39Philomath, United States
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My self-summary
I live in Philomath and I'm a Fermentation Science major with minors in Business and Chemistry at OSU. I moved up from Cali awhile ago & didn't know exactly how much it rains here. Then.
So I'll be here until I'm done- When will that be? Two tears minimum. I think.

When I'm not studying I own a small business making tools for the wildland fire industry. So far I'm doing well enough to pay for school & buy a few "extras". What little spare time left I spend trying to keep my collection of rare & unusual plants alive here over the cold winter, and (admittedly) watching way too much tv.

I know a little about alot when it comes to science, and enough about all religions to annoy the fundies & hold my own against a couple of jehovas. Since they're the most hilarious animals on the planet, I have 4 ferrets. Waaaaaay better than cats. They live in a cage unless it's playtime, and smell like straw. I've been to pretty much every continent except Antarctica & South America and lived all over the U.S. So far Cali has been the best but it's a bit expensive living there. Someday perhaps I'll have a house in the hills... Somewhere. I love to travel- Someday I plan to drive to the tip of South America & back- And take 6 months or more to do it. There's lots of cool stuff down there I've heard about & seen pix of- I want to see it for real.

I am Driven, Stubborn, and Pragmatic
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living life & trying to have the most fun I can while taking care of my responsibilities.
I'm learning to cut gems & trying to get into gemology.. Seem to be collecting quite a few "pretty rocks" I intend to do something with. Someday.
Just bought a house, improvements of which are taking up an inordinate amount of time.. But hardwood in the kitchen in place of carpet (who does that?) is well worth the effort.
I’m really good at
Driving fast.
Wheelchair tricks.
The first things people usually notice about me
My 3 foot mohawk & all my facial piercings. Why... What did you notice?
SInce it appears I have not mentioned the wheelchair I ride 24/7 elsewhere.. It's prolly THAT most people notice first.
How did I get it? Broke my back firefighting back in '01 when a tree came out of the burn & got me over the back of the head.
Annnd if that doesn't scare you away, well then... hey keep reading.

It's been pointed out recently that the injury can be intimidating.. Why I don't know as of yet. This is disconcerting as there already seem to be enough reasons folk are scared to talk to me... Sucks because it's already hard to meet & talk to folk. So.. Get over it already. I'm just like everyone else save when I say 'lets roll' for me it's literal.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: There's everything from Greg Bear to Steven Hawking to various ______ for dummies in my house. I tend to lean toward the sci-fi when 'recreating' but I've been known to drag a text book with me when I know I'm going to spend a few hours on layover somewhere. Yes, I've even read the bible & I agree with the general idea, I just have a problem with all those folks who are busily "interpreting" it for us.

Movies: Pretty much if it's come out in the last 5 years & hasn't hit cable.. I haven't seen it. There's lots I want to, but nobody wants to go to the theater by themselves. Sure I could rent some but I'm usually doing 5 things while I watch.. And miss parts. Then I forget to take 'em back.. Huge charges & drama. Not worth it.

Music: There's 15+ gigs of music on this computer ranging from Astral Projection to Butthole Surfers to Enigma, Fatboy Slim, Goldfrapp, Natasha Bedingfield, NIN, Queen, Sneaker Pimps... All the way down to Widespread Panic. That's pretty much the picture.

Foods: Pretty much anything but okra or chocolate covered insects. Altho I haven't tried the insects. Hey they might be good. Have to admit tho, after watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.. Some of the stuff I've seen that guy chewin' on scares me a little. I'm rather partial to fruit from far off places. Lychee nuts are a favorite , passion fruit, those teeny bananas, rambutans... I'll try anything. maybe I'll like it, maybe not but can't tell until I try.
Six things I could never do without
Having some sort of mental damage would Suck. Doing without eyesight would be very difficult I think. The internet is an absolutely wonderful information resource, just check the source before you believe everything you read. Life wouldn't be much fun without my little fuzzy creatures. Life would be boring without all my tools & machines with which I engage my creativeness.. And while I *can* do without it I rather enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning.

I s'pose above all.. Not having an active mind would be the Worst. So I'm very thankful that after all I've been through mine still seems to be working fairly well.

Have you ever wondered what "they" did before? Like before someone invented the nail how did they stick things together? Or before bottling when you had to bring your beer home in a bucket, how didn't it go flat?
Interesting how the things we cannot do without depend on our frame of reference.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why when so many women have said "I cannot believe you aren't married!" that... I'm not only un-married but single.
Isn't it amazing how much pain can be found while on the search for happiness? All I want is someone to care for who cares back.
Why is that so hard to find?

