41Saint Petersburg, United States
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My self-summary
Please note that I'm here for FRIENDSHIP. While I'm open to new partners, I'm VERY selective in who I engage in coupled relationship with. I primarily seek high quality friends who want to work together to do substantive things in collaboration with one another. Maturity is absolutely prerequisite for mutuality.

Be forewarned... I'm a well-connected and experienced system shaker upper, doing some rather substantive work at this time. In essence, I'm building a Renaissance throughout the Tampa Bay area, being spearheaded in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. It's a holisticly focused global transformation movement, rooted in addressing the needs of individuals, families, and communities. I address corruption issues head on. Speaking truth to power is part of my standard repertoire. The work that I've done has gotten me warnings of potential assassination from multiple people. I was also told my children could be used against me. They have been. Know that potential danger comes with me, as well as the plethora of positive support I have to give. If you lack experience with danger and intrigue, you will in no way be suited to be a coupled partner with me. The ability to handle such is prerequisite to me even remotely considering a person for such a position in my life.

I'm currently transient. I'm currently poor, operating the movement being built on a shoestring budget, as so many activists do. Part of this movement is related to economic transformation. I've consciously put aside wage slavery, salary slavery, independent contractor slavery, and government assistance slavery. I now do ALL of my work on donations of time, talent, and treasure in all forms directly from people who support me and the efforts I'm making to make our world better. I freely share my own time, talent, and treasure with others. I rely upon my community to support me as I support it. I'm currently addressing issues in the homeless community and have become something of a mini celebrity in the area. People walking down the street know me and greet me warmly regularly. I've done extensive work in addressing issues of domestic violence, addiction, and holistic healing. I help individuals and communities transform dysfunction into health.

I've been consciously celibate for 21 months. During that time, I've engaged in both masturbatory celibacy and non-masturbatory celibacy, as well as group ritual sexuality, which is utterly different than partnered relationship sexuality. I highly recommend all practices for personal development. With that said, I'm also an expert in sexuality with a rather substantive sexual history, and I frequently assist people in developing in that area of their lives.

My primary YouTube channel:

I have deep expertise in relationship. In the field of coupled relationship, I teach people how to date and help them form a basis for future relationship. I refer to the experience as Goddess Dating. Your treat...

I am polyamorous and pansexual. I've had many partners in my day. I share deep intimacy and connection with them all.

I am deeply spiritual. Spirituality not only overlays the entire course of my life, it is the seat of my professional work. I go by a variety of spiritual names that have great meaning to me, marking my development over time. They include EternalMagdalene, Ma'at, Lady Liberty, Woman of the Word Incarnate, Hagia Sophia, and Prima Donna. See the "What I'm doing with my life" section for more about my work.

Things people have said about me:
"I bought a ticket home. You inspired me to leave my abusive situation."

"Hi Eternal Magdalene, there is no way that you would remember but we met at Alchemy several years ago, where we had an energy session. Our session remains one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Your presence and energy made me climax as I have never before. I have been searching for a energy healer in Atlanta with little success. I was wondering if you could you help me identify an energy healer / hands on healer here in Atlanta. I sincerely wish we were closer b/c I would love to have the chance to formed a friendship with you."

Sidenote: I have plans to be in Atlanta doing work soon enough. If anyone would like to schedule time with me while I'm up there, please let me know your interest so I can plan adequate time for the trip.

"U have giving me more insight in two min. Then I could have gained in months... Thank u... I wish I could know u personally and not digitally... U are a great addition to my friend list..."

I am a communications expert. I hope you are, too. If you aren't and would like to learn how to be more effective in your communication skills, "People Skill: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflict" by Robert Bolton is a wonderful place to start. I have little to no interest in debate. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy a vibrant and robust conversation on virtually any topic. I teach communications in a wide variety of ways. Feel free to work on your skills with me. If you'd like me to come give a workshop or presentation on such with a group you're involved with, I do guest bookings.

I am a nudist. I am free in my own body, mind, and spirit. I hope you are, too. If you aren't and would like to learn how to be more internally and externally free, feel free to reach out.

I am, essentially, a professional mother. I home birth, home educate, and engage in home-based business. This is on temporary hiatus while I battle my ex-husband in court over family issues. Mothering is a MAJOR theme of my professional work. I have two boys, ages 15 and 11. I'm on a Crusade for the Holy Family.

