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My self-summary
~~~ As of this time, currently seeing someone that I'm happy with. I won't delete this profile if I ever have the need to return to this site, but please understand that right now until this is changed, I am not available and friendships are all that I will accept. ~~~~

Okay I'm changing my profile a bit. I feel like I have some things that should have either been said more clearly or put out on the table in more layman's terms.


As for what I'm really searching for in a relationship, I am looking for a serious relationship in the end because I've been down that road before and I'm very tired of having to "teach" someone else how to be in a relationship. You'll find that I'm a very very caring person who's learned a thing or two about life via the difficult way, but I'm ready to move forward and find that right person for me. And by person I mean this: ONE woman, ONE man. Yes, I believe in a monogamous relationship.

These are my requirements/desires/wants:

1) Have a job please or be in school to earn a degree/certificate of some sort. I really need someone who plans on being financially stable and not living at home with your parents (unless circumstances are beyond your control, but you wish to move out soon). Because, I can't keep living hand to mouth all of my life and if you are doing the same, then together, we'll never get anywhere. So don't contact me if you are in this position in life and never plan on getting out of it.

2) Please live in Georgia or no further then the immediate surrounding states. Long distance has NOT worked for me and I won't do it again. So if you plan on being with me, honestly - be expecting to move to me at this time in my life. My work base is very solid and it's taken years to build it up to where it is today. I just can't break that down and start my career over again right now.

3) No short term. Dating a few different people and seeing who clicks the best is one thing, but truthfully, I want a long term in the end. Not a 2 month fling where all it does is frustrate me and leave me with yet another failed relationship because of childish issues not on my part. If you want short term, look elsewhere please, this store is not open to you.

4) Don't message me if you are under 26 or over 37 perhaps 38 tops. I find that men too young don't mesh with me and men too old are from almost a totally different generation then myself, so we don't work out. I also want an open minded person. If you aren't we just will not click. I say this because I am accepting of very many things and I'm pretty unique my own self. (i.e. Don't be a hater/prejudice against things that don't fit in your mind. Open yourself to at least acceptance. If it doesn't affect you directly, what the hell does it matter what anyone else does or feels/thinks really.)

5) Do not be a smoker. I thought I could deal with someone who was trying to quit but yeah, I've seen that just doesn't work out for me at all. And no drug usage either. (this includes recreational drugs or abusing prescription drugs)

6) I will not tolerate certain behavior. Absolutely NO lies! I can't stand it and if I find out you are lying to me about anything... I will say now, just don't bother with me. White lies are just that - white, but don't lie about major stuff. It's quite destructive in a relationship.

7) Also, I have stated that I don't want children. For this I will explain... I actually DO like kids, when they are well behaved. I do not plan on having any children in the near future (next year at least) if at all for myself due to personal reasons but that doesn't mean it's not up for discussion. I can't even give birth to them due to medical issues. So, for the time being, I am not wanting any children. Eventually I may adopt though. However, this all means that right now in my life, I don't really wish to take in a boyfriend who has children from a prior relationship. I find that this ends up in baby mama drama. We can at least talk about the subject openly, but it also means I'm not really up for swaying my thoughts easily is all right now.

8) Please, don't message me if you are more then fluffy and you know what I mean. I don't find larger men attractive to me so I won't reply. Sorry if that makes me a total bitch, but I feel that you should be at least somewhat attracted to the person you are with. Average guys are good. (I think we can determine that this means you are not lean but not overweight either.) I'm drawn to handsome men (or rough/scruffy guys at times), pretty men and physically fit guys or at least men who are trying to improve themselves actively. Although I will make all the decisions about what I think is "good enough" for me so please don't rule yourself out because you think that you are not what I'm looking for.

9) No vegetarians - I just don't think I can live with a man who can't eat meat too. I'm a bit of a foodie and appreciate all food forms except for maybe fast food. I think that doesn't quite count as truly edible items. (Well, not for my stomach anyway...)

10) I am NOT a dog person. I do not want someone in my life with a dog, even if it is an outside dog. Sorry if this bothers people... I own one cat right now. She is my baby girl and I adore her to pieces. I'm not asking you to like cats per-say, but obviously if you wish to make it work with me, you'll at least have to give my cat a chance.