I don't spend alot of time thinking about it, but women rarely write first, so when I do & I see she looked but didn't write back... I always wonder why.
Women are not as 'visual' as men, so I have been lead to believe... So it must be something else. Not successful enough? Not enough $$? Good. Have a nice life, Sweetheart. You are too shallow for me.
So mark those off the list and it must be some misconception- "He can't this or that or some other thing". Well, let me put it to you this way- About the only thing I cannot do is go for a hike down to the river, unless the path is paved. I cook, drive, ski, split wood, weld... I even change my own ceiling-fixture light bulbs. One friend once commented that I am more 'able' than any of her 'able bodied' friends... And I'm the one in a chair.
And with that said, miss "I'm not going to write back because..." I'm probably so off base you've fallen out of your chair laughing.
So how about at least cluing a guy in?
I'll thank you, and leave you alone. Why chase one who is obviously not interested?
On a typical Friday night I am
Right now Friday night consists of studying engineering or microbiology because my dumb ass is taking both in the same term. 5 weeks from now that will change, but for the moment I've got to prioritize school over fun.
There are no footnotes on transcripts such as:
* Yes, Failed CH337, but Damn This Guy *Rocks* at Beer-Pong!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have very few 'private' things. In the spring I talk to fire crews about my injury & if you can think of it... One or more of them has asked. In....Front of a group of 100+ people.
More than likely... I grinned, might even have laughed.. And then told the crowd all about it.
So if you can get up the courage to ask you will get an honest answer- about just about anything. Ask and you will find I'm quite open and honest about it all.

Here's something that comes up alot in the beginning of a relationship, so to get it out of the way-
Because of the spinal damage, I cannot feel or move a thing below my chest. Now it all works, I just cannot tell it's working.
That makes sex possible- in fact I do enjoy it very much, and have become rather adept at causing the woman I am with to smile.. Quite often.
Sex is now 90% vicarious for me, so the better it is for her, the more fun I have. Fingers, hands, tongue, mind... All are involved in causing the absolute best experience possible for the both of us.
Like I said, I like sex. Alot. Like at least once a day alot.
So if that is too much for you... Well, you might not be the girl for me.
You should message me if
You should message me if... You think we'd get along. Or you saw something in the profile that struck your interest. Or maybe you enjoy traveling or... Heck just do it already. I'm fairly sure the little message on the button thingy says "answers often" or somesuch, so there's nothing to be afraid of.
I won't ask for pics of your business nor will I write / text in some "you can't slap me from there" manner. Who likes that? And yet I'm told that's what most guys do.
Anyway. If nothing else we will both gain a new friend, but if you don't say hello then there is no possibility of anything at all.
Hit the button. You have nothing to loose.

I want someone to talk to & share life with. If you are down for that then... Why aren't you writing already?

With all that has been said said, if you are interested, please also either be local (50 miles or less-ish) and / or be willing to travel to me more than I travel to you.
Even having dinner at your place is a bit of a production for me, due to this wheeled contraption that's tied to my backside.
I have to think about and overcome all of the following:
Steps at your place. Down is easy- Up requires assistance. Think of hauling a 220 pound refrigerator up your steps. Could you do that?
Can I even get to the steps at your place? My friend's house has 3 steps just to get into the yard, THEN 5 steps to get into her house. Ya I don't visit very often.
How wide is your bathroom door? If it's less than 28" then I'm going to have to pee off the deck.
That "My ass is 28 inches wide" thing follows me Everywhere- there have been times I could not even get to the bathroom door because of it.
Another issue- My current vehicle gets at best 12mpg. Here to PDX and back takes at least 15 gallons, which will run me around $60. I have a fixed income, so if I spend that to come see you I have to make it up elsewhere, which usually means a week of top-ramen for dinner.
I don't mind doing that, but it is the reality.
So while I'd LOVE to hang out at your place, sometimes it's just not realistic.
So please be aware of that.
I *Will* make coming over here worth your while with an Awesome dinner or companionship or any number of other 'things to smile about', but if travel is going to be an issue please move on to the next guy, because it *Sucks* to start a relationship, then have that torpedo the whole thing.
Now should we get to the "involved" stage, and I can get around inside your house- I am more than capable of building myself a ramp so I can easily get inside your place.
So the distance is more of an issue than the "How many steps?" challenges.

Oh yes. I mentioned somewhere I will not be where I am until I die, which does not mean I have the car packed and will be moving away forever tomorrow, or even next year.
I own a house here. Also own a house & property in Cali. Still haven't figured out where I intend to "retire", but of all the places I have lived the one common factor is "not there".
So... Take of that what you will.
The two of us