30Kerava, Finland
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My self-summary
Hey guys :) Nice that you found your way to my profile. I think it's already so much worth to really read what other people do write here about themselves.
So, now you wanna know why I'm here, right? I say it streight forward. I do NOT look for a one night stand. For quick fun. No commitments. I'm tired of fooling around, now 2016 it's time for a relationship. I mean something real. I'm single over one year now and I start to feel quiet lonely. I am not sure about online dating yet, but I actually hope for it to work :) Sooo... If I did not scare you already, then I guess it's a good sign, right? ^^

And of course it's always nice to meet new friends. Even I have a job where I'm constantly busy and talking, surrounded by many many (big and mostly little) people, I as well like to go and meet even more nice people on my weekends. Quiet silly, or? :) I really enjoy to have nice conversations, to joke and just have a good time. ^^

Oh btw, if you think you'd like to write to me, please, then be from Finland or at least Northern Europe. There is no sense for me to have contact with guys who live on the other site of the globe ;)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a kindergarten assistant in a german kindergarten and love my job a lot! Children are the coolest, nicest and most honest people you can be surrounded by. I'm as well very young and kinda silly in my mind, so it fits very good ^^
If I DONT work I just relax, watch movies, listen to music, paint my nails, chat and lay in my bed or Skype with my family in Germany ;) I am more of a chiller then a party girl...

Need somebody who shows me new places and drags me out into the fresh air. Somebody who shows me the fun of doing sport maybe, or how to go out in the evening - I'm quiet lazy :D But I never say no to get to know a new hobby.

Oh, and I am kind of a big girl, so I would be so happy to find somebody who could encourage me and push and believe in me to maybe do a bit sport - it's anyway always way more fun together :)
I’m really good at
Creating a huge chaos around me, making people laugh, talk for hours without gasping for air and lay a long time in front of my slow laptop :D People as well tell me often that I have a good eye for nice things while taking pictures. I unfortunately don't own a nice cam any more, but I try to make the best out of my mobile phone camera and Instagram ^^

Oh and I used to sing a few years ago, sadly it somehow stopped, but I should pick it up again at some point :) I just love music! If you do, too, then it might be an option to check out some cool concerts in Helsinki together ^^ I'm really into rocky stuff :D
The first things people usually notice about me
You may notice my blonde hair , my smile and my glasses I guess :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I am a huge Harry Potter fan ^^ But read a lot more than this in my life - don´t worry :)
I like Dan Brown, but enjoy as well these "they meet each other, don't like at first sight, later fall in love, a tragic thing happened, they loose each other, they cry, I cry and in the end there are back together and we all are happy" books :D

Movies: Comedy movies, love stories, and childrens animation movies always works for me!
Favourite movies are (for sure too many, but I´ll try to list a few):
* 10 things I hate about you
* Pretty Woman * Brigdet Jones
* Runnaway Bride * Notting Hill
* Tangled * A fish called Wanda
* The 6th Sense * Definately, Maybe
* Love Actually *While You Were Sleeping
* 28 Days * The Lake House
* Two Weeks Notice * The Proposal

Shows: Funny sitcoms and stuff like Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Greys Anatomy, Family Guy, My little pony, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Dr. House, The Dudesons, Viva La Bam, Bizarre Foods, Dancing with the stars and all kinda reality shows and channels like JIM.
I recently watched all seasons of Lost and I need to admit that I loved it, even I was a little scared from time to time ^^

Music: Mostly rock & powermetal, finnish bands <3
In the morning I use to listen a lot to just charts and faster dance/pop things to wake up a little and cheer me up.
I as well love to go to concerts! It's just boring alone...

Food: Italian, chinese and a lot of other things. I love to eat and sometimes to cook - best in company :)
Oh, and I'm addicted to sushi!
Six things I could never do without
Contact to my family in Germany
Concerts and music \m/
Helsinki City
My Mobile Phone / Instagram <3
Sleep & Good food ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about my life will be in the future. You know, these pink perfect girly dreams *_*
On a typical Friday night I am
I could be on a cool concert or out with my friends in a nice bar or restaurant maybe, or JUST chilling in my bed, watching some sitcoms I haven't followed for a while and enjoying a nice dinner and a siideri. Even I need some alone time, just SOMETIMES ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have more than one tattoo ^_^
You should message me if are interested in a good talk, a partner for concerts or Hobbys, a honest nice relationship OR you just wanna hang out with me :)
C´mon... DO IT :D

Ich beiße auch nicht - zumindest nicht oft *grins*
Also, traut euch ruhig und schreibt mir hier eine Mail <3
The two of us