36 Toledo, United States
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My self-summary
[So as a quick update: life has done a weird zig instead of zag and I find myself in a really healthy relationship now for a change. (Note the change) But I would still like to hang out and meet new people as friends...Since (surprise ...surprise) the Mrs. and I both tend to be hermits. So if you want to hang out, rabble rouse, drink, and converse with a bit of a nerdish tinge drop me a line.]

First and foremost my most endearing quality is my overall ridiculousness...just to get that out of the way...

I would describe myself as one who tends to align more with logic over emotion in most cases...
but strives for an equilibrium of both (if that is even possible...)

My personal flaws are:
1. I am an incorrigible insomniac. Medication be damned.
2. I am the king of procrastination at times...thankfully making lists does work for me now.
3. I can be stubborn to a fault when it comes to certain issues...unless met with logical reasoning to change a particular view.
4. I like to debate....mostly to understand another person's stand point. (Conflict can be good if it is educational, constructive, and the constitution of mutual respect is not breached.)
5. I would be a natural loner (if my friends allowed it). There are times when I absolutely must be alone just to write, reflect, and just get away from the craziness of the world around me.
6. I can be inappropriately honest at the wrong times. I have lately learned to be more selective in what I say and when I should say it....(see I collected some social skills).
7. I had a tendency to become highly judgmental, but upon looking at myself objectively and laughing heartily at my own contradictions...I've broken this habit.
8. Can be violent if provoked to violence...(Which takes quite a herculean effort...) Although I will say I do not believe in violence against women in ANY form and this is actually one thing that WILL provoke me to violence: seeing a man striking a woman. No. I am not a daisy/ wannabe pseudo-hippy, neither am I a red- meat jocko blowhard...if this scares you or makes you squirmy in anyway...do not contact me.
9. I can be pessimistic. But for whatever reason my true friends tend to find my brand of pessimism hilarious.

I value my time...more than anything...So if you are not at least a sentient or demonstrative HUMAN being please don't bother...

I am attracted to strong wills, dry humor, unique personalities, intelligent conversation, and inherent wisdom...

Don't get me wrong..I am by no means a humorless twit...I enjoy a good laugh (usually at my own expense)...I just don't need the long term headache sifting through the shite...

This may all sound pretty bitter...but its not. I just happen to know exactly what I want, and what I don't. For the most part I'm actually a pretty open- minded chill kind of guy. (See also The Dude...according to my roommates)

Well! Now that is out of the way.....

Any one care to chat?!?

I am caustic, intellectual, and egalitarian (even when I shouldn't be)
What I’m doing with my life
What am I truly doing with my life: Sifting through the MADness for the Word, the Line, the Way...and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity in the process. Not really...just more so living.

When I am not doing that I am writing. I had written damn near everyday since I was 13 so my pad is virtually littered with boxes and stacks of my books filled with diagrams, pictures, poems, screenplays, essays, scripts, slams, rants, mindless dribble, etc. Right now I'm working on a comic story line with a few friends.

I love writing about art (stylistic movements and personal significance). I am enamored with delving into the artist's psyche... like a profiler. I also enjoy creating mixed media visual installations and performing arts... : mostly altars, paintings, projected images, words, music, food, tapestry...I think art should strive to affect all senses if at all possible...

And I enjoy an occasional Guinness with my druges at the pub, so as I don't remain a complete hermit.
I’m really good at
Oh...this is the superpowers section...lol
I don't have anything that will take out Thanos with the exception of a sharp wit... (Which suffers from dead end job-itis!)

I do however have a knack of seeing through the murkiest of bullshit...
I get into strange situations...and out of them just as easily...
(My life sometimes sort of reads like a pulp comic/Tom Waits song at times).

I can find the humor in any situation. For some reason the universe that created me put a feather in my pocket... so I laugh.

I am quite an analytical and creative...lateral thinker. I tend to like to sit back and listen to subtle nuances in vocal cadence and mannerisms while completely listening to a speaker to gauge the full scope of a conversation (to me subtext is everything).
I am good at practical chemistry (household alchemy)
but chose art history and poetry as a positive (if impractical) alternative to keep me out of jail for mischief.