11) I also would love for someone to take care of me sometimes. I don't mind pulling my weight at all in a relationship, but I want it to be at least mostly 50/50. So please, respect that of me. I want someone who is serious about this - I can't be with someone who isn't willing to do the same...

12) I'm a spiritualist. I do believe in an overall higher power, but that it branches off to what anyone needs it to be for them. I don't think any religion has the whole truth and shouldn't, seeing as how that would really mess them up in the head to know what a deity knows. This means that I am accepting of any religion that doesn't purposefully hurt other people - just don't try to convert me unless I want you to please.

***So, if you think I'd be the type of woman for you, who's had a few unfortunate rough times in life but is willing to move forward with you and love you with all of my heart, I am your woman.***

That's it for the new things for now... Other then the closing statement here:

I've been on OkCupid for at least 3 years now. In all that time I've met a few nice people and a few not... and a few I hoped would work out and those that I knew wouldn't. My friend said "You are too picky" to me the other day - Well to be honest, I am. I don't know if that's fully a good thing or not but I DO believe the someone just for me is out there somewhere and I'll know it when I meet him and we just "click". Having said that, I'm deleting most of my profile novel/contract here and really just calling it down time at the moment due to not having success here. I will occasionally check my email on this site. So if you want to contact me, just buckle down and do it. I'm no longer pursuing men to date seeing as how that's not amounted to anything as of yet. Sorry men if you wanted an assertive gal who'd message you first. I just don't have the time due to work and life taking top priority versus chasing down men on a dating website.

My Interests:

puzzles, model kits, travel, outdoors, roller blading, swimming, ddr, movies, animation, anime, yaoi, yuri, hentai, fantasy, sci fi, dnd, books, music, art, sewing, costumes, cosplay, cats, crafts, singing, writing fictional stories, romantic moments, video games, and more. ^_^

~This section is optional reading, but important enough for me to post it here for extra info about myself~

Other side notes:

Friendships with me: I like to hang out with my small close circle of friends that consist of all guys and one gal (at this time - all my other female friends got jobs elsewhere and moved away and lost touch over time) - so no worries if you think I'll be one of the women who just "hangs out with the girls". :P And men, if you are looking for someone who can hold her own with your male friends, believe me, I have no problems with that. I have always been a bit of a "tom boy" but I love to dress up in beautiful elegant dresses from time to time. I am also looking for a person of smarts and sophistication, but not so serious that they can't just have a good time with myself and my friends being casual and chilling out. No jealousy. Seriously, it's one thing to be a little bit jealous and protective of me (which I will happily accept), but I'm telling you right now. I have male friends too who care about me, but I won't have anyone shunning them. (if you require an explanation about this, I will give one if necessary)

I was asked in an IM once that I missed if I BUY my cosplay costumes. Please .... don't offend the seamstress. :( I bust my butt making each one of my costumes by hand and sewing machine. I really take pride in them. So to answer your question: no, the pictures you see on my page of me in costume are not store bought. Even if I do buy some outfits from time to time, it's only because I didn't have the time or that particular talent to sew it then.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to improve it. I graduated my second round of school but am more inclined to want to follow a career path in the world of sewing now, despite my medical school type background.
I’m really good at
Certain video games, sewing, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, DDR, caring for others. ^_^
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes or my face... I'm not honestly sure which.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Sano Ichiro series by Laura Joh Rowland, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, and many manga series.

Japanese Animation (aka - anime): While there is entirely too many to list here, I will just say that I'm more of an old school anime fan then the newer stuff that has been hitting the market lately. But I'm always willing to give a new series a shot if I find it appealing at all to me.

