68Colorado Springs, United States
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My self-summary
WOW, It has been a while since I updated this profile. Today is September 23, 2015.

I have lived in Colorado Springs for the last 20 years, however I frequently visit Arlington, TX on regular business trips.

This year has been a travel year, Road trips already taken to Dallas, Phoenix and Boise and I will probably be off to Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Florida and California, so if you are not local to Colorado, feel free to say hi when you visit my profile, oh and I don't bite, I promise.

Summer is here, What better time to find a compatible companion to spend time with and see what happens? It is time to find a partner and companion to share going out in the fresh air, so I think it is time for a road trip, or even better a plane ride. Anyone want to plead their case as to why I should visit you and when??

Please give me some reason why I should come and visit you for a get to know you, platonic, no stress weekend or couple of days. :)

It appears that the only people who look at my profile are one's that I have visited their profile and their curiosity has been aroused. Well periodically I will just sit down and cast a wide net to see who is out there with a high match percentage or a low enemy percentage. I am not into sending these short "Hi, I think your cute" type of messages, nor am I going to fall instantly in love with a profile and photograph and spend an hour composing the perfect romantic introduction love letter or poem.

So if you are here because I peeked at your profile and have absolutely no interest or curiosity, then a short "No Thanks" message will have me fading away into the sunset :)

So if you are here and can actually work your way through the entire post, don't be shy!! Do something!!! Wink at me, add me as a favorite so we can chat sometime, send me a long or short message. If you really want to make an impression send me your AIM or Yahoo chat ID, since I usually have one of those open when I am online (which is a lot, since I am an 'Internet Wizard' by trade). If for some reason you don't have any of the public chat software, message me and I will give you my private inbound only Chat link, that I use for my world wide customer support. ( It is safe with no sign up, no software to download, no spyware or stuff like that.)

I am real, I am not opposed to getting on an airplane to see if you are the lady of my dreams. I thoroughly enjoy living in Colorado, I have traveled all over the country and world and know that there are many other wonderful places to live. While I have two children, they are both out of the home and on their own now.

And don't procrastinate either, I am strictly a one woman man and while I enjoy having friends who are ladies, I am only looking for one romantic interest and when I find her, the rest of the world will know about it soon!

I have become a little jaded by all the bots and scammers on the various social sites so please do not be offended if I question your reality on our first contact. If you will be offended by that, then save yourself the time and energy and move on to another profile.

Share with me the latest news in your social life such as you:
-- Just got engaged last night
-- Are flying off to Las Vegas or Paris this weekend to get married to the guy you meet on the internet last month.
-- Your great Aunt Zelda just died and you are leaving for Nigeria tonight to settle her estate.
-- You have been abducted by aliens and you are using your one free internet connection (dime) to tell me.
-- The police officer who is coming up to your car right now is probably not going to be very understanding about the high speed driving lesson you just gave him and is probably not going to let you use your Wireless Blackberry after he discovers all five of the outstanding warrants out for you.

The above are just some of the funny excuses I have heard for brushing off social contacts on the internet, so I wanted you to know where I am coming from. If after we have exchanged a few emails and chats, you are not interested, just say so, no hard feelings, and I will do likewise.

If you are looking for a Renaissance Man, you may stop looking, you found him. Oh, and that does not mean that I am into knighthood and reenactments. Please share with me your concept of what characteristics a Renaissance Man or Renaissance Lady would have and we can compare notes.

I am Adventerious, Intelligent, and Have Integrity
What I’m doing with my life
I love to travel and have relatives in Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona, Boise. Idaho, Northern and Southern California and Minneapolis, Minnesota, so if you live in the general area, a cup of coffee or dinner is a no brainer when I am visiting them :)

One day at a time, but willing to schedule coffee, picnic or a dinner with you up to seven days in advance.

I am looking to enjoy the wonderful Colorado activities that Colorado offers. Summer is here so that would include hiking, camping, road trips or just picnicking in the park or getting ready for Skiing this winter. I have car, gas, time, I just need a companion.

Looking to develop a few platonic friendships and one very special romantic relationship.

I just came up with this quirky definition of a friend.

