40Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
So I will be taking my board exam for PTA here in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I am still throwing Tires around for GCR Tire center. Yes, yes someday I too will be as huge as the Hulk. I am 6' 1/4'' I am broad shouldered brown hair and blue/gray eyes. Personality I have always been more of a protector. Being the oldest of 4 it was always my job to be in charge of the younger ones, so I happily took on the role of the protective older brother. It kind of carried on through to my outside life as well. I have a small superman complex. It hasn't been proven that I am not bullet proof, but I don't think I will be trying to test that theory out anytime soon. I've always thought that I could fly if I just got high enough (not substance high, Jesús people I am not a crack head). Perhaps I will have to try skydiving someday, but with a parachute in case I can't quite manage it.

I am strong, funny, and debonair

And for what its worth personality trait I'm an INFJ
What I’m doing with my life
So I got accepted into the PTA program out at lcc, and I decided to go that route instead of doing the whole pacific thing and being 60+K in debt, This way I will only have no debt and still make a decent living. Plus I can do all the cool important things a PT can do! YAY soon I will have a career again, and I get to help people. Now doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over? I did actually graduate from the program. Yay me! I kicked the crap out of my board exam, and have been working as a PTA for a year now 7/13/13. Best decision I've ever made, I love the therapy field!
I’m really good at
Spacial relations
The first things people usually notice about me
My charming smile of course... Or my Blue grey eyes, perhaps it is the fact that I am bigger then your average bear. It is hard to say what people actually see when they first meet you. rarely do they tell you what their first impression is. I think people should share that kind of information, because it could be useful for future introductions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
OK Books we have: Sword of truth by Terry Goodkind, the Xanth Series by Piers Anthony (lately it seems to have lost its novelty), Wheel of time series by Robert Jordan (although he is stretching it out way to much), This Present Darkness/Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti, Shannara series by Terry Brooks, and a bunch of others. It is hard to just pick one.

Movies: Buckaroo Banzi is by far my favorite, but I also like Dark City, clerks, and mallrats, most Pirate movies, Erik the Viking, Shawshank Redemption, All of the Monty Python stuff, LABYRINTH (this should have been at the top) wow I think I could go on for days here. Ok moving on then.

Music: Alternative music mostly. I do listen to other stuff like Billy Joel, David Bowie, Tom Petty, but here in town I primarily listen to New Rock 97.9 NRQ.

Food: Hmm I love all kinds of food. I love Thai food so much, and they usually have really good drinks at most places, well at least here in Eugene they do. I adore Italian food. I am always up for a good Burger. I like Micro Breweries they seem to usually have good food and good beer. I enjoy Sushi, and all the fun kinds of roll. I don't care for sashimi, Although I do like tempura, and usually those kinds of restaurants have other things too, like Miso!! I am pretty open to most anything food wise, and I will always try it once before I decide I do not like it. I hate it when you go to dinner with some one and say here try this, and they make that face. You know that they have already made up their mind, and the dish could taste like distilled ecstasy, but they would still say it taste like crap.

AH HA!! I have found a new series that I have been really enjoying reading. The Dresden series by Jim Butcher. Hell I have gotten a bunch of people to read those books. They kick so much ass that every time I read them I can feel my own ass being kicked! So yeah read them already, and tell me what you think. Then when I get my own book done you can read mine, and then tell me what you think. I have only been working on it for 4 years, but hey I have written 100 pages in it so far. at a pace like this I should have 200 pages written in another 4 years. YAY for procrastination!
Six things I could never do without
I think they fixed this option so it no longer says what you think about while masturbating. I haven't seen that is a long time so I think this is safe now.....

Everyone always says Blah blah food, water yada yada yada.
OK yes yes we all know this. I think it is asking what really
makes you tick. Well I tick because I am really an automated
robot. I have a nuclear battery that has a huge half life
on it, so I will be around for another Millennia. Come give
me your stories, and I will give them to the next 100 generations.
Your songs will be sung for ages from now, or I could get blown
up tomorrow, but you just can't go running around worrying
about the sun falling out of the sky. I mean you might as well
just spit into the ocean hoping to raise the sea level.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The doomed club that you can rent, but never own. I mean seriously that is a terrible deal. Besides that the owner endes up just saying Doom alot.
"Hey there big guy! How are you doing today?" I say to my friend.
"Doom." He replied back.
"Oh, I um.. Guess your not a big talker then?" I say feeling a bit uncomfortable.
"Doom." He shrugs.
"OK then I will exit stage left." I hurridly say as I start to leave.
"Doom." He sadly sighs.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes drinking, hanging out with friends, or hanging with the fam. Then again I could just be running around like a madman. It is so hard to tell anymore where I am going to be on a Friday night, because each day should be exciting. Beware of the typical anything, because it will suck you life into a rut.

Doom, Destruction, Mayhem, and Murder a Jedi craves all of these things.. Well a Dark Jedi.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Trogdor is my hero! Well no not really, but he is pretty cool.

I also really like the Spanish version of how they say Jesus. Jesús it just sounds cool. Hey Zeus. Hmm perhaps I shouldn't have shared that.
You should message me if
you want to chat, hang out, go crazy, need a laugh,or whatever. I am in a committed relationship, but I have met some really good friends on this site. If you are looking for a friendship or want to take one of the tests I have written then by all means hit me up.
The two of us