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My self-summary
Did you know that when I was a little rascal, I used to take these flute lessons at this school? Yeah, just like normal class, in a classroom, with a teacher, a blackboard and an upright piano. At the end of every class we used to have this little game where we would pretend we were traveling to the moon. We would sit on the floor and the teacher would sit at the piano and make the "sound effects" of the rocket taking off, or some shooting star flying by, and so on.

Once we were having our routine Moon Travel game and all of a sudden, the school bell rang as we were still on the moon. We had to end the game right there. I remember the teacher saying "Well..... we got stuck in the moon". We never got to play again and make the come-back trip to earth.

And then you know what happened? I never came back to earth.

So that's the story of my life in a nutshell: The story of a man who one day left for the moon on an imaginary voyage and then... he never came back. His return to earth is still pending to this day, right now, as you read these words.

Unfinished things are so much more interesting, don't you think?
What I’m doing with my life

I play music and I write screenplays for television.I got this job with Telemundo writing scripts for telenovelas. I was in the team of writers for El Fantasma de Elena. Then I was commissioned to write a movie script for a Movie Festival in Venezuela which is still pending for approval (Update: It didn't get approved. But it was a learning experience for me either way). Then I started working on another telenovela, this time for Televisa. Then, this guy offered me a contract working for him with a team of script writers. Still pending (Update: it didn't happen. Something even better happened, instead. I signed a five-year contract with Televisa and we're already working on our next Telenovela)

In my free time I play piano for different events: Jazz bars, classical events, church masses... or for myself. If you happened to be strolling down one of Astoria's streets and heard piano music coming from an apartment, that could have been me.

I also compose music for short films and independent projects.

I like to dance. But as expected, if I'm gonna dance, I'm gonna go for the Big Fish Swing Dancing>. I'm a very fast learner in the dancing field. Try me. Seriously.
I also took some tap for a while.

I began taking Improv Comedy lessons. Just finished the 101 course and I already subscribed for 201, which means, I may be serious about this shit! Or am I? I don't know. Just like in Comedy Improv, I guess we'll see what happens along the way. I do know I really enjoy doing it and I've been told I'm good at it, so maybe there's a future for me in this? At its worst, I simply found a really cool side thing to do on my spare time.

I think female feet are pretty and that's my favorite part of spring.
I bought a blue piano from this girl. I've stumbled upon her on the subway a couple times.
(Update: I donated the blue piano to a school, and bought a new Yamaha upright. It's my first professional sounding piano)

I believe in feminism.... but not in SJWs. Balance, people. Balance.

My main language is spanish but I take issue with a site that wants to tell me that "I should" answer in each language I know. This is a pretty long profile so I'm gonna say no to that one.
I’m really good at
* Listening (Seriously. Try me)
* Kissing
* Teaching you how to roll the spanish R through a fun analogy
* Riding the skateboard
* Empathizing with animals (specifically cats). Seriously, I seem to hit some kind of nerve on them. Once, this cat I had known for barely a few minutes literally walked up to me and hugged me (I was sitting on the floor and he was on the couch, in case you're wondering about how the whole "keeping up to my height in order to hug me" technicality)
* Remembering the sound of A 440 (True. Try me sometime)
* Writing/improvising counterpoint lines for a given melody (Though depending on the mood, I may abide more to functional harmony on some days, and not so much on others)
* Cooking Shrimp (Also, selecting good shrimp. Also... cleaning shrimp prior to cooking them)
* Making you believe english is my first language (Or making you at times forget that english is not my first language)
* Admitting, in an argument, I may was wrong, given the necessary evidence that I was.
The first things people usually notice about me
Women have complimented my smile and my hair (ever since I grew it long). Recently I was at a bar and a girl approached me and touched my hair while complimenting it.

I'm shorter than the average median of the male human specimens. That being said, I personally don't give a hoot about height. If I like someone, I'm gonna message them regardless of whether they're taller or shorter than me. It's up to them to decide whether or not the height criteria is a dealbreaker for them.

Facial hair is probably one of my trademarks now that I've embraced it after many years of hesitation.

