27Easley, United States
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My self-summary
Update: I had my corpectomy on Monday February 6th of 2012 so the neck brace is gone since my neurosurgeon removed the damaged vertebrae and built my neck back up with a cadaver bone and screwed a titanium plate from my c4 to c6. So far I have a good 6 to 9 months before my neck fully heals and the bones fuse together, but thank God I am on the way to recovering. My wrist and hand are still being a bit bothersome, but I am staying as positive as possible!! Sadly it will be many years before I am able to get on a horse hopefully, but I'm positive I will someday!!!!

Hello!! I am a pretty hyper, outgoing kind of girl,but I can be shy as well when it comes to first meetings. I love to go and hang out with my friends and even have serious moments when it comes to doing more down to earth type things. I am a HUGE follower of Christ. I love my God and hope to make my walk with the Lord stronger each and every day. Now just because I have what I believe does not mean that I am picky on others religious views. I have friends from all religions and some who rather not trust a religion and it matters not to me!! I like to be accepting and non-judgmental of what others wish to express freely and believe. I am a retired military brat so to speak. I have moved many places but my home is here in the good ol' SC.I enjoy doing all kinds of things really. I love to sit outside and enjoy nature in all her beauty, as well as taking pictures to capture everyday life that we tend to pass over. I realllllly love camping though and being outdoors especially in the warmer months like Spring and summer =) I love making friends and meeting new people, but nowadays it seems I keep to my lonesome, even when I have free time, people just aren't all that interested in friends I suppose. I do have some medical issues that have affected my life some, but once you get to know me I'm ready to go and try all sorts of new things ANYTIME!!! I hope to graduate from College in 2012 ( is sadly postponed due to my car accident as I am only able to take 2 classes currently online and get help with things since I am recovering) and become a Surgical Tech as well as a Phlebotomist and then get my life on track with settling down and having a family and one day having some land and a house with animals since I love animals.... and a couple horses would be the icing on the cake since I love Horses a ton and currently taking lesson. But anywhoooo feel free to check out my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/katherine.laboone Uhm also if you message me please do not just stop and never message back it's classified as rude.. if someone just doesn't do it for you be the better person and say so ... it's common courtesy.... But yeah even if I am not interested I will still return the message its just being nice ^_^ Any questions?? ^^
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently going to college full time to become a Surgical Technician so I can help people who really need some help as well as going into Phlebotomy to become a vampire ( blood taker) . I am also working on solving a few medical issues as well but in time I will overcome !!!!! I always try to make time for my friends, since I spend a lot of time with my family. I try to always be as positive as possible and have a good outlook, even if the news is not so pleasant to hear.
I’m really good at
I am told I am rather talented when it comes to: Singing, drawing, video games, and tending to animals ( They seem to really take a liking to me =3 ) I do have a few dwarf bunnies and special needs that were rescued by me, as well as 2 amazingly cute,playful ferrets that love my cats and dogs... >> they all play and pile up !! Also I'm good with horses and riding. I do take lessons and they are truly magnificent creatures ^^ http://kitkitshinigami.deviantart.com Is for my photography and artwork so feel free to go check it out.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am told I have rather lovely eyes and that I have a cute smile....I am a bit of a bigger girl due to some medications I have just come off and currently unable to do anything while I recover from my wreck >< taking forever!!! I hope you would not judge based on that, since I think it's better to know a person for who they are. I am also told I am not judgmental. I accept you for who you are as a person. One will never know until you take the time to learn for yourself =3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love all kinds of stuff. I really love supernatural romantic type books, as well as movies so I'm just one of those have to ask to know for sure. I enjoy all kinds of movies and books and music. I love music from all over the place but Celtic and oldies seem to have a special place, but hey if it has an amazing beat it's all good with me ^^ Oh an anime... it's always fun to watch and Manga's are always fun to read -shrugs-
Six things I could never do without
Pets/ animals
Car/Cell Phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where my life will end up taking me and what adventures will spring before my path in life. I wish to get a good paying job and settle down so I can have a nice family and hopefully get my house with some land so that I can one day hopefully have a few horses and a rescue for some animals that need TLC and then adopt them out to wonderful homes. I want my children to be around animals to see how majestic and kind they can be when given the proper care and love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Normally spending time with the few friends that are still close, or just relaxing at my home playing some video games or working on class work and studying .... I would love to go to a movie and out to eat as well from time to time. Normally though I watch movies... anime..... Read a few Mangas... or draw... as well as video games and just chatting on the computer or something since I can talk and talk when overly hyper and in a very good mood. I promise you I am a normal person all around !!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmm well if you really wished to know then feel free to send a message asking since I rather keep it private and out of all the prying eyes peering at the screen wondering....... o.o
You should message me if
you are interested in becoming friends possibly ( or something.... I promise I do not bite..... hard that is) , learning more about me, talking on the phone, or possibly getting together for lunch or a meeting or something. Feel free to message for an email and number... Im a pretty laid back type of person so =3 And if I get a message I have the common curtisy to reply.. even if it doesn't work out ^^ I hate never get a response so I like to give them ^^
The two of us