30Littleton, United States
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My self-summary
On a given day I am any combination of the following: ecstatic, pragmatic, esoteric, rational, intelligent, ridiculously goofy, geeky, awesome, driven, adorable, irrational, awesome, optimistic, intellectual, insane, discerning, awesome, worldly, humble, wildly imaginative, eager, overly opinionated, hilarious, artistic, confident…did I mention awesome?

I’m also all of the following to a fault: open, trustworthy, honest, generous, trusting, caring, empathetic

I tend to almost always put others before myself, which is apparently no longer a common occurrence in our "I me mine" society. This makes me sad. :(

One of my exes/close friends once told me that I have good taste and it shows. For some reason that’s just one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. I guess I pride myself on being picky without being a snob or overtly pretentious.

I am plain and yet so special, sweet and rude, so cool. Ooo oo oo oOoOo

Is it really that weird to be a really happy yet overly cynical person?!

Get to know me. You'll love me in no time, everyone always does.
What I’m doing with my life
I suppose I'm a bomb-ass pastry chef. Striving for that James Beard, ya know? (A lot of you don't know. It's an award. Like the Oscar of the culinary world.)

Figuring out how to become Mrs. DonGlover.
I’m really good at
[x]Baking (of all sorts XD)...obviously lol
[x]Cleaning up the streets of Gotham
[x]I'm a decent amateur film (NOT porn) maker
[x]Being the least awkward most awkward person ever
[x]Kicking everyone's ass at Mario Kart and never getting taking down in any edition of Scene It!
[x]Rapidly mashing buttons and thrashing joysticks in Mortal Kombat
[x]I'm sure my friends and I could win World Series of Pop Culture if it still existed
[x]Yelling random obscenities at strangers
[x]Talking to anyone...once I get past my initial awkward/shyness I love talking to interesting people from all walks of life. If you've got a cool story, I've got ears
[x]Blowing shit up and other hoodrat things with my friends
[x]World Travel: 6 outta 7 continents so far and I've been to more countries than states
[x]Being punny...wompwompwomppp

Most of my friends come to me when they have problems, so I guess being sage and wise beyond my years as well as being a good shoulder to cry on.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hey! ::Points at face:: My eyes are up here!

"Her face, like the face of Malachi Constant, was a one-of-a-kind, a surprising variation on a familiar theme--a variation that made observers think, Yes--that would be another very nice way for people to look. What Beatrice had done with her face, actually, was what any plain girl could do. She had overlaid it with dignity, suffering, intelligence, and a piquant dash of bitchiness." Please tell me you know where this is from. :3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've decided this was too long, so we're gonna do some housecleaning with some top 5's:

[x]Bands/Musicians I can't live without:
1. Tim Kasher (UHH DUHHH) in his many incarnations (Cursive, The Good Life, Slowdown, solo), 2. Mountain Goats 3. Arcade Fire, 4. TV on the Radio, 5. Childish Gambino
[x]Bands/Musicians I could live without but would be depressed if they broke up/quit:
1. Kendrick Lamar, 2. Frank Ocean, 3. The Faint, 4. Modest Mouse, 5. Joyce Manor
[x]Band/Musicians I wish I could have been around during their heyday:
1. Fugazi 2. The Clash 3. Pavement 4. NWA 5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
[x]Stand-Up Comics:
1. Patton Oswalt, 2. Donald Glover, 3. Kyle Kinane, 4. Jessica Williams, 5. Andy Kaufman (YES HE COUNTS FOR STAND-UP, THE MAN WAS (IS) A GENIUS!)
[x]Directors (Subsequently their movies):
1. Wes Anderson, 2. Christopher Nolan, 3. PT Anderson, 4. The Coen Brothers, 5. Spike Jonze
[x]TV Shows:
1. Atlanta is the greatest show to ever exist. Fight me. 2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 3. Silicon Valley, 4. Last Week Tonight, 5. King of the Hill (If you do not understand the subtleties that make this show amazing, you probably shouldn't bother messaging me.)
1. Hunter S. Thompson, 2. Kurt Vonnegut, 3. Douglas Adams, 4. Shakespeare, 5. Toni Morrison
1. Mexican, 2. Cuban, 3. Chinese, 4. Thai, 5. French

Yea, I guess that didn't help much...oh well!
Six things I could never do without
1. Relationships- be it my honey, family, or friends
2. My dog
3. Laughter
4. Artistic mediums of every variety
5. Tim Kasher
6. Mise en place
I spend a lot of time thinking about
[x]Anything and everything. I love deep, philosophical conversations about life and the state of the world but I can also just laugh at a good fart joke...your mom.

[x]Tim Kasher
[x]Sex with Tim Kasher
[x]Space-Time Continuums/Teleportation/Other intelligent lifeforms somewhere out there/Where the fuck is my jet pack?!
[x]Whether my dog maybe actually understands(?) me sometimes
[x]How religion and overpopulation are going to kill us off far earlier than most people would like to believe
On a typical Friday night I am
Honestly, we're probably on the couch streaming something. Occasionally we're cool, social people but it takes a really good show or amazing food or time with people we care about the most to get us out of the house usually.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If Brock Samson were a real person, I'd totally fuck him.
You should message me if
You know why I'm here (one of those reasons is not for pen pals 🙄) and you actually think you have a shot. Heed fair warning, am brash af.
The two of us