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My self-summary
One of my best friends met his wife on here...he also published a book called "The Geek's Guide to Dating", so he knows a few things and I trust him. His best advice was to be completely honest on here, good and bad. And the right person will come to you. They'll accept you for who you are. She did for him, and she's amazing.

So here goes.

I've written profiles like these a million times. This already feels the most genuine. I've been online dating for a really long time, and it hasnt worked out yet. That's partially my fault. I've spent a lot of time focused on women that didn't treat me well, but for some reason I found myself fixated on, so I didn't leave much room for other people, or even for myself. Recently, I've changed that, and it's been very freeing.

I do kind of miss the way online dating used to be, before all the swiping nonsense. It's almost become kind of a passing glance kind of thing. I know dating shouldn't necessarily be a time consuming priority, but I don't think it should be dismissive either. Anyhow, I'm rambling already.

I'm a really great guy. I know every guy says that, but I really do think I am. Not in the arrogant way. I try my best to be as kind as I can to other people. I try to be humble. I try to respect others as best I can. We're all human and make mistakes though, and have flaws. I'm no exception to that. I've started to sort of like that I'm a work in progress. When I was younger I just thought by this age I'd have what I need and be set in stone. It's not really like that. I mean, I know who I am, but I also am still discovering things about myself and that's really cool. I grew up with, and still deal with, depression and anxiety, but not only have I learned to cope with them really well, they've given me so much perspective on how to be empathetic towards other people. That's one really great blessing.

I do prefer meeting new people in person, but that can be difficult nowadays. Most of my friends have settled down, and it still can be rather hard for me to talk to strangers. I can strike up a conversation for sure, but I always find it awkward to try to extend it by asking that person to hang out. So I try to go to events or something where there is more time to build rapport. But that can be a little nerve racking as well. Just another part of me to try and improve!

As mentioned above, my friend wrote "The Geek's Guide to Dating" which probably gives away that most of my friends and I are geeks. I proudly am. I've loved video games and comic books since I was a kid, and since they still make me happy today, I don't see any reason to give them up. I've got a bunch of Nintendo figurines, books, and all sorts of things displayed in my apartment because they make me smile. All that stuff inspired me to become a writer and an artist. It sparked a lifetime of a creative mind, and I'm thankful for that. I watch a lot of anime series and other cartoons, because they tell amazing stories. My friends have introduced me to a lot of them. And superhero movies and things of that sort are always exciting for me. I don't necessarily need someone to share all those passions, but I'd really like someone who is open to them or at least likes that I have such passions. I even play Smash Bros competitively. It's so much fun for me. It's literally an e-sport...my friends and I go to local tournaments and I've had tons of priceless experiences and made friends I never would've had otherwise. It helped me in a lot of ways.

I'm still trying to figure out which direction I'm going in. I know a lot of women on here are looking for someone that has everything figured out and their life together, but I'm not sure that's a realistic expectation of anyone. Aren't we all going to be figuring things out for the rest of our lives? The dust never settles. Even if we have a sure direction and end up getting all the things we want, then what? The only sure direction I know I want to go in is whatever direction that takes me on a journey with a person I love. Yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic. And it doesn't matter where we end up. I just want us to keep going.

I love looking at the stars. I love watching the fireflies. In fact, the first evening of the summer that I see them is probably my favorite moment of each year. I could probably watch them all night.

I really enjoy running. It's relaxing for me, and it's a good way to compete with myself and be part of a community. I try to do several races a year. I absolutely love to dance. There's very few times where I feel as free as I do when I'm dancing. It's just the best.

I'm not a perfect human being by any means. I have a lot of flaws and quirks, and I'm probably not at the right place in life for some people. But I'm probably at the right place for others. I'd really like to meet someone with an open mind when it comes to meeting another person. I'm a good guy, with great friends and an amazing family. I don't drink very much, or do drugs (I actually can't even be around them, it makes me really anxious, so if you do, it won't work out). And I don't smoke...I'd prefer my partner didn't as well. I'm not saying people who do the above aren't good people, I guess I just meant I try to live the healthiest lifestyle I can for myself.

It'd be dishonest of me to say I had a ton of faith in this, especially after I've tried it for so long and haven't seen the results I've wanted. However, there have been some big changes in my life recently that have really changed the way I view myself and the world, and maybe that'll help give me different results on here. This is the most open and honest I've been. And if you've read this far, then I suppose it's working!

Anyhow, please say hi. It would be really wonderful.