I have exceptionally high standards while, at the same time, I practice Love and Gratitude for ALL. What standard are you operating at? Are you trustworthy? Are you rooted in integrity and competence? What is the state of your Heart and Mind? Are they open, fluid, and fit? How about your Body? Are you whole and complete unto your Self? Have you taken a good look in the mirror and taken charge of your own shit with radical honesty about who you are as a person?

What I Don't Care About and What I Wonder
What doesn't matter to me: whether you're outgoing or shy, how much money you have, how many degrees you have, how many things you possess (tangible and intangible), what your job title is, how popular you are. I find that these outward, superficial signs of success don't reliably reflect a person's ability to relate intimately and genuinely. When I hear someone proclaim what they do or what they have as though it's a measure of who they are, I perceive a relational red flag. People who do that tend to have a limited ability to connect significantly with others.

I'm more interested in knowing what you love, fear, get excited about, worry about and struggle with, etc. Do you behave morally? How genuine are you? Are you creatively dedicated and committed to people and projects in your life? Do you have "fire in your belly," passion, and drive? Do you strive for excellence? Are you humble and respectful (Zen empty cup)? Do you extend trust to others and share yourself, including your vulnerability, with those who prove themselves trustworthy? Do you listen to other people and try to understand them? Do you try to provide for and take care of the people around you?
What I’m doing with my life
I interact with LOTS of people. Relationships, especially love-based relationships of all kinds, are fascinating to me. I avidly study them and learn more about myself and others through them. Developing an understanding of why people believe, behave, and relate the way they do is a passion.

I'm a tantrica, priestess, and spirit and energy healer, with expertise in sexuality, pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, home education, and healthy families. In addition, I'm a vibrational expert, my main profession being as a world stage operatically trained singer and director. I play keyboard instruments as well. My secondary declared instrument in college was organ. I interact with kings in many ways, including the King of Instruments. If you get involved with me, expect to engage in personal, political, and spiritual discourse and activity. I'm a hot topic kind of girl.

I've founded a temple - the Temple of Life, my spiritual baby. Come check this baby out! :-)
Website forthcoming...

What does this mean?
I've developed my Self deeply in spirituality. I meditate and study and train extensively in spiritual practices. You know those art works of people with the halo around their head? I've developed my Self into that. I know how to go into the depths of the abyss with people and help them to heal their deepest wounds. I help them find their very Selves and their Purpose in Life. Happiness and Personal Power, Harnessed by Love and Gratitude for ALL...

I've helped people with PTSD, addictions, depression, suicidal tendencies, ADHD, emotional traumas, physical traumas, cancer, and many other issues.

I'm developed in BDSM, tantra, and sacred sexuality. In my work, I help people to discover and fulfill their deepest desires.

I'm currently in a legal battle with my ex-husband. This case is a very strong and complex case that is exposing lies, scapegoating, multi-generational domestic violence, secrets, and other issues of intrigue. I come from a family that has historically been involved in secret society and secret government activities, as well as a variety of world stage activities, including such things as the founding of the Abbey Theater (currently the National Theater of Scotland) and other potent work in the arts, advocacy, and activism. I'm simply an Abbey doing what Abbeys do.

I'm currently coordinating a major undertaking in the St. Petersburg area to raise a liberation movement to free people from all forms of repression, with a special focus on transforming dysfunctional families into healthy, thriving families, creating Holy Families. The foundation is laid for this to be an international movement. We'll see what this daughter of a carpenter can build. If you're interested in participating in "raising a revolution," please enter the discourse.

I've been a music director and guest musician with the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg in a wide variety of ways with a long list of parishes for 18 years. In addition, I work extensively with the pagan community. I create bridges between seemingly disparate entities. Such is the work of a music director... To bring together anyone who shows up and help them all to shine - together... That is, after all, what communion is about.

A major part of my work is to address issues of toxicity in relationships with both individuals and with organizations. I'm currently working with significant entities in the Catholic Church, temples of a wide variety of foundings, high level martial arts representatives, government, health care, and other entities to clean up "issues" from within. Patriarchy is an issue that is having light shone upon it. It's time to balance the mother and the father, overlaying the circle and the square in harmonious ways.

I've co-produced two books on relationships:
Dare to Be Contagious!: Infuse Relationships with YOU
Check them out on Amazon. If you're interested in having me come speak and / or do a book signing at your event, please feel free to contact me.

In September 2013, I created the Law of Attraction Experimenters Facebook group. We're now at 30,000+ people from all over the world. It makes us a rather active group. Come get charged for positive change in your life.

