33Olympia, United States
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My self-summary
I am all about mudita, hygge, and gigil.

I try to live life like a Dar Williams song: enthusiastically earnest and good-naturedly self-aware, avoiding the twin traps of sentimentality and cynicism.

I'm a fair-trade vegan eco-socialist treehugging citizen of the People's Republic of Cascadia, heck yeah, but I'm also an anti-drug, Temperance-minded, intensely secular, pro-monogamy scientist. These things are mutually reinforcing; I get all sorts of excited about rigorously applying cost-benefit analysis and the Precautionary Principle to my everyday life, in order to hit as accurately as I can that tradeoff between Epicureanism and responsibility to myself and this Pale Blue Dot.

Like Dar, I grew up on the sheltered suburban margins of a Great Lakes state (New York for her, Chicagoland for me). I'm similar to other organisms that developed in stable environments without many natural predators: We focus on quality over quantity, and consume with the assumption that our grandkids will feel the effects of our choices. You could say I'm living like a big flightless island pigeon, but you could also say I'm living like a komodo dragon, which sounds way cooler.
What I’m doing with my life
A bunch of things that sound way more temporally expensive than they are: Working as a barista at a coffeeshop called Burial Grounds (yes, after the place in "Wet Moon"), collaborating on two evolutionary theory papers with former professors, writing science fiction and editing/memetically echolocating with other writerfriends, working with a nonprofit focused on easing access to food and shelter for underhoused folks in Downtown Olympia, preparing to join my friend, colleague, and former student Entroptree's expedition to Panama to study Pygmy Sloths, and planning my final educational assault to get me to the next academic plateau.

For all that (and especially for someone with the bladderstraining, Golden Retriever Style extroversion that I tend toward), I'm very much a homebody. I spend most of my time investing in my sense of place, planting things and puttering about my house, tending orchids and christmas cacti. I'm yearning to settle down in a permanent home with a husband, kids, dog, and pig.

As to WHERE that home is, I'm hoping that in a year or two's time I'll be on my way to either Canada or New Zealand to begin the Next Stage - but that all depends on who I do (or don't) meet in the meanwhile.
I’m really good at
giving "life-affirming" hugs, generating an absurd amount of body heat, building long-lasting campfires, walking around barefoot without hurting my feet, and eating things I find on the ground without getting sick.

I'm really bad at
manifesting paternal condescension, not tripping over my own feet, zippers, inside voices, and playing it cool.
The first things people usually notice about me
is probably that I'm a male-bodied humanoid that is roughly sasquatchian in height and bulk. I stopped growing in Seventh Grade. Mistakes in identification have been made, in the woods at dusk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
It's not that any of this stuff isn't important, because the media we consume both impacts who we become and want to become, and acts as an indicator of where we are in that process. But it just takes up so much space.

I'm currently compiling that list elsewhere, and then I can link it here for anyone who cares to read it. Meanwhile, I'll use this space for something more fun:

Sixteen Places I Most Want to Visit!

*Michoacán Monarch Biosphere Reserve___________Tikal*
*Bhutan______________________________Angkor Wat*
*New Zealand____________________________Komodo*
*Kangaroo Island___________________Aleutian Islands*
*Okavango Delta_________________________Virungas*
*Huon Peninsula___________Mali's Festival in the Desert*
Six things I could never do without
1. Dogs.

2. My Ex Boyfriends. They're my best friends and greatest allies, always willing to give me the helping hand, witty banter, constructive criticism, or kick in the butt that I need.

3. Kakapos. Do I identify too much with a giant, naive, pudgy, leaf-eating green parrot that thinks it can fly but can't and whose mating system's major feature is its lack of success? You bet!

4. Books, because in order to make sense of the weird world that I am and live in, I need to explore other worlds through other eyes.

5. Art, even (especially?) if it's just rearranging stones and leaves.

6. The Scientific Method!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to reconcile global federalism and egalitarian Enlightenment ideals - Universal Suffrage; Freedom of Speech and Expression; Egalitarian Access to Natural and Civic Resources; and Utterly Secular Governance guided by Reasoned, Skeptical Debate and a Common Body of Knowledge founded on Empirical, Reproducible, Freely-Shared Observation - with a cooperative but insular primate whose deep physical and cultural evolutionary history did not operate by those principles.

How do we build a culture resistant to both internal and external malware, within the body of a culture utterly captured by that malware?
On a typical Friday night I am
, unless we're using a geologic timescale.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sometimes feel like I'm a pretty bad match, outlook-wise, for this region:
I openly admire Dian Fossey and Thomas Huxley, and more privately admire Carry A. Nation, all for similar reasons.

I think Dan Savage is the epitome of what goes wrong when refugees from the Culture Wars colonize a place and reactionarily build a culture in defiance of their conservative backgrounds, like an island inhabited solely by angsty teens.

Along that same vein, I did not care for Shortbus.
You should message me if
this gets you the way it gets me: Bret Weinstein is fond of saying, "Every species is a unique, successful answer to at least one question. Our challenge is to find out what the questions are."

This applies equally to all products and byproducts of natural selection: species, ethnic groups, lineages, political systems, biases, religions, commercials, pop songs, poetry, fashion, psychoses, etymologies, architecture, marriage, pictures of cats on the internet. Especially pictures of cats on the internet.

Douglas Adams was right. We've got all the answers we will ever need. Come and help me find the questions!
The two of us