I have a strange relationship with words...(probably can't tell here)

I have a will and a word that is iron clad.

I can go days without sleep if I need to (ask any of my mates).

Oh... and I can hear a few notes of a song (especially jazz, hip- hop, electronica, or 80's alternative) and tell you the artist, title, album producer, label, interesting fact, and who sampled it, or what was sampled. I'm kind of a nerd in that way. Music really comprises most of my life, and I really don't know what I would do without my sound track.

I am a veritable storehouse of useless facts and strange skills...

And above all else I am fascinatingly awkward in almost all social situations!....and sick of saying "I"
The first things people usually notice about me
....that I am an early '90s anachronism.....
I look pretty austere at times: usually dressed achromatically (because it looks good on me)...
I speak my mind, and say exactly what I mean. I don't like leaving any room for equivocation.

You could usually find me wandering around writing in my books that follow me everywhere in a olive drab military satchel marked "INKubation"...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: too many to name, the winners of late:The Hagakure; The Tao te Ching; Autobiography of Malcolm X; Ralf Ellison's: Invisible Man; On the Road, (Jack Kerouac);Arthur Rimbaud (A Season in Hell), Franz Kafka, (The Metamorphosis); Restaurant at the End of the Galaxy, Douglass Adams; Velocities (Stephen Dobyns); Children of Dune, Frank Herbert; The Fuck Up (Arthur Nesessian); The Book, (Alan Watts); Choke, (Chuck Palaniuk); Candide, (Voltaire); Dostoevsky: most notably Notes from the Underground, The Idiot, The Devil; John Donne, love poems; The Dark Tower Series (Steven King), Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns; and good old C. Buk when I'm feeling a bit bitter...

Movies: Same, too many to name: Eternal Sunshine for he Spotless Mind, Fight Club, Dr. Strangelove (basically anything directed by Stanley Kubrick keeps me interested), Riffifi, The Last Minute, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, After Hours (and other genius Scorsesee films), L'Auberge de Espagnol, Shaun of the Dead, Trainspotting, Basquiat, Requiem for a Heavyweight, Cool Hand Luke, Humoresque, 7 year Itch, anything from Spike Lee but especially "X", Billy Wilder comedy- dramas...

Tv: I'm not a big TV watcher...but on the occasion I do click it on I usually try to find some Brit comedies like: Are you Being Served?, Black Adder, but most importantly SPACED!. Other shows: Fraiser, Law & Order, Rachel Maddow, Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann, and Anime: Cowboy Bebop and Baccano are my favorites. I am a HUGE fan of Doctor Who!

Music:DAMN! even worse: Jazz: Miles Davis, Trane, MMW, Ornette Coleman, Lee Morgan, My man Thelonious Monk, Diz, Bird (Charlie Parker), Charlie Mingus, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Elis Regina, Squarepusher, Aphex, Djs: Cam, Shadow, Krush...
U-ziq, Autechre, Mr Scruff, Cinematic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Pogo, Amon Tobin, Esthero, Portishead, Telepopmusic, Lamb...Joy Division, New Order, Tears for Fears, XTC, Pixies, The Specials, English Beat, Vampire Weekend, Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, The Clash, Dismemberment Plan, Fugazi, Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Sigur Ros ...Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Skip James, Santana, Led Zep, Robert Johnson, Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith...TCQ, MF DOOM!, Nas, De La Soul, Rakim Allah, Madlib, Latyrx, Common Sense (yeah i said it), the Wu-Tang Clan, Saul Williams, Panacea, Gangstarr,Group Home, Aceyalone, Slick Rick, ect...
The Time, Sam Sparro, Isley Brothers, Jamiroqui, Adriana Evans, Godfather James Brown, The Parliment Funkadelic, Bootsy, Fela Kuti, Les Nubians, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo,Incognito, Cymande, Ali Farkha Toure...Lizst, Beethoven, Bach, Barber...

Right now most importantly---->Tom Waits
You get the picture: This list tends to be quite a permutation in constant modulation to fit moods.