I'm currently making guest appearances at a variety of churches, temples, venues, gatherings, drum circles, etc. You'll see this work more prominently in the media soon enough.

Believing strongly in economic transformation, I'm now doing ALL of my work on a donation basis, teaching by example how the mutual sharing of Energy of Self is, what I believe, to be the basis of a healthy, thriving economy. I share of my time, talent, and treasure freely with those I connect with. In return, I ask that each person do the same. This is the basis of ALL healthy, balanced relationships.
I’m really good at
Music - making it and moving to it
Performance artistry
Observing, understanding, and engaging with energetic forces, especially for the purposes of healing influence
Doing fun, playful, spontaneous things
The first things people usually notice about me
are 1) my energy and 2) that they feel very comfortable with me. They may notice me from afar - the comfortableness with myself, the way I move, etc. Up close and interactive, they often find themselves sharing a lot with me, connecting quickly, easily, and deeply.

People often comment on how they like the way they feel when I touch them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books have always been a fundamental part of my life. I typically read books on relationships, self-development, and useful esoteric / spiritual material.

Books that have impacted the way I live my life include:
. Various works by Jiddu Krishnamurti
. "People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflict" by Robert Bolton
. "To Love and Be Loved" by Sam Keen
. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey
. "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey (the son)
. "The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth" by M. Scott Peck
. "A Woman's Worth" by Marianne Williamson
. "The Ethical Slut" by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy
. "Dear Lover: A Woman's Guide to Enjoying Love's Deepest Bliss" by David Deida
. "The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire" by David Deida
. "Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute" edited by Kenneth Ray Stubbs
. "Zen in the Martial Arts" by Joe Hyams
. "The Hidden Messages of Water" by Masaru Emoto

Intellectually, I've enjoyed
. "How to Read A Book" by Mortimer J. Adler
. Classic and current works in philosophy, psychology, language, music, education, politics, and religion
. Many others..... fiction and non-fiction

Books currently on my reading shelf include:
. "Freedom from the Known" by Jiddu Krishnamurti
. "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" (Volumes 1 and 2) by Drunvalo Melchizedek
. "People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil" by M. Scott Peck
. "The Sensuous Dirty Old Man" by Dr. "A" (Isaac Asimov)
. "Mysteries of the Cathar Country" by Neil McDornald
. "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human" by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle
. "My Life" by Emma Calvé
. "Solomon's Angels" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
. "The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future" by Jonathan Cahn
. "The Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion, and Power in Celtic Ireland" by Mary Condren
. "The Magician's Companion: A Practical & Encyclopedic Guide to Magical & Religious Symbolism" by Bill Whitcomb
. "Mind War" by former Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino (now General)
. "Genesis: The First Book of Revelations" by David Wood
. "Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order" by Faith Javane
. "Numerology for Beginners" by Gerie Bauer
. Various oracle decks

...and more...

Yes, I read a lot of different things, rotating through what's relevant and right to me in any given moment, exposing myself to new perspectives that can help me grow and improve my self / spirit and my skills.

I love to read out loud with people. Wanna cuddle up and read together - alternate passages, me to you, you to me?

I like many different kinds of movies though I don't watch them (or TV) that often. Here are a few examples:
. Thought provoking, emotive drama like Seven Pounds and The Last Samurai
. Smart, intense thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs
. Romantic drama like The Notebook
. LMAO, goofy comedies like Dumb and Dumber
. TV Shows: Daily Show, Colbert Report, something else my partner enjoys and I get a kick out of but wouldn't necessarily pursue on my own...
. Some additional Seen and Recommended: Hysteria, The Fountain, Samsara, Equilibrium
In general, I enjoy independent film, documentaries, and motivational / self-improvement videos.

Wanna cuddle up and watch something?

Music is a fundamental part of my life. I enjoy a wide variety of music. To me, good music is good music no matter what genre it's in.

Here are some songs I like:
1) Dream Theater - These Walls Eargasmic!
2) Ayreon - Ride the Comet
3) Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
YouTube won't give access anymore to the links of this song that I prefer. :( I'm sure you ingenious net pirates (or purchasers of fine musical products) can find better copies of it, including the 7+ minute full version.
4) Creep - or better yet, set this link to stop at 4:30 - the applause ruins it
5) Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei (a choral version of his Adagio for Strings)
6) Paul Halley - Ubi Caritas
7) Gardenian - Small Electric Space
8) Alter Bridge - Blackbird
9) Kamelot - Anthem
10) S.J. Tucker - Firebirds Child
11) Amy Steinberg - Exactly
12) Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth
13) Kaya Project - Ummah Oum
14) Pokemon Theme Song
Hellz yeah! If you can jam out with me to this, you're the kind of fun I wanna have around!
15) The soundtracks for Oblivion, Skyrim, and Civilization V

I self-identify as a vocalist (actually having a degree in Vocal Performance, as well as engaging in post-Bachelors vocal studies), and I sing just about anything (from opera to art song to grunge to ANYTHING I'm interested in), so music, especially vocal works, is important to me.

