32Holyoke, United States
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My self-summary
Just an update: I currently work the night shift so I've been adjusting my sleep schedule accordingly in case anyone is wondering why I send them messages at odd hours in the night.

Making the most out of any situation is of the utmost importance. I want to have fun in life and want the people in my life to enjoy themselves too. Communication is huge for me, if you are upset I want to help you and be there for you, I feel this way because when I'm upset I always want someone to talk to or just be near me, something that I seldom have, and to be honest bothers me quite a bit. Long story short, I despise apathy.

I've never had a hard time speaking to/getting to know people, while there are tons of people that I 'know' I have very few close friends, however the few that I've had were always very important to me.

I love to problem solve, I believe that even if there isn't a 'right' answer to a situation there is at least a 'best' answer to any situation. Even during the most stressful of times I can maintain a cool head and look at situations logically and be depended upon, but I am also quite able to take action and follow my gut if time is of the essence and immediate action needs to be taken.

I'm a dependable person who won't make a promise unless I plan on keeping it, if I can't I'll do everything I can to make up for it, as for the reverse, if someone fails to do something for me, unless they did so out of spite, it seldom bothers me. Stuff happens, I don't need apologies for things that aren't your fault/beyond your control. We can either come up with a new solution, or being as neurotic as I am I've probably had a backup plan ready anyway.

I'm not the type of person who always needs to 'go out and do things' don't get me wrong, I love trying new things, but I am just as content staying at home chilling out, I don't need a change of scenery to enjoy myself or enjoy spending time with someone.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese Animation and I love going to conventions, (panels, cosplay the whole nine yards) it's easily my favorite topic to discuss.

If you like anime, sci-fi, video games, or dislike Apple products, that's enough for me to know we'll at least 'get along'. Something good has got to start somewhere.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a steady job as a cardiac technician that I feel is 'good work' that pays me more than enough to live off of with enough extra to have the things that I want in life. I wouldn't mind having more, but I won't go out of my way to find it at this point, I would rather meet new people who share my interests, though having someone special in life would be a wonderful incentive to show extra motivation.
I’m really good at
Arithmetic, I.T., video games, forgiving, wearing my heart on my sleeve, making it clear when I am uncomfortable/dislike something (being blunt).
The first things people usually notice about me
Whatever geeky shirt I'm usually wearing.
The unique ways that I view each situation I encounter and/or go about solving problems.
I'm often told I look 5ish years younger than I am, I love that feel.
Someone once told me I have 'piercing blue eyes'.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read many books, though I do love to read Manga, Manwa and Doujins.

Where to start, I like a little bit of everything. Pulp Fiction, Silent Hill, Alien/Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Evil Dead, The War of the Worlds (classic one, not the new one) LoTR, Highlander, Grindhouse, Suckerpunch, Pitch Black/Riddick, Bladerunner, Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back, Advent Children, any of the new Marvel movies, though if I had to pick a favorite movie it would be Big Trouble in Little China.

I watch tons of anime, it's my primary hobby, I watch most shows fansubbed as they release in Japan, my favorite show this past season for example was Mirai Nikki. I have not watched many television shows stateside for a very long time, when I did I loved Seinfeld, Family guy, Futurama and Venture brothers (hated it at first but it grew on me) and I've watched every episode of every Star Trek series (yes even the bad one) at least 3 times.

I've been a huge fan of Touhou Project for the past 3 years, it's something of a religion to me now and through that I've come to love the music that has been spawned from it. I don't have any particular genre that I like, but I typically dislike country, rap (can't spell crap without it) and R&B.

Video Games:
Touhou: Everything Touhou, the PC98 games, the windows games, the fighting games, the spinoff games. It's easily become my #1 love in life. I can't explain why, but I can't ever seem to get enough of Gensokyo and (most of) it's inhabitants. I've even started cosplaying at conventions because of it.
Aside from that, pretty much any FPS taking place in a fantasy/sci-fi setting, Crysis, Doom, Heretic, F.E.A.R. to name a few. Large-scale RPGs (Morrowind to name one), I used to despise rhythm games until I discovered Osu! for the PC, that changed many a thing for me, and for some reason I can't get enough of the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

I am a semi-picky eater though I am open to trying new things. I do love most all forms of Italian food though. Love my pasta. My sweet-tooth is likely my biggest weakness in this area, I have to go out of my way to not bring home candy/sweets or it's almost immediately devoured.
Six things I could never do without
My cats
Whatever it is that makes me, me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Potential solutions to any problems that I am currently dealing with and the people that are important to me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Knowing my luck at work. Otherwise I'm playing Magic the Gathering with some friends, or just chilling at home watching some anime maybe playing a video game.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The last four conventions I went to, the characters I dressed as just happened to be female. This is of course a side-effect of there being hardly any men in Touhou.
You should message me if
You've ever dreamed of a friendship that grew into something beyond that without losing what you had from the start.
You are an anime and/or sci-fi and/or video game geek.
You have a distaste for Apple products.
You know who Yukari Yakumo is and/or know the significance of ⑨.

You should NOT message me if
You consider yourself a social/casual drinker.
I've experienced enough of the problems that alcohol invites to know that it's not worth dealing with so we probably wouldn't get along since anything that you bring up that starts with "I was really drunk and..." automatically loses any chance you had to get sympathy from me anyway.
The two of us