30Munich, Germany
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My self-summary
I have the body of a 22 years old triathlon athlete - which I keep in the rear trunk of a stolen car.
What I’m doing with my life
Karlsruhe - München - Vienna. Next step: the whole world.

Doing a Master in Biostatistics; working mostly as consultant, also as translator and private teacher (mainly maths, statistics and Italian).
Understanding econometrics and big data analysis.
Learning new (also programming) languages.

I read a lot ("real" books and also ebooks; I know it's not the same) and if the weather is favourable (unfortunately not often), I run (Zombies will chase me one day, so I better run fast!) or I bicycle until the sun goes down.

I like being outdoor, hiking in the German or Austrian Alps, still hoping to see a wolpertinger. Never met one yet. As I am not a climbing expert yet I have to content myself with bouldering (the boulderwelt has a great outdoor area; have you already been there?).
I’m really good at
I can cook very good (of course vegan food! ) and my bakery skills are getting better with every cake. Scepticals can challenge me, if you are brave enough!

Massaging, hugging, kissing, tickling, kochen, malen, zeichnen, Sport, lesen, schreiben, tagträumen, wandern, kuscheln, reden, diskutieren, schweigen, dichten, spielen, küssen, trinken, vertrinken, ertrinken, umarmen, umwerfen, wegwerfen, weglaufen, mich verlaufen, laufen, vorlaufen, vortragen, hören, zuhören, Musik hören uvm. Polemisieren. Kritisieren. Probleme lösen und, sollte ausnahmsweise keins mehr vorhanden sein, welche schaffen.

Apart from that, I speak English, French, German, Italian fluently and Spanish, Russian and Uzbek less fluently.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. My wonderful eyes? My sculpted body? You tell me.

I got tattoos and piercings, most of them hidden under the clothes, so you don't notice them untill it's summer or I take some clothes off. There is always something to discover, so let me surprise you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I decided not to actualize these lists anymore, I read/watch/eat to much stuff to keep this site up to date. The movies and literature listed below describes very good my preferences and you have the opportunity to ask me what interests me nowadays.

- Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy: The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
- Ingrid Strobl: Frausein allein ist kein Programm
- Victor Klemperer: LTI – Notizbuch eines Philologen
- George Orwell: Animal Farm
- Daniel Kehlmann: Die Vermessung der Welt
- David Schnarch: Die Psychologie sexueller Leidenschaft
- Martin Walker: Bruno Chef de Police
- Colonel Durruti: Tuez un Salaud!
- Colin Ward: Reflected in Water: a Crisis of Social Responsibility
- Vandana Shiva: Biopiracy: the Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
- Alain Brossat: Pour en finir avec la prison
- Richard A. Knaak: Legacy of Blood; The Black Road
- Franz Kafka: Der Prozess
- Wladimir Kaminer: Küche totalitär
- Clayton Husker: T93
- Joanne K. Rowling - Harry Potter (Surprise surprise. Read all books in July 2015)

I read a lot of non-fiction books and not so many novels.

- Westworld! (I love Anthony Hopkins)
- Who built the pyramids? Was it... the Babylonians? Officer Barbrady? Samaritans?

Games (boardgames and pc games):
- Zombies!!!
- Humans!!!
- Privacy
- War on Terror
- Civilization IV
- Age of Empires II
- League of Legends
- Diablo 2 which is way better than Diablo 3

Comics/Graphic Novels:
- Tex Willer
- The Walking Dead
- Saga
- Seconds
- The Graveyard Book
- Sunstone
Six things I could never do without
Good literature
Good food
Good sex
... probably not in this precise order. Sharing these experiences with you will intensify them for both of us. Interested?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Seriously: consent and communication, relationships, polyamory, politics and much more.

Less seriously: What to cook; searching for bean cans and matches in Chernarus; improving my self-made board game "everyday life of a bank robber"; analysing the strong bond between war and peace; why my orchids and my cactacee are still in a status of both life and death. There are almost no problems that cannot be solved with that bag of miscellany, some cardboard and wires.

I am very amused by people (myself included) looking for "casual sex". I think it's funny, because I can't really imaging how it is having real *casual* sex: Do you yell in the street (or at school/work): "I want sex, anyone else too?" or do you constantly hope for someone asking you "Hey, how about a pizza and a fuck?"
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading or working or writing if the weather is bad (very cold, rainy and windy). Most probably RingTFM, especially since I got a new kitchen.

Arguing about the topics of the field above ("I spend a lot of time thinking about").

Playing board games, or videogames, or having fun in other ways.

Or I am working on a new automotive project. Working hard. Playing harder.
You should message me if
- you find me intriguing/interesting/charming/pretty/etc. and it would be a really pity not to get in touch. Don't miss the opportunity, choose the original. Contact me. Now !

- you are searching an activity partner for outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, museum visiting, swimming, bouldering, running (also jogging) etc. (I am *really* searching for activity partners, so don't be scared of sending me a message.)

- you are a photographer searching for new models and you think I am an inspiring and interesting motif. Or you are the model searching for a photographer: Here I am.

I am not looking for pen pals or long distance friendships, so don't waste my time messaging me if you live hundreds of miles away. Two line messages (like: Hello, how are you?), especially from people living in other continents, which are probably sent en masse just to push their own ego, will be ignored. And the author blocked. Just to be sure.

"Message me at once if convenient. If inconvenient, message me all the same."
The two of us