45 Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
Let’s design a house with a secret room full of mystery and magic in the basement. Let’s never tell our kids about it but we know some day they will find it on their own.
Let’s eat a picnic in a tree in New Zealand among mists the float over the hills.
Let’s explore new ideas for making the world a better place, and insights into our own growth, inspiring and challenging each other.
Let’s take a class together - a painting and cooking class in the countryside in Italy.
Let’s learn how to SCUBA and explore new depths.
Let’s laugh so hard we are in tears rolling on the ground.
Let’s pretend we are characters in a movie and act out a scene in some public space like a train station.
Let’s play a harmless prank that makes a comment, like putting a “I am pissed” sign in the bottom of the Cafe Gratitude toilet.
Let’s write a children’s book together about waves in the ocean and emotions.
Let’s explore the Amazon jungle at sunset and swim with the pink dolphins in the river.
Let’s study percussion in West Africa and dance in Eastern Cuba.
Let’s hold hands watching the supermoon rise.
Let’s sit by the fire on a snowy day in the winter, and be amazed at nature’s power of a thunderstorm in the summer.

I've got soul, and I'm super bad.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a physician and specialized in psychiatry. But that doesn't define me. At work I create games to help people with mental health, do psychotherapy, teach and supervise, work in hospitals and clinics.
I love playing (and sometimes writing) music and care about social justice: I'm in a latin band and a hip hop social justice band.
I’m really good at
I'm good with my hands - making and fixing things (I used to make Christmas presents for folks - lamps, fountains - was really fun - should do it again), massage ... delivering babies (a profound experience years ago). I'm getting better at photography and music. I like editing (except sometimes editing my own work - long ago I had a visual learning disability and it still pops up from time to time). Oh-making breakfast: omelettes, crepes.. It's an art. Breakfast in bed?

On another note, a good listener (one would hope, being a psychiatrist), I don't want to be THE listener or caretaker in a relationship. I'm big on balance - I'm interested in listening and also have lots to express - and value silence as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
hmm - first things - friendly, engaged, asking follow-up questions.... On a deeper level, it sometimes takes a bit for my personality to really come out.
And okay - to where the question is probably going: eyes and lips.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: IMPRO: Improvisation and the Theater, the Alexandria Quartet, A little book on the Human Shadow, Sounding the Territory, a Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore - beautiful writing. Reading Physics of the Future. Love that stuff: science geeky tech... I love great novels where the writing is rich, the themes are poignant, the ideas challenging. Speaking of that, I just read The Bone People - first two thirds were great. I have some qualms with the last fourth. But the characters were deep and real, and the writing fresh (though the book was written in the 80s). Other recents: Cutting for Stone, the Sparrow...

Movies: Raising Arizona (and most Cohen Bros films), Hero (wow - like watching a modern dance performance), La Cite des Enfants Perdus (bizarre in just the right way), The Triplets of Belleville, and other foreign films (that might be what I watch the most); I like action movies like Bourne Identity, classics like Lawrence of Arabia, and I have fond memories of movies from long ago like the Princess Bride, independent films - You Can Count on Me was very well done and not overstated. I just remembered Time Code - very cool movie in which the screen is split into quadrants, each showing part of the drama happening in real time. The Secret in Their Eyes - masterful!

Music: Silvio Rodriguez, Pedro Luis Ferrer, bluegrass (would love to get some more good bluegrass - any suggestions?), Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Food: Chia kombucha - who would have thought - but it kicks ass! Mangoes, Greek salads, flourless chocolate cake, avocado milkshake (seriously - had it first in Ecuador on the coast - they can be awesome). Just learned that I have some sensitivity to gluten and dairy [whah whaaa] - so that's cramped my style a bit, but limitations can also inspire creativity. I've recently got into home-brewing water kefir. Fun and dangerous (I'll tell you about some mishaps).

Podcasts: TED Talks are awesome (would be fun to watch them and discuss) and I really love KQED's Forum, especially the ones Michael Krasny does - he's such an articulate, perceptive, and broadly knowledgeable interviewer. Democracy Now is my favorite news program - it kicks booty. When I was a kid and first heard the word booty in elementary school, I pictured it as being spelled boodie. We'd go around saying "MY boodie don't stank" to each other. Well, maybe you had to be there... Or maybe I'm just writing this as a foil to the erudite Krasny...

Trees/plants: Aspen, Redwood, Manzanita, Magnolia, Avocado (I've been having fun recently growing avocado plants from the pits).
The six things I could never do without
moonlight, growth, swimming in hidden pools, mangoes, challenge, laughter
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sustainability, life-cycle analysis, the big picture, architecture, psychology, the workings of things, politics (though I didn't think about politics or history much at all in my younger days; was just focused on the future of the world rather than its present or past)...writing a novel that also concerns the above...
On a typical Friday night I am
working on a project, reading, dancing - salsa, contact improv - doing something random, watching a movie, hanging with friends or going with them on some adventure... Or maybe random acts of kindness - I like random surprises.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once when I was little, I threw some muck from the Everglades at a tour-guide - I didn't mean to - really - just meant to act like I was going to do that - well anyway, it hit him right in the chest and I was pretty ashamed; the worst was I thought my father probably believed he encouraged me to do it because he smiled when I acted like I was going to throw it - so I was even more ashamed because of that. As a 5 year-old, there ain't much to do other than cry in them circumstances.

Psst-- here's another: not so big into sports teams. I love to play sports - don't get me wrong - but to make a huge deal about my-team's-better-than-yours-and-that-means-something...?? Okayokay - I loved watching the World Cup...

Shhh! - I think I'm some kind of special for never owning a tv, but put me in front of Sherlock or Walking Dead and I get addicted just like the next guy.
You should message me if
If you're playful, creative, a geek/nerd, love exploration of ideas, philosophy, other cultures and places; are passionate and enjoy life... If you would be a great mother and want kids... If you like scavenger hunts...adventure... Brains, curiosity, humor, vulnerability turn me on. Narcissism turns me off. It's fun to appreciate beauty together. I also seem to be attracted to women who are positive but not Pollyannish and who like to dabble in improv acting or other playful arts. If you are available emotionally and caring, honest and full of integrity, you're a good communicator, supportive, wanting to learn about/challenge ourselves, each other; delve deep into life.