30 Newport News, United States
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My self-summary
INTJ- so really, xxxx

Disclaimer: messages/conversations are subject to reproduction for entertainment purposes. Also, I won't edit your profile name out. This is so we can point when we laugh. Don't underestimate my ability to be a giant asshat. It has cost many people their lives. Not really, but it sounded cool.

Attention: if you have a bike and are known to be at least somewhat fearless, skip reading this bullshit. LET'S RIDE!

I violate the Universal law of Mechanics (the amount of mechanical knowledge you possess is inversely proportional to the number of teeth you have).

I'm an asshole. A semi-attractive due to my partially exotic appearance asshole. If you read past this warning and waste your time, it's your own Damn fault. -Edit- A good and longtime friend told me I am not an asshole, as I am generally easy to be around and quite fun even. He said "You have no desire to deal with bullshit and your attitude reflects that when you encounter it. It doesn't make you an asshole, it makes you someone that doesn't stand for Bullshit." I think that is a fairly accurate description.

To equate judgement and wisdom to occupation -former or current- is, at best, insulting.

My certifications and degrees include (but aren't limited to): MBA in-flight missile repairman, MBA underwater basket weaving, expert claymore specialist, hazmat disposal, Asian motorcycle tech, European motorcycle tech, ATV tech, personal watercraft tech, snowmobile tech, and expert jackass...

Now to take this (semi)seriously..

I'm not really looking to date or get married; I'm here to find a woman I hate so I can give her half of my stuff. And I'm hoping to pick up a couple of friends to go do actively active activities. Like paintball, racing, off-roading, or something else that by the time you're done you look like you bathed in your outfit but don't smell like it. Adrenaline rushes are a bonus as they're hard to come by.

Also: I have better than perfect vision. I do not have any genetic conditions. I don't: take any medication; ask if there is anything specific in food; have any reaction to poison ivy, oak, or sumac; or just about anything else you can think of. Genetically, I am quite the catch. Just saying. After all, this is a dating site.
What I’m doing with my life
I have myself a horse,
And Spark is her name.
And though she's made of steel,
I love her all the same.

Wait, that isn't true,
I was quick to speak before.
Because she is of metal,
I love her even more.

She will never be the fastest,
Of any of the steeds.
But because of how she's built,
I can ride her where I please.

Through snow covered mountains,
Wooded, winding trails,
Sands of endless desert,
She will never fail.

And though you might mock her,
Or even me, you see.
It doesn't really matter,
For we will always be.

And if you are a place,
Where you don't expect a bike...
You might just see my Spark,
Be it day or night.

I am learning. Constantly. And sometimes I help people. I instruct when I'm confident that my information is correct. I am not always friendly, but I am always honest now (as I have lied in the past). I just do me.
I’m really good at
Creative problem solving, baking, cooking, putting together a championship dodge ball team, mechanical things, electrical things, finding holes in your security, and finding the mistakes that you have in your profiles.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I cut them off in traffic.. or something. Some people say that it is my smile or the intensity of how I can look at someone. I like to believe that it is my super amazing lady-beard.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fantasy, sci-fi, military, repair manuals, text books. If you have advanced math, biology, or physics texts books you don't want anymore- I will love you for forever.

Fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, action, adventure, martial arts...

Sci-fi, comedy, stand up, documentaries..

Classical, OST(game&movie), rock, techno, and anything worth listening to whilst riding.

Practically Anything.
The six things I could never do without
Ha. There isn't anything to put on this list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When you stand up, where does your lap go? Why drive on parkways and park on driveways? Why do aliens abduct the dumbest people and why are they just as fascinated with sodomy as some people? Why my rice krispies never have anything valuable to contribute to the conversation at hand? When will I get my very own pet dragon? Why so many vegans/vegetarians are on this site..? When will vegetarians learn that our ability to eat plant matter is a back-up to eating meat? Why so many people that insist one must have proper syntax, grammar, spelling, and intelligence to message them but their profile is 'jacked-up'? Why this, why that, and why everything else? When everything that is right is removed- do you have all that is wrong, or all that is left? Why no one aside from Merriam, Webster, or I seem to have a clue what 'down to earth' actually means (look it up, it is in a dictionary.) If you're a woman that claims to be down to earth, chances are better that you are: a post-op transvestite, retarded, mentally handicap (not to be confused with retarded), an alien, an actual alien abductee, a rocket surgeon, confused, too lazy to read a dictionary, illiterate, a high school dropout, American, non-American, Anti-American, someone who probably has their feelings hurt, or just plain stupid. Less than three percent of females in the world happen to be "down to earth."

Short answer: just about everything.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing Friday-ee stuff. Or maybe busting my ass at the diesel shop. Or the motorcycle shop. Or coming home from one or the other with the sole goal of not moving once I park my ass.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So.. when I was little I happened to think that the toilet also doubled as a water-based teleportation system. I might have drawn this conclusion from cartoons. I may have also drawn a great deal of other conclusions from cartoons. Needless to say, my parents weren't amused that I wanted to give some of my toys and some of our food to kids in Africa. Or maybe they just didn't like my choice of shipping it. At least the plumber wasn't surprised.

They didn't know for at least a week.

I was raised Christian. When my therapist told me that it wasn't healthy to have imaginary friends, I told God he had to kick rocks.

I might have had to learn "put your best foot forward" doesn't mean kick someone in the face.

Also, "light the way" does not translate into burn everything to the ground.
You should message me if
you really shouldn't, but I won't stop you. Chances are I will even respond. But then you'd really be in trouble.