23 Spartanburg, United States
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My self-summary
Hey my names Kaylen. Im the Salon Manager/ Hair Guru at Body Bliss Salon and Day Spa. Im one of thise people who fully submerge themselves into their work. I know it sounds crazy but i LOVE what i do.
Im a huge animal lover. I hate to say i have a favorite but my bird is my best friend and i love him to pieces. If you dont like birds, then go elsewhere because Desi will live for at least another 70 years and im not getting rid of him and he is almost ALWAYS with me. And i have plans on getting another parrot in the next few years if not sooner. Desi does talk. He has one of the biggest personalities. Having him is like having a toddler lol. I dont know what id do without him in my life. We have an incredible bond with each other. I lovehim so much
Im also a very strong spirited person, God is the foundation for everything i do. No i wont go around shoving my beliefs down others throats so if our beliefs differ please down shove yours down mine. However i can and do enjoy hearing about diffrent beliefs. So if you wanna talk religion we can but lets happily agree to disagree :) I also meditate and practice self hypnosis its like hitting the reset button on me especially if its been a rough day. It helps keep me balanced and in a great mood.
Also not ashamed of it, but im a chunky girl (please for the love of everything good in this world DO NOT send me messages saying your not chunky your fluffy.... i hate that term more than anything) I do attend the gym 3x a day and eat relatively well but i love my body and im not really looking to change it, though if it happens, it happens.
Im very old fashioned.
I really hope i dont sound rude, thats not at all my intentions. Im just very happy with my life and dont require a man to make me happy. So if someone cant add to that happiness than oh well lol sleep wont be lost on my end :) I haven't always been this independent emotionally. Its taken years and years of self discovery and life lessons to get this way. But i couldnt be happier.
Well i guess thats most of it 😂😂😂 these things are always difficult for me
What I’m doing with my life
Well i still live with my mom..... so i got that going for me ;) lmao i mean who isnt attracted to a 23 year old woman still at home hahaha. Ive been a hairstylist for 5 years. Im the Salon Manager at Body Bliss Salon and Day Spa. Right now other than working im assisting in raising my younger siblings. Im also procrastinating finishing painting the house hahahaha.
I’m really good at
I feel that im really good at doing hair. Im also good at not stressing or being angry i just try my best everyday to let all things go that cause a negative effect on me. And im good at making myself happy because i only have one life and ill always continue to live for myself. If soemthing dosent make me happy i wont do it
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my eyes and my smile. Unless i have something in my teeth which would probably be the first thing anyone would notice lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Night
Movie: Instructions Not Included (Its a must see!!!!!! I Loved It)
Shows: Americas Got Talent
Music: anything but rock.... i know, my upbringing must have sucked considering i choose Miley Cyrus over mostly anything.
But favorite categories include
Soul R&B
Christian Alternative
Latino music
Patsy Cline/Spice Girls/my bae Miley yep they get their own category
Food: Spagettii
The six things I could never do without
#1 God (as long as I have him, he will provide my needs so i dont really NEED anything)

But the other 5 things i wouldn't want to live without would be:
#2 my family, im one out of fourteen and i love my family to bits!
#3 color, could you imagine a world without color? I dont think itd be as beautiful
#4 music, its what inspires creativity
#5 emotion, i believe its the spice that makes life worth living
#6 Pets. I have 2dogs a three legged lionhead bunny and a parrot and i love them dearly
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why i ever doubted myself when i was young. I never understand why i was so terrified to just be me.
On a typical Friday night I am
I work every Friday but after work i enjoy spending time with my brothers and sisters and playing with my animals. I have a 3year old Border Collie Shih-tzu mix (Bentley), a year old teacup Chihuahua (Bella), and a 10 year old severe macaw (Desi)
If you cannot respect my love of my animals and respect my animals dont bother messaging me
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love the smell of home depot and shoe carnival.... dunno why but i feel like it has sex with my senses.
Also intelligence/passion is a HUGE turn on. you dont have to be a rocket scientist but show me you can hold a conversation or if you love cars or something dont just tell me you like cars because they go vroom vroom show me your passion for it. Tell me why you love cars, teach me about them, invite me to watch you work under the hood (im a great flashlight holder) if you collect stamps show me your collection and get me interested tell me all about your very first stamp and how it made you feel. Thats one of the biggest turn ons for me is someone who can show me their world and why everything is the way it is.
You should message me if
Just do it! You know you want to :D you can even snapchat me @ Kaybug422