26Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
My goal in life is to tell people about all the cool ideas I have. Turns out, excitedly rambling for hours on end wasn't really impressing anyone. And so, I started writing.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in the meat department of a certain organic grocery chain that shall remain nameless. So, I suppose if you have moral objections with meat-eating, this miiiight not work. Your diet is your business as far as I care, but it'd be a bit like a D.A.R.E. officer hanging out with a drug dealer.

Really though, I'm just making my way towards being free of student loans, as my ultimate goal of aimless adventuring/travel is harder to do when loan sharks are staring menacingly at my kneecaps. Figuratively speaking, of course.

They're really staring more towards my kidneys.
I’m really good at
I once managed to tie my shoes while wearing mittens.

Ladies . . . I'm available.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So, about books. Growing up, I think I actually read more words than I spoke. That ought to paint a pretty clear picture.
My favorite authors include Lovecraft, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Asimov, Jim Butcher, Fritz Leiber, A. Lee Martinez, and Jack Vance.
I read comics too, although I usually stick to the one-shots or short series.

Some of my favorite movies are Clue, The Naked Gun series, The Marx Brothers movies, and generally anything touched by Mel Brooks. I'm quite the sophisticate.
Also, any movie with Rifftrax becomes instantly watchable, if not enjoyable, to me. Any movie.

As far as shows go, the list of things I want to watch is a considerable bit longer that what I actually have. My favorites are MST3K, Bob's Burgers, Psych, Futurama, Whose Line is it Anyway, QI, and Monty Python.

I'm all over the place, musically. To drop some names: Muse, System of a Down, MC Frontalot, K.Flay, Cake, Rhapsody, Van Canto, Lupe Fiasco, Symphony X, The Glitch Mob, The Dear Hunter, The Creepshow, Infected Mushroom, KMFDM, Queen, That Handsome Devil, Five Finger Death Punch, Dan Bull, Supercommuter, I Fight Dragons, Sabaton, The Atomic Fireballs, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Iron Maiden, and if we're being completely honest here, Lady GaGa is pretty goddamn catchy.

There's not much I won't eat as far as food is concerned. I'll try anything. Except olives. Olives can go straight to hell.
On a typical Friday night I am
One of the great joys of working in retail is that Fridays tragically hold no special meaning anymore. Tragic.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Awkward moments in shows and movies make me wince. Hard.
People find this more entertaining than than I would like.
You should message me if're creative, and want someone to talk ideas with.'re adventurous, and want someone to explore with. love talking about literary theory, mythology, folklore, philosophy, the mind, or just love having discussions in general. saw this profile, and thought, "dang, this guy is amazing/a genius/dead sexy/hilarious/the most charming man on the face of the earth/mildly interesting."
I get that all the time. I swear.
The two of us