35Hamilton, United States
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My self-summary
First and foremost: it's true, I like girls. There are times when I like girls a great deal more than I like dudes. Other times this is not true. I'm not greedy, or confused. Don't be afraid to message me because of it: chances are I'll at least be interested in getting to know you.

Secondly, I'm not a social idiot, despite OK Cupid's assertion. Quite the contrary: part of my job depends on reading social cues from other people. I'm just forced to use a public computer at the moment which happens to lack the magical Flash Player necessary for taking ALL of the social tests. More's the pity for me. On the other hand, I am pretty bad at math.

Apparently, according to my ex-girlfriend, my soulmate is a guy named Ian with brown hair and green highlights who has brown, extra sparkly eyes. He will meet me, see my perverse, non-sensical, but ultimately highly moral ways and fall desperately in love with me. I think it would be nice if this Ian person liked games and roleplaying or at least would be tolerant of friends who talked about it quite frequently, but that's not absolutely necessary. If you feel you fit this description, please get ahold of me right away, since my girlfriend said I would meet this person in the next 4 years and I personally think that this is a long time to wait.

As an aside. It's been quite a long time since I've been on OKcupid. (Remember when this was just Sparkmatch or something like that?) In the interim, I've been through two jobs, gotten a tattoo, and I'm looking for another. Learned a couple of languages, dodged trouble more times than I can count, and fallen in and out of love with various people. I've been to the East and West coast, made friends and enemies, and am all around quite a different person. I've taken my clothes off for money, eaten a bowl of salad dressing (also for money) and spent way too much time on OK Cupid. money involved there. I'm thinking about taking the OK Cupid Personality test again, as I don't really think "Hornivore" fits me very much anymore. Not to say I'll say no to sex, I think I'd rather love come along with it though..



I am insightful, geeky, and open
What I’m doing with my life
Readjusting to civilian life. Additionally, I'm learning an old language again and getting back into role-playing some more. I recently quit smoking (again) and am trying to stay quit of it. I'm trying to get an even better physique, and cancer sticks are slowing me down.
I’m really good at
Making people feel better...somehow. Also, I've been been described as a competent dancer, and I will make sure you keep it real.

I've started a habit of creating akward silences and laughing in those spaces.

I'm a world-famous kisser!

I also make a mean chocolate chip cookie and chicken salad. Little old grandmamas beware!
The first things people usually notice about me
My affection. I crave it like water or air, and I give it out freely. Alternately, my biting and ascerbic wit. I spent a lot of time playing a really bitchy Toreador in OWBN called Sir Jacob Moore. If you don't know what that means and are brave enough to ask me about it, be sure you have a clear night first; I could go on for hours.

Also, I'm surprisingly well built. It takes getting my clothes off first to notice this fact, however. On that note, I rather like taking my clothes off; hopefully, however, this is not the first thing you'll notice about me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Silly people changing this question then not telling me. Books: Harry Potter, I recently saw David Sedaris on someone's profile. I will steal this. Movies: Kill Bill, Hero, Van Helsing (I know what lies within your lusting heart), American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Flight of Dragons Food: Anything without meat. I'm a vegetarian, sometimes. Music: Where to begin? Panic! At the Disco, NIN, Soulja Boy, Cake, VAST, Emenim, Lil' Kim, Fallout Boy, The Killers, Radiohead, the White T's, Brighteyes, Blink 182, and many more.

My favorite poem:

Brutal to love,
more brutal to die.
And brutal beyond the reaches of justice
to die of love.

In the end, Dido
summoned her ladies in waiting
that they might see
the harsh destiny inscribed for her by the Fates.

She said, “Aeneas
came to me over the shimmering water;
I asked the Fates
to permit him to return my passion,
even for a short time. What difference
between that and a lifetime: in truth, in such moments,
they are the same, they are both eternity.

I was given a great gift
which I attempted to increase, to prolong.
Aeneas came to me over the water: the beginning
blinded me.

Now the Queen of Carthage
will accept suffering as she accepted favor:
to be noticed by the Fates
is some distinction after all.

Or should one say, to have honored hunger,
since the Fates go by that name also.”
Six things I could never do without
Music (come on just tap tap tap your toes to the beat), My wit (please keep the crowd under control; this is the weight of my conscience, this is an alltime low), My friends (we lie, we lie together just not too close, too close), Good Food (There are pies on the carousel, have a slice!), Summer (I need the smell of summer, I need it's noises in my ear) Affection (if it's true that love never dies, why do lovers fight so hard to stay alive?)

Extra points to you if you can name that tune.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why Chinese is so difficult to learn, when I'll meet my soul mate, what I'll do after my current profession, LARPing, how to trick people into my bed, how to avoid coming off like a hornivore :-).

On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to drink away my name, and usually end up sober and baby sitting other drunkards instead. Barring that, I'm trying to catch up on sleep lost during the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This started out as one thing, then it became a confessional.

Recently I was in San Fran meeting up with some friends at the Tour De Fat (sell your car, get a bike, btw) I met an interesting guy there, the friend of a friend, who had alot of very astute and penetrating observations. I think he was a little crazy, and saw the world in a slightly skewed way. I blame drugs. Anyway, we were hanging out in Lauri_verde's kitchen and he said "Have you ever said 'You and me; just you and me. Understand?' to someone?" It was intense...there was so much passion in his voice, like he was infused with the same type of spirit that drives priests and the homeless decrying the end of the world. I realized, at that moment, that despite my utter joy and complete lack of apology for meeting new friends and then happily and casually sleeping with them, what I ultimately want is for somone to take my head in their hands, look me in the eye and say "You and me; just you and me. Understand?"

I think that's fairly private, don't you?

I lead a life of danger and excitement. Also I'm extremely vain. I try not to let this affect my relationships with others, since vanity and arrogance are two different sins and I hate mixing business with pleasure.

Also, I have a guilty pleasure for romance novels couched as fantasy adventure novels... DON'T JUDGE ME!

Lastly, I really want to jump through the hoops to have a 100% complete profile, but my princess always seems to be in another castle.
You should message me if
First and foremost if you weren't offended by my profile. That means you have a sense of humor, and this is good.

You aren't a serial killer and are the least bit interested in hanging out.

Alternately, if you know how I can spend my time in a fun way here in Hamilton.
The two of us