Movies.... too many to list here! ^_^ I'm a bit of a movie buff, so I love a bunch of movies. But to list a few, "Avatar", "Lord of the Rings", "The Frighteners", "Cassanova", "1408", "Clue", "Death Becomes Her", "Sleepy Hollow", "Sweeny Todd", "Nightmare Before Christmas", "Labyrinth", "Silent Hill", "Dead Silence", "Vanity Fair", "The Red Violin", "Interview With A Vampire", "Elizabeth", "The Fifth Element", "Entrapment", "Ghostbusters", "Labyrinth", "Shawshank Redemption", "The Illusionist", "Pan's Labyrinth", "Legend", "Dark Crystal", "The Prophecy Trilogy", "Limitless", "Paul", "Sucker Punch", "Insidious", "Gnomeo and Juliet", "How to Train Your Dragon", and the original older James Bond 007 movies, and many many more (of which I may list some more later - the movie collection keeps growing quite literally almost weekly right now! $5.00 bins tend to hold some great deals).

TV shows include House, The Tudors, Fringe, The Walking Dead, and my absolute fav... Dexter (not the cartoon, the showtime series).

Music - the same as movies. I love just about all music except country, most rap, screaming music, and gospel. Some bands/artists I like are Rhianna, Panic! At the Disco, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Basshunter, TATU, Nightwish, Within Temptaion, Melo-M, David Guetta, DJ Tiesto, Lady Gaga, Sarah Brightman, Cast In Bronze, and many more!

Food - Again, I like a bunch of different types of food. But I really enjoy sushi, Italian, Chinese, chocolate (especially Godiva), and ice cream (although I'm lactose intolerant and can't have that much of it). I dislike spicy foods. I can't tolerate them well at all. However, it's okay if you like spicy foods, I just won't eat them or kiss you right after you eat them. :P

Video games of choice: Some MMOs, American McGee's Alice, Alice: Madness Returns, Portal series, Still Life (dammit, why didn't they actually make a sequel to this???), the Silent Hill games, and most rpgs. (even if I do not actually play the game myself, I totally love watching others play through them and soaking in the game that way.)
The six things I could never do without
My cat (yes, I know she'll go to kitty heaven sometime, but I still love her so very much)

My family

My friends

My entertainment (tv, music, movies, computer)

My art (drawing, writing, etc.)

My sewing (costumes, etc.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who is really the right person for me? I hope he's out there somewhere.

I have recently been told that my profile reads like a contract and that I was coming across somewhat as a bitch for writing/speaking the way that I did in it.

I honestly didn't intend for it to come across this way. But, I have been burned so badly in the past by some of the things I listed (specifically lying) that I seriously would rather avoid the child's games upfront. So please forgive me for coming across in a somewhat negative manner, I promise you I'm a nice gal so long as you don't use me. And for the most part, I'm pretty clear about what I want in a guy so I hope someone somewhere out there meets my criteria... or at least most of it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing video games, or watching movies, perhaps doing something artsy like sewing or drawing, relaxing after work (if I work that day), eating a meal to go from a nice restaurant. ^_^
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
(If you've made it this far and read the initial numbered "rules" I posted - you'll recall that I said to please be open minded... this is why)

Okay, I have been with a couple of woman before in my past relationships. I have found that it's really not for me. I prefer being with a male. I still find women attractive and all, but it doesn't "do" it for me. (no offense ladies I swear!) I wish to find a guy who will accept me for me. And me includes still liking anime women and both gay and lesbian anime couples. So it's cartoons and all... I know.... but honestly - I can't find myself ever feeling differently on that subject.

I'm not asking for a guy to be bi himself (although it's a nice perk to me since we can share common interests), but I am asking that any straight man accepts my likes about this subject. If you can do that, bi guy or not - I'm sure we can make things work together.
You should message me if
You really are serious about wanting to find the person who is right for you too. No unneeded drama. I know we all have issues and I'm willing to work with someone to fix anything or better ourselves together. But I simply can't go through another seriously painful breakup again like the one that damn near broke me mentally. Easy solution to this? Just don't lie to me about who you really are. Please. I know I have mentioned this more then twice now... but I want us both to be happy. That means honesty, trust, and loyalty.

Oh yes, I believe that everything can start with being friends, so if you aren't sure if you wish to be serious with anyone yet, that's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere, yes? Probably best that it starts there anyway. I don't 100% feel like jumping into a relationship without establishing a true connection first. But it does mean I want that full time relationship eventually. So I will do my best to work at a decent pace for the both of us. Promise.