I enjoy hearing a combination of artistry, passion, and technique. A well-crafted song is something that I cherish. It's a song in which the words stir my heart and mind and the emotiveness of musical phrasing creates a non-verbal message that expresses pure feeling in a way that words can't.

I'm more likely to have a flash drive with an eclectic mix of indy music than I am to listen to commercial radio, but there are still aspects of "commercial" music that I enjoy, mostly if it has a flare for genuine artistry and commentary (think along the lines of P!nk's "Stupid Girls").

Wanna dance and move together or watch me dance? I'm rather coordinated and would love to have an equally coordinated and energy-aware dance partner.

I enjoy a wide variety of food. Sometimes I enjoy lighter fare like a salad. Other times I enjoy heavier fare like steak and potatoes. I'm adventurous and will try just about anything once. While I have yet to cook ethnically myself, I enjoy trying different restaurants and going to potluck-type events that serve ethnic food.

What I always enjoy and feel great eating are raw foods. It feels like I'm getting a shot of vitality when I eat them. Sometimes I like the simplicity of eating a food in isolation. (Have you ever explored the wide variety of flavors that can be found in apples?) Other times, I like to make complex concoctions with a mingling of flavors. I have an extensive collection of "uncookbooks" that I enjoy exploring. I used to be mega into organics but have mellowed out a bit.

I have experience with fasting, one of the most potent dietary practices I know of. I'm also fascinated with breatharianism and would like to explore deeper into it.

Wanna cook (or "uncook") together? Or perhaps just breathe...?
Six things I could never do without
Love and Gratitude for ALL and from ALL - Christ Jesus has all of me, and I have all of Him.
Connection, especially Communion
Potent sexuality
A creative outlet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I want in the relationships I share with people; how I want to express myself; which direction I want to go professionally (so many great options!); what I need to have balance in my life; where I want to live and how to get there (rural areas feel like home to me, but I like the social and professional opportunities of larger areas).
On a typical Friday night I am
doing whatever feels right for me to do.

I could be socializing. I'm rather social and find myself wanting to interact and connect with people in some way, either in person or online, one-on-one or in a group.

The kind of people here on OKC I hang out with in-person include Averagejoe008, Bec1031, fathermichael, havenless, kanidrive, _mystic_, oEASYLIFEoFTWo, o_curious_1, Oni_Sensei, polyWitch, runningaemok, serb0707, SexualMagick, shirak16, SigmaYang4Yin, sparkbones, ZenPilot, and numerous others who also have profiles here on OKC (some of whom I first met through OKC).
They are some awesome people! Check out their profiles and see if they might be a match for you in some way.

I'm very social and find myself wanting to interact and connect with people in a variety of ways, either in person or online.

And yes.... I'm even social with myself. I enjoy my own company. :-)

I could be taking quiet, restful time for myself as well.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll share my deepest vulnerabilities with people I trust. With others, I can be surprisingly open and candid about things that many people would consider taboo but I just take as par for the course in human relations. Take a look at my profile.... :P
You should message me if
1) you're looking for respectful, yet vitally charged connection.

2) you enjoy spontaneous, interactive fun.

3) you see me as a source of networking for various projects and interests - music, writing, presentation, performance, etc. I like to work with people who are competent and skilled at what they do and who like to collaborate and aim for (and achieve) excellence in their creations.

4) you recognize yourself as being an exceptional and highly aware / developed person without your ego getting all bloated. You're simply being honest and humble when you say, "I'm fascinated by people and the world around me. I can learn something from everyone. Yet, I also recognize that I'm just... more, and I want to interact with others who are... more."

I especially enjoy connecting with people who are creative, fun, introspective, and who are great conversationalists.

***** ***** *****

1) you have difficulty dealing with complexity, especially in emotions and relationships. You may get frustrated or otherwise feel negatively toward me when my own complexity mixes with your energy.

2) you're specifically looking for a sexual liaison. I may be open, but not like THAT. I have rather high standards for those I engage with like THAT.
The two of us