more than I like people and sex. With that said, I will not be having sex with either animals or food, don't worry.)
-How others sabotage themselves in their quest towards happiness, and how to be self aware enough to recognize and tweak those habitual triggers within myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
It's weird. If I'm in, I don't want to go out. Once I'm out, I don't want to come back in. I am constantly switching roles in Aristotle's Cave Theory.

Removing myself from the equation
Inserting myself into others(equations, not people. Well, what happens happens. But that's an experience saved for a rare and select few)

Finding my friends, whether they are known to me already or not.

Generally being thankful for getting through another week alive, intact, and happy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I admitted it on a dating site then it wouldn't be private. You gotta earn any gem I'd consider sharing, and I'd expect to have to do the same from you.
You should message me if
You live anywhere I've mentioned
You want someone to have fun with
You want to go on a bike ride
You like to eat
You are amazing at photography (or only ok but can learn with me)
You are beautiful
You are not beautiful
You have tattoos
You hold any of the answers to my Thinking About section.
You have a piece of art you want to donate to me. You don't have to live near North Hollywood. Will travel for free art. Well, for free anything, except punches in the face and kicks to the balls. Or vice versa. But the kick to the face I'll be really impressed with.

Ps, there is an unspoken "or" between all of these. This isn't so much a criteria to live up to as it is just a list of motivators, really.

This profile is nowhere near a summation of who I am or even what I'm into. As I'm sure yours isn't either. So if you like what you see or read, send me a message, and we'll meet up and go for a walk in the park or get ice cream or go listen to some tunes or inhabit a space that is energetic but still allows audible communication, and ACTUALLY get to know each other. And please don't wait for me to message you. Chivalry isn't dead, and I will express my interests, but I also really like when a woman knows what they want, and goes after it. I will do the same in regards to you, especially if you are so bold and brazen.
The two of us