41Fort Lauderdale, United States
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My self-summary
Hi. I can't play any instruments (neither do I skydive). I read, I'm politically liberal, therefore I am. I maintain that I turned out a punk (or artist, or broke) but my sister claims I'm "emotionally successful." That's really nice of her to say. I should send her a card for that.
If you form a wild, preconceived notion about me it will likely be wrong. I'm not being contrarian here, it's just the law of probability. Don't argue with me about the impossibility of newly conceiving notions that are already pre-preconceived, or all the inherent arguments on being and becoming that that entails.
I mean unless you want to - I'm sure we could keep that conversation going a little while. Might be nice.
What I’m doing with my life
Paying bills. Sculpting. Rehabilitating my Wii arm. Enacting political change. Walking for charities. Offering forks and napkins with that.

Now With 30% More Updates:
Studying my ass off for finals. Wondering why design would necessitate reducing signs. Becoming witless in an onslaught of verbosity (brevity, soul and all of that).

Photographing things in places that are probably unsafe to explore.
I’m really good at
Shaking the exact number of aspirin out of the bottle. Oh and talking to people, but the first is usually more useful from a pragmatist's perspective.
Erm... speaking just enough of a few languages to not understand what they're saying back.
Also, as an alternative to religion I'm good at identifying new invisible house gnomes with specialized functions.
The first things people usually notice about me
Conversation with me is a lot like talking to Stephen Colbert as voiced by Quentin Tarantino. Sure... you could substitute Quentin out for a 14 year old girl, but that's your choice, and frankly I might add it says a little something about you.

("Conversation with me is a lot like talking to Stephen Colbert" <- Well, really it's more like talking to Stephen Colbert with ADD. - snarkasaurus)

(Advanced Dungeons & Dragons? ... I've rolled some saving throws back in the day but I don't see wh - Hey what's that shiny thing? Kikaiderboy)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mike Mignola when he's actually drawing, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Herge, Moebius, Mike Allred and foreign press comics (plus a little Winsor McCay), fiction and nonfiction topics that interest me (Egyptian culture, world mythology, art, sociology, politics, paleontology).
Things like The Devil in the White City, The N Word, The Stolen Village, Jude the Obscure ... Also recently digging some Gothic horror from William Hope Hodgson (late 1800's) - particularly his Thomas Carnacki, Ghost Hunter pre-pulp pulp. I'm known to read poetry on occasion (depending on the writer), science fiction, and non-genre fiction. I like the Oxford comma but don't always remember to use it, because I'm colloquially illiterate like that. Wrong section for this kind of info you say? Really? Were you born a fascist, or is there a mail-away course you could point me to?
...I burned through 1984, This Perfect Day and Brave New World in my early teens. I typically have five or ten things on my to-read list. If it has bleeding robots on the cover I'm hooked. I just finished Ice T's autobiography, and I'm currently reading In the Garden of Beasts as well as another non-fiction called London Underground about the homeless in England and social services during (roughly) the Victorian era, written by an ancestor of mine... I'm not sure if that's more eclectic of me or narcissistic, but either way it's a pretty interesting read.

Was that long? Music is worse. Blues, Jazz, Grunge, Folk, New Wave, Rock, Punk, Lounge, Bossa Nova... Not big on Country (except who doesn't like Johnny Cash, really?) Partial list includes: Hold Steady, Explosions In the Sky, Nouvelle Vague, Clash, Atari Teenage Riot, James Blunt *(what? Yeah I said it...), Decemberists, Afghan Whigs, Norah Jones, Foxy Shazam, Midlake, Smiths, Soundgarden, White Stripes, Dylan, Mathew Sweet, Catherine Wheel, Jane's Addiction, Bowie, Dinosaur Jr, Robert Johnson, Son House, Sufjan, Simon & Garfunkel, Cohen and his Famous Blue Raincoat, Peter, Bjorn and John, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Nicolay, Neko Case, Morrissey, Jellyfish, Arctic Monkeys, Grandmaster Flash, Metric, Calamine, Innocence Mission, Dionysus, Will.I.Am., etc ad nauseum.

Movies? Really? We're gonna need a bigger server. I used to work for an Indie film company out of NYC, and it was both the best and worst job ever... Epic in both senses, but you can't beat watching obscure stuff in Technicolor's private dingy screening room. Again, best and worst.
Ok here's a few: Pretty much anything Myazaki, Coen Brothers, Harold Lloyd (brilliant) or Beat Takeshi and about 50% of John Cusack. Beowulf & Grendel (not the animated thing - the one with Sarah Polley). The Girl in the Cafe. Lost in Translation. Harold & Maude. Gone Baby, Gone. Tears of the Black Tiger - I love that movie. Seventh Seal (a lot of Bergman). Metropolis (and a lot of Lange). Naked City. Late Spring. Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Hotel Rwanda. Everything is Illuminated. Anchorman. 28 Days Later. Stranger than Fiction. Most Clooney flicks - including the Solaris remake and I'm one of the few people I know that really liked Syriana. I have a soft-spot for Documentaries and Kiera Knightley (from Pirates to Pride & Prejudice... I know. It's strange I'm neither Proud nor Prejudiced about it) and no - they don't go together like chocolate and peanut butter. The Bourne series was better than Bond I think, but Casino Royale got a thumbs up. Shaun of the Dead. Really, when you come right down to it who doesn't like retro Godzilla and Star Wars? [prequels don't count]. City of Lost Children, The Professional, The Road Home, 12 Monkeys, Taste of Tea, Matango! (awesome, awesome, awesome!), Sonatine, Clerks, Zatiochi, Broken Flowers, King of Kong, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Kung Fu Hustle, Pleasantville, Vernon Florida, Dead Man, Tideland, Brazil, The Wiz, Le Samourai, Bride of Frankenstein ... because no list can really be without it.

I watch some television... P.B.S. ...-Heroes- (formerly, clearly)... I'm sad Carnivale got canceled. My apt mate (*who shares a room? Was that _ever_ cool?) finally wore me down and made me watch Supernatural - surprised appreciation followed.

Food is good, not much for shellfish though (*sushi a-ok ... I think there's an OKC membership card requirement that says I list it anyway. If I mention Sashimi it throws my demographic trending though. I don't even know how the OKC 'bots react to temaki)
It is perfectly cool if you're a herbivore, but I maintain that if Darwin hadn't intended us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of such yummy, yummy food.
Six things I could never do without
A, E, I, O, U and, well... I guess sometimes Y.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Particle man, and how... you know... if he jumps in the water does he get wet, or does the water get him instead? Oh - also how to re-engineer whatever art project I'm working on and why it would be that people who earn less than $250,000 a year would ever vote Republican. Just what IS the matter with Kansas?
On a typical Friday night I am
Working? Asleep? Watching a movie? Rebuilding a 1949 Zenith Radio? (OK I haven't started that yet). Sculpting. I do do that a lot.

Maybe I'm just streaming MST3K 1950's Social Hygiene shorts from youtube through my Wii while I wonder why "I" never had a posture buddy. Life might have been so, so different.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Privacy is an illusion - just like control.
(or that I have a Mastersword? ...but like not in a creepy way)

[EDIT] I secretly wish I was a 107 year old vampire. snarkasaurus
(^ No way... I'm not waiting 107 years just for Chris Hansen hot-chats with a Mary Sue. Thnxbye. -Kikaider)
You should message me if
You are trapped in a burning building and don't have time to drop a card to Post Secret. Then at least it's off your conscience before you go to whatever afterlife or nihilistic nothingness you believe in.

Or to say hi... that works too...
The two of us