32Rochester, United States
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My self-summary
I would suggest taking a look at the explanations to the answers I've questioned (sic :D) to get a better idea of how I feel about more specific topics.

But beyond that a real quick look at what I find important in another person; Number one you need to be real. I know that may be cliche and it might even sound a bit cynical but I tend to find females are a bit, well, princess space cadety if you will. In that I find females tend to think a bit (way) too much of themselves and have really unrealistic expectations and also I find a lot of females have an entitlement mentality. What I am trying to say is just know what's really important in life and cherish, protect and hold dear those things. Life tends to push us in directions that might leave us a little cynical or a little too self involved so I find keeping things in perspective is important.

I am an avid and sincere Buddhist. I am one quarter mexicano thanks to my late grandma on mi padres side. Don't look like it though. I'm learning spanish and german and can speak german pretty good, spanish not so much.

That pretty much is it for a self-summary. One among many living and working and playing and trying to find a place amongst the chaos and uncertainty of life just like you and that other person.
What I’m doing with my life
On a day to day just working, playing and living really nothing crazy just life. Unfortunately work seems to take up so much time, there really are never enough hours in a day.
I’m really good at
I don't really care if I am 'good' at whatever it is or not. What really matters is if I enjoy it. And I generally do.

It's interesting, I find as I get older it doesn't matter if you are 'good' at what you do rather than just doing it and doing it with verve as well as being able and willing to follow through with something to the end.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know, perhaps that I'm am a little eccentric but good hearted.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All these things and moments with them are transient. If I enjoy something I just try to savor that moment. But generally I thoroughly enjoy some relaxing R&B and Hip Hop. There is nothing like relaxing with some friends over a glass of wine or a beer to some soothing R&B. For some reason it almost feels more adult of an music genre than others.

I'm into more artistically driven movies rather than the summer blockbuster movie of the month.

I don't watch TV except for news, The Newsroom and the daily show/colbert report. And NBA but that's not really 'TV'.

I like healthy foods, or at least I'm trying to. I've found that the combination of dark red kidney beans, black beans and corn is divine.
Six things I could never do without
In time all things will change and fade. The only thing I could not live without is this moment and the experience with whatever is there that it provides. Enjoy things and people as they are right now, they will never be that way again. It is truly blissful as you find yourself surprisingly stumble into a perfect moment.

But I will say this:

RHCP - Tool - Coldplay <-- Best 3 bands ever. Pac and Big, Boyz, Brian, Joe et cetera for relaxing.

Best current rapper imo - Rick Ross, when he gets it right its the best.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I try to be here but often I find myself off in a place where pure potentiality exists. I often go there to change things in the past I would have done differently or to relive a beautiful moment. I often go there to contemplate reality as our science allows us to understand it too.
On a typical Friday night I am
Striving to make it untypical!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's interesting. I shouldn't even put this here because it's counter productive to the intended goal of me having a page on this web site but I'm going at this from a therapeutic point of view. One in which you write a letter you might otherwise mail to a party you have some unresolved issues with that due to circumstances outside your control, death etc., you can't share your grievances with said party. This is a letter to my issues I can't resolve. The circumstances that gave rise to these 'issues' were outside my control. I am and my issues are the result of pure random chance that were subsequently amplified by a butterfly effect. I am currently in a position that provides no value to myself in respect to another person (potential mate). This is not pity, no boo hooing, simply a fact. I find that fact impedes me even though I don't feel like I require myself to have a set of minimum values across those certain desirable, to the female, socioeconomic parameters. Even so, knowing my aggregate socioeconomic value is so low it excludes me from certain, and several, social interactions demoralizes me and inhibits my desire for personal progression. I have Asperger Syndrome which limits my socioeconomic functionality, capacity, and growth. I am nearly physically incapable of maintaining a normal job due to anxiety related stresses that arise from my lack of any kind of social comfort or capacity. There are other things impeding me from functioning similar to an NT (neurotypical) such as thought processes that often produces a negative self feeding loop with results similar to OCD. This pertains to various items including food which has caused me to gain a lot of weight and also caused me to form some very unfortunate food related dependencies. I have been home bound for about 5 years now. Going outside for longer than a few minutes causes me to become overwhelmed. It pains me to be so honest with myself. It is truly as though I am an alien visiting Earth in a body that only resembles the native species. I am separate in both processes of mind and actions taken by said mind as evidenced by my wholly uniqueness and subsequent ostracization. I wouldn't change how my mind works though. It provides me with unique and beautiful perspectives of reality. It just doesn't tell me how to act or present myself within a socially interdependent society. I wrote this for myself, to myself and to who I could have been. I don't ask for pity from anyone who might read this. I wrote this because I needed to 'say' these things to someone, anyone, and as I have no personal relationships this serves as a rudimentary surrogate.
You should message me if
You know who you are, where you would like to go and what is important. If you understand there are things more important than yourself and your expectations.
The two of us