"A friend is someone that knows you well enough and whom you respect enough that when they tell you the blunt and brutal truth about some part of you and your life, that you listen and absorb it and the thought of physically strangling them never crosses you mind.!" Comments to this definition would be very much appreciated.

But, most of all I am looking for that one special lady to get to know and share some quality time with and let the future take care of itself.
I’m really good at
Not acting my age, That is a GOOD thing :)
Asking questions
Listening to answers
Finding stuff on the internet
Taking care of my Koi and water garden in my pond
Not getting lost, even without a GPS
Keeping my cool
Finding something you and I have in common and can chat about
Trying to enjoy each day
The first things people usually notice about me
My glasses and my smile, but then again, sometimes I wear contacts. Oh and sometimes I grow a full beard, but I am currently clean shaven for the summer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Feel free to send my some of your playlists for YouTube and I will do the same.

-- Tom Clancy's (Hey, I'm a guy :) )
-- Advanced PHP
-- CSS for Experts
-- Advanced Web Site Design Topics
-- Doing more with HTML

-- Titanic
-- Star Wars
-- 2001
-- The Bucket List

Music: Soft Rock and some Country
-- Reba McEntire - Because of You
-- Faith Hill - It Matters To Me
-- Classics - Almost anything over 200 years old.

-- I just discovered Jeff Dunham and really get a belly laugh from his skits, just search for him on You Tube and you will be laughing is a few minutes too.

Whatever you cooked for dinner providing it does not have too much salt.
I am really quite open regarding food.

If we are dinning out my opinions are as follows:
-- Waffle House - Once was enough, never again, rather starve
-- Denny's - Are we that far away from civilization?
-- Hooter's - Are you kidding? I don't like the scent of male testosterone with my food.
-- Village Inn and Perkins - Usually meet minimum standards.
-- Red Robin, On the Border, Chili's, Benigans, Fridays - Reasonable, Comfortable, Not too loud.
-- New South Wales in Colorado Springs - One of my favorites (Strike that, they closed and are now a Mason Jar, but if you ever were at NSW you would know the type of place I like).

--A picnic in the park. The best of all worlds.
Six things I could never do without

and finally,


"When one has Integrity, nothing else matters.
When one does not have Integrity, nothing else matters."
If you don't 'get' the above, you won't 'get' me :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Today, Tomorrow and this weekend. When will I be seeing you? :)
On a typical Friday night I am
You know, each Friday I ask myself that very question again as to what a typical Friday should be like. Unfortunately since I have not met you, it would be premature to contemplate very much on that topic.

Any suggestions or ideas??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
#1. I have been distracted by the small things in life for too long and it has been too long since I have been in a real relationship. Anyone want to help?

#2. I am the only person in the world who thinks I would make a good stand up comic.

#3. I sometimes get preoccupied with a project and spend a lot of time and effort on it. Currently my hobby projects are water gardening, composting, hydroponics, Gardening and taking care of my Koi
You should message me if
You are single/divorced/widowed and NOT married/separated
Don't smoke,
Don't drink to excess,
Don't tolerate street drugs
Would enjoy a little excitement and adventure in your life
Are interested in meeting after we have gotten to know each other
Not interested in playing email tag for a year.


You know the difference between Koi and goldfish ( or you want to learn the difference) and are interested in chatting about Koi and water gardening, and maybe joining me as just a friend on one of the many Water Garden and Pond tours in the area this summer.


You live close to Colorado Springs, CO and would like to have a buddy to do things with and explore all of the nature surrounding us this summer.
-- Coffee outdoors at Starbucks looking at Pikes Peak.
-- Lunch in Woodland Park
-- Driving Rampart Range Road
-- Picnic and Hike off of Gold Camp Road
-- Spending the day driving around Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo on one of the several Pond and Garden tours scheduled this summer.


you would enjoy have a wing man as we explore the local social scene together, looking for that mythical perfect person.


if you find this profile to be delightfully corny and unique, to the extent it made you laugh, forget your troubles, resulting in the need to express appreciation for articulation excellence! ;-)

(( Feel free to add to my list.))
The two of us