I am virtually ALWAYS told that I look like someone else. Either I must have the most unoriginal face or I actually share a lot of genes with these people (To be honest, it's the hair. People just look at me and compare me with any human being with similar hair) The people I've been compared the most are: Ronnie James Dio, Nick Cave, Beethoven and Jemaine Clement (And now that I have put these thoughts in your mind, I guess I have contaminated your mind with these images)

Some people, the ones who are really observant, notice a little dot I have in the corner of my left eye. That was a cat. And no, no heart feelings. I still heart cats.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I will have to insert a very intelligent quote from former actress Mara Wilson, before we continue:

"Liking the same music and movies does not mean you are romantically compatible with someone, or even that you would be good friends. I once got into a bitter online argument with a person whose views I found abhorrent. Out of curiosity, I checked his profile and discovered we had nearly all the same favorite books. These were not just fiction books, either: they were books on philosophy, science, and critical thinking that had shaped the views I was arguing with him about! We liked the same things, but our values, views, and temperaments were so different that we never would have gotten along".

That being said, here's my favorite books, movies, music and food:

I got sick and tired of reading books about music. It's like watching a cooking tv show. You can't taste it nor smell it, so what's the point? I prefer reading about science and trace the steps of the masters: Sagan, Hawkings, Dawkins, Feynman.
Favorite books: Breakfast of Champions, I am Legend, The Rum Diary, Piedra de Mar, Sphere, The Incredible Shrinking Man, A River out of Eden, The Perfume, Steppenwolf, The Never Ending Story, Miles (the autobiography), The Sirens of Titan, Beneath the Underdog, Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman

Movies: Among the ones that struck a chord in me, and that I've felt identified with the main character:
-The Man Who Wasn't There
-Edward Scissorhands
-Punch Drunk Love
-The Legend of 1900


I grew up listening to and studying Classical music. Amongst the ones that are close to my heart are Bach, Debussy and Rachmaninov. For some reason I keep coming back to these three. Prokofiev's music is like the sound of a mischievous elf in a magical forest. As far as Satie, it took me a while to discover him, but he sure struck me once I got into him. Then, recently, I discovered this marvelous human being through a friend: I am speaking of composer Arvo Part. If you really want a true musical experience that is sincere, emotional and crystalline clear, you should listen to his music. You see, his music is like a sphere: Round and balanced. It has a perfect arc that never breaks: You can trace where it's coming from and where it's going. There's a sense of Unity and of complexity within simplicity in his music. A sense that this music doesn't need anything else. A sense that all other music comes from his and departs from his. You can probably see by now, that this is one composer that has struck me.

As far as Jazz, even though I started with bebop and became almost obsessed with it, I only realized later that I would never care to develop an improvisational language in this style. It was only a means to get to something else. Right now the jazz musicians I basically listen to are Brad Mehldau, Wayne Shorter and Fred Hersch. I still keep Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Ahmad Jamal very close on my radar as well.

Also prevalent in my mind: Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Bjork, The Beatles, Daft Punk.
Six things I could never do without
1) Sleep (People can get on my bad side if they mess with my sleep :) )
2) Music
3) Brown Rice Green Tea
4) A good shower (People can get on my bad side if they deprive me of a good shower)
5) Bach (I didn't choose Bach. Bach chose me)
6) Cats (I'll take a cat over a human 99% of the times)
I spend a lot of time thinking about

-Dualism, Idealism, Superstition and Consciousness.

- Sexism and how it has turned a lot of women against men and viceversa. How we're all playing the game without realizing it.

-How many women in NY paint their nails and/or toenails (when revealed) black (This one doesn't actually count as stuff that I spend a lot of time thinking about.... but I put it here for hell's sake)

-How many people are into Tom Robbins and Dave Sedaris. How maybe that's a sign that I should start becoming familiar with them


-And This

-So Creation/Create

So why isn't it Interpretation/Interpretate?

