28Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
Note: My profile's pretty out of date... I haven't updated it much since I started dating my current long-term (open/poly) partner in late 2014. Everything in this is still true, but now there are other things that are even more true that I'd probably highlight. I'll get around to it soon!


People and relationships come first for me. I can pretty much survive anything when I have a strong community around me, but a paper cut will totally ruin my day if I haven't seen another human being for a week.

I'm neither fatalistic nor naive: I don't think that saying, "The world is a pretty screwed up place" is inherently depressing or cynical, but I do think that saying "...and there's nothing we can do about it, it's human nature, so fuck it, who cares?" is very depressing and cynical.
What I’m doing with my life
Hopefully, reducing people's suffering. That's the goal, anyway. Intellectually and philosophically, I'm a big-picture, society-smashing radical, but on a day-to-day level, I find that I care quite a bit more about making sure one person can get through their week than I do about changing the world. Ultimately, I think those two pieces (individual empathy and institutional justice) feed off each other.

Careerwise, I'm working a corporate job that pays well but isn't all that meaningful. Its biggest perk is that it gives me a lot of free time with nothing to do in front of a computer, so I get to work on artsy/activisty projects, or just relax and surf the web, depending on how I'm feeling.
I’m really good at
- Speaking confidently about things that are important to me
- Listening to people's experiences with an open mind
- Making puns
- Rambling (verbally and ambulatorily)
- Playing strategy board games
- Saving the world before bedtime (I wish. Alas, I am not a Powerpuff Girl, and things often can't be fixed that quickly.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. People pick me out of crowds pretty easily.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Recently read "Getting Bi," an anthology of personal narratives about bisexuality published by Boston's own Bisexual Resource Center. Also recently read The Revolution Starts At Home, and I'm working on Towards Collective Liberation by Chris Crass. To be honest, I read a lot more activisty blogs than books these days, simply because I have a job that keeps me in front of a computer for long hours.

Music: Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bonnie Raitt, Leonard Cohen, the occasional classic rock hit, though I'm always looking for new favorite artists that go beyond the typical cutesy misogynistic love song or whiny breakup ballad.
Six things I could never do without
1) Communication (and good people in my life who value it)
2) Some quiet, private space to decompress on occasion
3) Role models (not necessarily "heroes," though; I try to avoid putting people on pedestals).
4) Public transit
5) Some kind of ongoing project
6) Access to new and exciting information... via the internet, a library, or whatever other means.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- The housing co-op I'm living in. How to make it a place that meets the needs of all its members, as well as the larger community around it.

- How to create genuinely equal relationships in an unequal society (or at least how to come closer to that goal. This two-part article is my favorite writing on the subject: http://radtransfem.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/under-duress-agency-power-and-consent-part-one-no/)

- How to remain authentic/accountable in my activism

- How to break down communication barriers, and make things like consent, emotional hangups, fears, hopes and dreams all things we can have genuine conversations about without embarrassment
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on the week. I could be working, hanging out with friends and roommates, doing something activist-y, or playing board games at MIT. In the future, maybe I'll be spending my Friday nights going on dates? Maybe going on dates... with you?

See what I did there? That was totally smooth and not at all hackneyed, right? Awesome, I totally rock at this.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I gave a speech at my own college graduation. I basically spent seven minutes telling everyone to stop panicking, because we're all going to handle this "real world" thing just fine. It's five years later, and so far so good!
You should message me if
- If you're excited about the idea of making communication and consent a central part of your relationships. To me, this means actually talking about what we're interested in, rather than the more commonly practiced routine of guessing what people want and hoping nobody gets hurt (which tends to result in people getting hurt).

- If your politics lean generally leftwards and/or anarchist-y.

- If the books/movies/etc. portion of your profile is not the only section of your profile with meaningful content. I'm always happy to talk about media, but I mostly use TV/movies/video games/internet to stave off boredom when I'm on my own at 2AM working a night shift, and it's not the main thing I want to bond over. In other words, I don't need more people to watch Doctor Who with, I need more people in my life who are enjoyable enough to be around that I forget that television exists altogether.

- If you're curious about something in my profile or an answer to a match question. Even if you just want to ask about that one thing and never go on a date; I'm cool with that, I like talking to new people.

- On the other side of the coin: If your profile says you categorically won't date folks who are trans/POC/fat/HIV+/etc., then you're not going to date me either. Your grossness doesn't have to be pointed directly at me for me to distrust you. I will check your match questions. Also true if you fetishize any of the above.
The two of us