36Edmonton, Canada
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My self-summary
Howdy all!

How best to convey yourself through text is always a puzzle. There is always the thought that one should try and somehow dissuade unattractive, small minded suitors but - if I have learned one thing on this website it is that those kind of people don't even read what I so thoughtfully pen for their eyes. So to the task at hand. Talking about myself. One of my favorite subjects!

I guess there are three things that mostly make up a human - how they appear, how they act and how they think.

Appearance wise I'm short & curvy. I've been told dozens of times that I'm beautiful so I guess I have pleasing and symmetrical facial features. Good genetics Lots of diversity. I've also been told I'm fat dozens of times, so yeah! I am! If you think fat is a pejorative we aren't going to get along. On the other hand if you think curves are sexy, keep reading!

I work in business and am very good with numbers. I spend a lot of my day evaluating products or systems, performance matrices.... I am a math nerd. You know in grade school when most of the kids in math class are wondering why the hell anyone would care if Bus 1 left Terminal 1 at 10:16am and was traveling 17 miles an hour towards terminal 2? I was the one excited to find out when it would reach terminal 2.

I am - as my boyfriend says - a trippy dippy hippy (who showers regularly). While it might seem to run counter to my logic & math oriented career I am hugely empathetic and a firm believer in the altruistic nature of mankind. I'm politically left, creative, inventive, love to dream, discuss, debate and am a massive pothead.

Oh yeah and I love kitties.

I've lived and worked and traveled throughout the world and I enjoy nothing more than a new experience - or to see an old experience as viewed through new eyes.

I like teaching and doing and growing and making things.

Sexually - I am and I quote, "Wilder than a crazed weasel in bed."

My kinks are: respect, exhibitionism, and big cocks. Yeah, I get turned on when someone opens doors for me, takes me out and shows me off, then takes me home and gives me dozens of orgasms. I know what I like

I live in a big house with a lot of friends. We cook, eat dinner, share chores, hang out. My boyfriend is a truck driver and is away most of the time so I don't ever see not sharing a house with my friends. It would get pretty lonely otherwise!

My boyfriend and I are both totally open and play alone - however, when we're in the same time zone, we always play together. So if you're shy turn back now
What I’m doing with my life
I spend a lot of my time being a responsible, productive adult. When did that happen??!
I’m really good at
Complex problem solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, learning, introspection, empathy, puns.

I love expanding my mind . Show me something new :-)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm terribly facetious, there is nothing I don't joke about. If dark humor and sarcasm aren't your forte we'll have a hard time getting along ;-)

I'm a great listener, sometimes people think I'm shy or not talkative, but that's because I listen to hear you, not for a chance to speak in reply.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Literature: I read for entertainment as well as education.  Wikipedia, online newspapers, Twitter, I’m an information sponge.  If it is interesting, I want to know all about it.  Sometimes I even buy real paper publications or pick up the free ones.  Any kind of adventure novel … sci fi, western, mystery, horror, teen vampire, fantasy – I love them all!

Film:  No slapstick comedy, horror, reality TV or conservative news.  Everything else is fair game!

Audio: EDM is my go to tunage – but I enjoy many different kinds of music from choral to symphony to electro-house.  I dislike most country and ‘rock’ whether its soft or hard or top 40.  The radio hurts my ears most of the time L

Gastronomy: New is good.  Variety is the spice of life!  Malbec is my favourite wine and ribeye on the BBQ is one of the best things you can eat.  Fire and cow – ten thousand years of grilling perfection!
Six things I could never do without
Conversations with beautiful minds are number one
Love, compassion and kindness
Adventure - seeing all the world has to offer
Friendship and understanding
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human rights.

Sustainable resource development.

Helping Canadians Eat Better & Do Better

The lack of self-awareness present in most North Americans.

Sex-positive feminism.


On a typical Friday night I am
Sadly, on an average Friday I'm in bed by nine after being tired from my work week lol

On Saturday I'm up for any kind of adventure though especially one that involves nature or EDM ^_^
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very easy to please, I simply demand the best.
You should message me if
My ideal person in a man is charming, tall, has a killer smile, loves to entertain, is active and comes equipped with a lust for life!

Honesty, intelligence, and positive energy are also things I look for in a man. I would like to meet people who are quality - I'd prefer to make some friends, and have repeat encounters than go on a string of first dates.

I am attracted to most women, although brashness or mean-heartedness is a huge turn off. My ideal woman would be a clone of myself: intelligent, kind, sexy, honest, witty, and very tactile. She could be blonde though - I seem to have a thing for blondes

Extra bonus points for curvy women who are interested in a couple - in another life my boyfriend was a black man - he smokes menthols and loves thick white women

My ideal person also understands I am very happy and in a committed and loving relationship and that my happiness and the happiness of my boyfriend are my top priorities and has no desire to change that, only add to it.

The two of us