You see? I can't stop. I keep doing these things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Haven't yet fallen into a lifestyle that's repetitive enough to drag me into a situation that leads me to having typical friday nights ("Okay Kair, admit it: you were just trying to sound confusing there!"; "No, no! I swear! It just came out like that!"; "That's what she said!"; "Oh shut up"... okay I'm done talking to myself)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
- I make a mean casserole. No really, it's mean as hell. You gotta have a hammer ready because as soon as you open the oven, it starts cursing out loud and trying to scratch your face, and making a bunch of noise. So you gotta hit the motherfucker repeatedly while you check to see if it's ready and then close the oven quickly...... Sorry, I couldn't help it. I've always wanted to make that idiotic joke. There, I did it. Can we forget this whole thing happened at all and move on?

- Sometimes I have a problem believing some of the stuff people say on their profile (can't help wondering if they're saying it tongue-in-cheek or then again being ironic or just plain saying it cause it sounds funny), and I feel I won't be convinced until I've actually met them and confirmed they actually do/say/think like they claim they do.

- I am sapiosexual

- I tend to be the diametrically exact opposite of the alpha male. I tend to like it when a woman is the one who makes the advance and the flirting. I didn't choose this consciously, I just realized it from thinking back to past experiences. I tend to be in that position, because of my type of personality. It doesn't mean I expect the woman to make the initiative on everything all the time. But I am definitely not the forward type of guy who makes advances on a girl at a public place. Even if I make an advance, it's not aggressive. If there's one aspect in which I represent my zodiac sign is that, just like the crab, I approach people from the sides rather than the front.

- I save the best for last
You should message me if
Listen, let me be honest here: I work as a writer and writing for me is something that comes relatively easy and natural. But I hate writing messages. You think writing a self-summary is hard? Nah.... try writing a message to someone you find interesting. If I message you it's because I like you and find you to be interesting, but you'll probably never read a Private Message from me saying "I like you and I find you to be interesting". It sounds weird, stupid, unsincere, unoriginal and just... wrong, right? Sure, but try thinking of a way in which to approach someone by text, without sounding weird and unoriginal in some way. The truth is writing a message to someone you're interested in is a very difficult thing to do and I hate every minute of it. So trust me when I know how hard it is to write one. I don't expect anything other than honesty in wanting to meet when being written to. I would love it if you would message me for no other reason than you wanting to date. Don't message me out of politeness, don't message me if you're seriously not ready to start dating. I ask this in the nicest, "not-trying-to-sound-bitter" possible way.

Intelligence is okay, but I'm not amazed by someone who knows a lot of stuff, can quote a lot of authors and scholars, and give really "intelligent" analysis of things, which can become pretentious and a turn off for me. I'm more interested in someone with a kind, warm heart. Someone sensitive to animals and children. Someone who is moved by the little things. Ambition is fine up until a point, but I'm not looking for someone who defines their life according to what they have accomplished professionally. I work hard every day to be the best musician and writer I can be, and I'm passionate about what I do and I think you should too... but I don't define myself as my profession, and I would hope that the person I'm with doesn't do that either. If all it matters to you in the end is whether or not "you made it" in your work field, I respect your ideology, but I don't think we would be a good match. I care much more about whether you're a kind, honest, emotionally intelligent person.

That being said, you should message me if

* If you feel you're ready to start dating (Yes, my past experiences have made me include that one)
* You wanna dance to this song or this song (Yes, seriously)
* If you really believe that gender roles are stupid, (meaning/including the belief that guys are the ones supposed to initiate conversations) and that, hey.... why shouldn't a woman be the one to message a guy every now and then? In other words, if you're not deliberately waiting for me to be the one to message you. If you saw my profile and you're interested, what are you waiting for?
* If you find this funny
* If this blew your mind as much as it did mine
* Emotional maturity is key
* If you actually live in NY or in its close boroughs, rather than listing "New York" in your location when in fact you live in Philadelphia or Bronxville.
* If you wanna come to a Karaoke bar with me and sing "Easy lover" duo (Yes, I know, this is perhaps the cheesiest thing ever, but it would love it if I could make this one come true. Also, important clarification: No, I'm not suggesting in any way or form that I'm looking for an Easy Lover. I just really really like that song)
* Yes, I can say more than "hi" or "hey babe wazzup", but you gotta meet me halfway on that. It takes two to Tango.
The two of us