34Basingstoke, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Ive been doing some self discovery recently. Ive come to realise that kink is a big thing in my life. Ideally I would like to combine the two types of relationships. But whatever comes about, the bdsm element is important to me and whether that is with you or not, I fully intend to continue my journey through kink. However I do not entertain wannabe Doms. I am lucky enough to have a great group of friends at my back who are experienced in the scene and will look out for me and help me steer clear of the wrong types. So if you're caring, intelligent, experienced.. (oh and taller than me!) give me a shout!


anyway, on with the rest of my profile....

(Am I the only one who gets annoyed when you're in the middle of chatting to somebody on IM or another messenger and that person just logs out without saying they are going? That really-... grr)


Hi, I'm katy :)

I can be initially pretty shy with people I dont know (but not always - it depends on the person). however, once I really get to know and trust people I let my true personality show. I suppose you could say I have many layers (like shrek, and onions!). only the people closest to me get to experience the innermost workings of my personality. And you'll be surprised by what you find in there - I assure you ;)

I'm keen on meeting new people and making new friends. I'm quite sociable, although I tend to be pretty quiet in large groups because I normally can't get a word in edgeways!

I like to think of myself as being a good listener and very caring, kind and generous. I am also honest and open minded, but not particularly good at taking hints and can be blunt as a baseball bat :)

NOTE: I can come across as pretty confident online (and I've been told I have a wonderfully dirty mind). however when meeting people in person for the first time I can be very shy (as i mentioned before) when talking about very personal things until i'm comfortable with the person. some people do have the right personality to bring me out of my shell pretty quickly though.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working in material science whilst studying engineering through the open uni.

I am horseriding once a fortnight, which I love! I couldn't live without horses in my world. If you dont like them I'm not for you.

I'm a scout leader for a local group. I recently changed groups when i moved house.

I take part in an adult ballet class after work. I'm not great at it (picture dancing hippos in Disney's Fantasia and you get the idea) but it's good fun and a bit of exercise. I've started to occasionally go jive dancing again too.

I've recently joined a local slimming world group and have almost lost 5 stone so far over the last year and 5 months... plenty more to go, wish me luck :)

I've recently had to stop driving for a year for medical reasons so have started cycling to work. While it's only just over 2 miles each way it's certainly starting to help the weight loss! Not so nice when it's cold, rainy or snowy though...

I like playing online computer games with friends such as left4dead2, Orcs Must Die and Borderlands. I've just got a copy of DOTA2 now so re-learning how to play that again too.

I also hang out with my friends as much as possible (when they're free!) as that's when I'm happiest!
I’m really good at
Salsa dancing (when it's with a guy who know's what he's doing!) and drawing realistic pics of mainly animals and women. To see my pics go to http://katy-fried-chicken.deviantart.com/gallery/
I'd like to think i was good at singing, but that's mainly when i'm alone in my car listening to a CD! :) I certainly enjoy it though.

I'm excellent at:
- procrastinating,
- winding myself up and then..
- putting myself down
- daydreaming...
The first things people usually notice about me
- How tall I am.
- My hair - that was black but is now a mix of black and plum.
- Cool red and black glasses with red zig-zags on the sides
- My smile?

I think people tend to misjudge me. Those who don't know me too well see me as quiet and possibly a bit boring, but once they get to know me they realise there's a WHOLE different side.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently obsessed with vampire everything...

books: Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. read the twillight series, the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, reading the Vampire Diaries books at the same time as the Trueblood books! :) Also like Terry Pratchett books.
movies: fantasy, sci-fi, animated. Definately Starwars! Underworld, The Crow
music: all sorts: classical, rock'n'roll, pop, depressing, all sorts! even a fan of Basshunter (especially the sweedish songs). Tara Blaise, Fiona Wight, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Sirenia,
food: all stuff that is bad for you! Also: raw carrot sticks, peanut butter, chocolate (who doesn't like it?!)
Six things I could never do without
purse, phone, keys, scrunchie, friends, chocolate, horses, leather handcuffs

oh, sorry, is that more than 6?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
horses, or when I'm next going riding
What i'm gonna do this evening,
What's for dinner tonight,
Vampires and how cool it would be to live in a world containing them,
Why there's not many girls on here,
What sex with a woman would be like and other kinky fantasies
On a typical Friday night I am
chilling out with a dvd and takeaway,
hanging out with friends,
surfing the net,
shooting zombies online
wondering when i'm next going horse riding,
running kinky fantasies through my head..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
not many people know I'm interested in BDSM. I'm submissive but if you want to know more details than that then you'll have to ask me once I trust you and your motivations!
You should message me if
... You are:
-Kinky/dominant (deal breaker!)
-Share some of my interests
-Spontaneous but also able to make plans
-Able to hold conversations that are not about sex!
-Can drive (I cant at the moment - silly epilepsy - until november. only 1 month left, wheee!)

Oh yes, I prefer chatting on IM, however I dont always notice messages sent on it untill it's too late. so If I've not replied I've probbably got my browser on a different tab rather than ignoring you. I can be a bit rubbish at replying to inbox messages if I've read it on my phone and think "oh I'll answer that later using my pc". So dont be offended if I forget to reply and feel free to send me a reminder. I'll get round to it eventually.

Btw, it's a bit dull if all i get is a wink or "hi"... please try to be creative! its just sooooo boring otherwise :)
The two of us