30Chişinău, Moldova
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My self-summary
Hey there!:)

So here we are..in the new 2013!Happy New Year to everyone!May you and your families be always happy,wealthy and healthy this year!

My name is Ecaterina, friends call me Katya or Katiusha in most of the cases.I am from Republic of Moldova and in case someone doesn't know where is it ( and there are plenty of those :) ) , this is the country located in Europe between Ukraine and Romania.
Just to be clear about my ethnicity..I am half Russian and half Bulgarian and my mother tongue is Russian) For many people it might sound surprising but I do not have anything in common with Moldavian ethnicity- so i'm not trying to mislead you from the very begining.To many people it might sound surprising but life is life and my country is multicultural just as many others.

Pretty tough,huh?:D But i'm sure you're going to handle this information)

I believe that you have to be different in your life and i am precisely like that. Today you can find me in a casual dress with high heels and tomorrow i can be in sketchers and wear sports.That is like..you know where and how to dress up and i have a clear picture about this. I do not club that much but i can definetely go to one..but the best time for me is spending my time with friends, chatting over a cup of coffee or drinking a glass of wine in a restaurant.
I belive in kindness and i try to give it to people and to receive the same thing as well. Don't like two faced people or those who are trying to show off..Big things start simple, no matter how life is treating you.
I am not afraid of new challenges and i think that if something does not happen now it can definetely happen tomorrow if you put some effort. For me a friendship on long-term distance or even a relationship can easily be solved by planes, internet and dialogue. You can move the galaxy even if you really want to and you are interested in it!

Why i am here? I guess thats the main question..The answer is very simple: I am a very sociable person and like to meet new people, new countries and new cultures.
I travelled a little bit through the world and met so many different people and its very curious when it comes to information barter regarding country habbits and personal ones of every person.

I was an international student ( i just finished my Master Degree in Economics) in Poland for one year and after made an exchange program for one year to Belgium.

Before enrolling in the Polish Master, i was for one year in Florida during my Bachelors, enjoying the best weather and ocean, if you skip winter of course and late autumn!:) But still it made its way through my memory as being the best place on earth ever!
I am a very mobile person but i do like to keep it smart and not just go somewhere unprepared!I mean.. sleeping somewhere in a cave because you were too irreponsible to go through the whole trip details, wouldn't make me enjoy the trip more.
I am a Libra so i take everything into consideration:))

Take care!
Best regards,

What I’m doing with my life
Well i recently finished my third Degree and second Master Degree.So u can congratulate a fresh graduate)
In September got a job in an IT company as a marketing analyst where i am working till now.

And what i am doing else? Well, i am enjoying my life and try to make it as positive as possible)
I like to be busy and to have something to do. My work takes most of my time through the day and sometimes i can be there from 9am to 9pm. But your live has to be always busy you know:)
I’m really good at
1)Conversations and argue in a positive way..I guess i should have followed a Lawyer Degree:))
2)I can be a very good friend!I think friendship is one of the most important thing in the world!
3)Working in a team
4) Planning
5) Creating something new. Sometimes i am a whole generator of ideas.
6) Jokes.I believe that i have a good sense of humour.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile:))
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:I just adore Russian Literature!For me its the best thing ever invented by human kind)
Right now I'm reading a russian book writen by Valentin Nikul " Битва Железных Канцлеров" - pretty interesting:)
Movies: All Batman movies, Spiderman, Desperate Housewives, Sex in the city, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,Meet Joe Black, Another World,American Pie..tons of them actually
Music: Don't have an exact preference for certain type of music.Adore all of it except hard rock.
Food: Have to admit that i adore junk food but if you skip it then there is not a single cuisine in the world where u don't have nice things.
Six things I could never do without
My family
My friends
Internet Connection
A good book

Oh yeah..i forgot coffee!Without a drop of it it in the morning-you will still find me half asleep at 11am..even though i might already work or do something different. Coffee addicted person:)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What would i want to have in life and what would be the best way to achieve it
On a typical Friday night I am
I can go out with friends and spent the time over a glass of wine or a nice talk.
If its not about that that i can easily stay home, watch a movie or read a nice book.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to collect pens..i have it since childhood. No matter if it has a brand logo or not..if it has an original design that i am for it. The price does not matter..
Regarding the rest..->A private is never said public:)
You should message me if
1)If you are not afraid of challenges, like distance between continents or countries- people are able to speak and get closer even like this, it all depends on what kind of person you are.Thanks God we live in modern world and we have internet so communication it not a problem.
Nothing can be more funny than words "Oh,you are so far!"..And so what? It changes you or me as a person?
2)You are not a maniac or looking for a one night stand.No sex offers-you go directly to black list!
No dirty flirting-you go directly to black list!

There was a person asking me here: Are you afraid that you've pointed out this aspects?:)
My answer is no,its totally not about this.I think that time is precious - yours and mine as well.So lets not waste it for the thing which has a total mismatch.Trust me- i would not even go through these type of msg)
Take care!
The two of us