29Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I am an adventurous, fun, outgoing girl. I have a bubbly attitude which can sometimes be a little overwhelming, consider yourself warned! I'm very down to earth and can get along with anyone! My friends and family mean the world to me.

I love to travel, I'm the type who shows up at the airport and hops on the next flight. My ideal vacation is not to any of the silly tourist destinations, I would much rather be somewhere I've never been, immersed in different cultures and lifestyles (although I did make it to Disney world AND mt Rushmore last year so I guess I'm not as cool as I try to be!) I like adventure and am not scared to try new things as crazy as they may be. I love spending as much time as possible outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, camping, or just playing kickball with friends at wash park. Also love live music, I will never turn down a concert!

Fun facts:
1.) I've broken more bones than you. 100% certain of that. And yes, I drink milk, thank you for your concern!
2.) I'm hugely OCD. My friends thoroughly enjoy making fun of me or slightly tilting pictures in my house just to laugh at my reaction. I think I need new friends.
3.) Sometimes I still get scared there are clowns in the sewers. Judge all you want, the movie "It" ruined my life!
4.) I met my best friend at the mall...as an adult.
5.) Said best friend created this profile and has forced me to be on more than one dating site. Geez when did dating become a full time job!?
What I’m doing with my life
At this very moment: sitting in traffic, stalking my friends spotify playlists, and filling out an online dating profile. Multi-tasking at its finest!

Yes I am aware that due to the above statement you most likely hate me as a driver which I'm cool with, most of the world does! (But I mean serious, not moving for an hour traffic so it isn't as bad as it sounds)

So... What am I doing beyond the next hour of sitting through rush hour?: I work in environmental, health and safety management for an oil and gas company. I am also in the process of finishing up a master's program. Needless to say I stay pretty busy!
The first things people usually notice about me
You tell me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love music, I will explore any genre really but mostly love my wannabe hipster stuff.
Few of the favs: Lumineers, of monsters and men, Mumford and sons, avett brothers, the xx, m83, against me, cloud cult

I haven't been watching a ton of tv lately but I will give you what's currently on my dvr or Netflix: new girl, work a holics, chopped, dexter. I also love the wire and mad men and would re watch those series in a heartbeat.

Movies: sappy chick flicks (don't worry I won't subject you to that!) the big lebowski, boondocks saints, crash, city of God, shawshank redemption

Books: love buwkowski and Kerouac, God is dead, the millennium trilogy, omnivores dilemma (no I am not a hippy, I eat everything it says not to!)

Food: sushi and chocolate!
Six things I could never do without
1. family/friends... Lets just group those things you're supposed to say into one!
2. iphone. Sad but true
3. Travel
4. Adventure
5. Music, specifically live music
6. The fabulous things Colorado has to offer
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, it is Friday night and I'm currently driving to happy hour so I suppose that's a pretty good indication of what I do on Friday nights!

If I'm not at happy hour I'm probably meeting friends elsewhere. Mostly live shows, heading out of town, up snowboarding, hitting up first Friday, discovering some new hobby.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well it wouldn't be very private then would it. You'll have to work a little harder at that one!
You should message me if
1.) You do not have a single shirtless selfie in the mirror (or any selfie at all for that matter.) Seriously, who thinks that is sexy? Let's just add that you don't own a single affliction shirt and do not hang out in Lodo here while we are at it.
2.) You will think I am beautiful when I am all dressed up for a fundraiser, but also sweaty and disgusting after yoga or dirtbiking...and possibly in sweatpants for movie nights...I know that may be pushing it a bit but just throwin it out there.
3.) You are fun, outgoing, have a sense of humor and don't take life too seriously.
4.) You have sound morals and are educated. If you do not know the difference between their, they're, and there we will have serious problems.

Is that asking too much??
The two of us