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My self-summary
Remember that one lover you had that you fell so perfectly all the way in love with? It was like finding that other favorite glove with a breathtaking design, a perfect fit, and old-worldly craftsmanship that you've been looking for all of your life. You created something together that you worshiped and wanted to keep sacred. You realized that one (or both) of you is completely free and fun and flirty (which you loved), but knew it might lead to some problems down the road...

At this point, you could do what most people do and try to either put a cage on your lover or yourself and hope for the best. Months or years later, the relationship was over because you were asking someone to go against their nature.


You could choose to celebrate and cherish yourself and your lover. You could embrace that fun, flirty, sexy awesomeness and your own freedom. Instead of stifling those great things about each other, you could decide to honor them with complete adoration and honesty!

Introducing US!
Whether you want to call it being poly | polyamorous | non-monogamous | monogamish or just completely free, we know who we are and embrace what that means with total naked intent.

The truth is, we are pretty unique in that we are two souls who were born happy and live lives centered around fun and frolicking. There are so many times every day when something happens and we both look at each other and say, "You're like that too?! I thought I was the only one!"

We are the perfect blend of joyous exploration, clandestine mischief, unwavering honesty, elegant wisdom topped off with a whole lot of sumptuous anarchy. We are powerful people who aren't afraid to shine!

If you are even thinking about committing some crimes, you are going to need a skilled and intrepid wheel man and a foxy lookout with a sardonic smile underneath her kitty mask while concealing a sawed-off shotgun. She's a got a few hand grenades on her belt too, but we're not sure what they do. You can bet when they do go off, it will be glorious!

We are both seekers and communicators. She has spent a lifetime discovering her powers to heal and to affect people on a very profound level. He has spent his time creating a consummate understanding of everything he can get his hands on. We both arrive as supremely enlightened energies that honor ourselves and our lovers in ways that some might find unlikely, but pleasantly refreshing. Everyone walks away smiling despite the curious sense in their gut that wonders, "What just happened?" We are on a never-ending mission to make ourselves better and are always looking for new ways to delight each other and you every single day.

Finding the perfect relationship should never be the goal. It is step one. From there, we have the foundation to build a never-ending, glorious ride that challenges the depth of our Souls, but does not harm the beauty we have discovered in each other. No one needs another person in their lives who doesn't make them feel inspired and captivated and safe.

We really are awesome together and can't wait to share our awesome with an equally unprecedented girl or couple who takes their love for each other to the level of extravagance and unyielding devotion.

We are seeking people with big personalities who revel in being affectionate. You're brilliant and creative and unique and truly looking for a CONNECTION. We want to meet someone with challengingly high standards who has her feet firmly planted in her own interests and her head well connected to her intuitions.

We promise to be captivating, fun, curious, loving, and enlightening. Are you ready to discover our secret super powers? What are yours?
What I’m doing with my life
He is an avid art collector and photographer/writer. She is an amazing healer/teacher and a professional free spirit (you will be envious!).

When we come together, it's impossible to get any work done because we are both prone to frivolity and playfulness. One moment, we'll be cooking an amazing breakfast which might evolve into a spur of the moment adventure that might transform into laying next to each other, gazing deeply into the other's eyes and whispering the secrets of the world (we'd love to hear yours). Seconds later, we're walking out of Goodwill because we needed some new outfits and toys to play with, and then we're terrorizing a karaoke club. As we walk out, a crowd has formed to get autographs and throw roses.

It's not all action and intrigue. We do manage to get laundry done...
I’m really good at
**Things we love:
->Singing and dancing
->Telling amazing stories
->Making deep and real connections
->Being smartasses
->Afternoon cuddles
->Cooking incredible food with interesting flourishes and a proper amount of decadence
->Fashion photoshoots (shopping, makeup, hair, etc)
->Reading to you in bed
->Learning something new
->Creative art projects
->Understanding you
The first things people usually notice about me
She's really short
He's properly tall (6'0")

But mostly it's how we both fill up a room with our awesome and make you a part of it!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV: We don't have cable. If Hawaii falls in the ocean, please call us.
Movies: Anything dangerous, touching, intelligent, hilarious, or disturbing.
Books: We are insatiable readers. Fiction and Non-Fiction that makes us think and pushes the boundaries.
Music: If it makes her wiggle or cry, she like it. If it is foreign, he likes it. But we both have very broad musical tastes. Just leave out the country music, please.
Food: We are foodies. Either we are moved to tears by what we cook and eat, or we stand at the fridge and eat whipped cream from the can. There are always at least two cans in there for emergency purposes.
The six things I could never do without
1. Each other
2. Freedom
3. Learning
4. Communication that gets to the core of our beings. Our words are never wasted. Neither are our feelings. We listen.
5. Deep Intimacy. This usually involves a tantric form of sex that we still haven't been able to fully define--and we don't care to.
6. Living!! We just plain love it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-> How freakin' awesome it is to have people in our lives who truly understand us.
-> How fortunate it feels to live by love instead of struggling to define it with boundaries.
-> The next funnest (yes, funnest!) thing ever.
-> Breakfast.
-> The intriguing messages you write to us on here and how to respond.
-> What it will be like to have your beautiful power mix with ours.
You should message me if
You're a girl that can keep up with us emotionally and sensually who is completely safe and comfortable in her own skin. You want to be a part of something that helps you grow in your own self-discovery and deeply honors who you are as a woman and a divine rock star.


You're a beautiful couple who is so in love with each other that it makes us jealous. You look into each other's eyes and just know that you could meet everyone else in the world and still crave each other.

You are that couple that makes your friends roll their eyes because they know they will never understand your syrupy sexy affection for each other. We're pretty dorky in love for each other and hope to find others who set the same standards of feigned restraint. As individuals, you inspire us.