Food: Asian, Mediterranean, or Mexican...in that order.
The six things I could never do without
1. pad and paper near a toilet
2. the basic necessities (food, water, air, shelter...)
3. surreality
4. knowledge
5. balance
6. art (in all forms literary, visual, musical)

In truth I can truncate this entire list down to one intangible:

...The present moment. I obviously cannot exist without a now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My thoughts usually travel over a vast area of odd topics from religion, philosophy, politics, and science...and how my actions (and inaction) affect the world around me. I'm always in a constant thought flux, and that's probably why its hard for me to sleep.

Politically I can be described as a bomb-throwing anarchist by some... (Depends on which conservative you ask).
In truth, I describe myself as a socially progressive liberal. (Yes the OTHER scary "L" word)

Religion? I'm an uninformed agnostic, as most (if they are honest with themselves) truly are. I really don't claim to know the answers of the cosmos... I just feel there is a possibly of a force that balances out the universe, but I am not so sure it is sentient...like a Great God Machine or cosmic equilibrium mechanism...with a monkey at the helm throwing levers.
Its fun to think that...but until I get some solid proof of said "Great God Machine and Spirit Monkey theorem" I'll stick to believing in gravity, mass, energy, quarks, and tachyons, (the jury is still out on time)...
I suppose if I HAD to be assigned a philosophy close to what I believe it would be Taoist in praxis....
On a typical Friday night I am
All my Fridays tend to be atypical so that's a hard one...
I can be...
---->(Wishing I was) At a museum stacking the field notes.
---->Atop an Olivetti or computer hard at work....
---->At a Karaoke night singing Pixies songs at the top of my lungs while spewing beer at those in the front row....
---->staring randomly off into space...or just existing in space.
---->Plotting the destruction of humankind with creative application of a turkey baster, a car battery, and an iron will....
---->Staying up all odd hours of the night working on some odd project or another because my brain refuses to obey closing time....

Or worse comes to worse at work slaving away....paying my proletariat dues....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me anything.... I don't have anything to hide...except maybe my year long fascination with Fran Drescher... :-/
You should message me if
A. You are Logical (or at least have the facility)!
B. You are Responsible for your actions.
I have a low bullshit tolerance.
C. Like to have in-depth conversations
on a broad array topics.
D. Are real...and when i say real...i mean not full of shit.
E. Honesty is a MUST.
F. Have a deep sense of loyalty to friends, family, ideals, etc.
G. See dissent as a good thing...even if you disagree. ;-)
H. Love Poetry...and are otherwise literate (don't need to be completely well read...just have the thirst to read and learn.)
I. Musically Eclectic! (jazz is a plus)
J. Like people watching...and joking around.
K. Can keep a cool head in trying times.
L. Level headed, down to earth, and creative.
M. Like thunderstormsthe smell ...the sound).
N. Are not a selfish, greedy, or shallow twit.
O. Like to spar! (Intellectually and physically for shits and giggles)
P. Don't mind silence.
Q. Are an art lover (and don't mind rollerskating in museums..even with the chance of being caught.)
R. Are an artist, musician, writer, or aficionado...
S. Won't rag on me for the "girl drinks"...I like stouts over lagers...but i love amaretto sours...
T. A good critic:...brutal...but constructive
U. Will not try to illicit an unnecessary change in my personality.
I AM the way i AM for a reason...It really did take a long time to be the ass I am...and YES, I like my coat...thank you.
V. Don't mind staying in and catching a movie every once in a while..
W. Don't mind raising hell on the town every once in a while!
X. Have a warped sense of humor and don't mind displaying it. Ex: You can laugh at death...because you are not afraid of it.
Y....i don't know
Z. Not expecting: perfection or protection...but someone to fill those quiet absurd moments with substance of being...

Its a tall order to fit all of these criteria...but if you fit at least 10 of these...Contact me.

Bonus points if: 1. You actually plan on meeting at some point, and not just dragging out the conversations to no end when the green light is given. I didn't add pen pal for a reason.
2. You don't come off as condescending or pandering...That type of behavior is abhorrent.
3. You know what a Fremen is/or can state the Litany Against Fear verbatim (bonus nerd points for you).

I believe it important to note that unless we have spoken for a few good conversations I will not meet up with you. And if I do happen to meet up with you it will be in a public place initially. No offense, but...ya can't be too careful these days.