29Salt Lake City, United States
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My self-summary
-I'm secretly amazing and you wish you were too.
-I love my family.
-I love my friends.
-I love my piano, yes in that order.
-Sick of reading that music is people's lives.
-If a 5chord going to 4chord doesn't hurt your brain then music isn't your life.
-That being said I usually write 5 going to 4 to piss people off.
-A good book=good times.
-I trust no one. Least of all me. Life has taught me better.
-I've been told I'm rough around the edges. I agree with that.
-I love animals....they're delicious.
-I could be vegan but I love dairy too much.
-I'm really racist but its funny and I'm brown so its ok.
-I pwn because you are all noobs! In other words I play video games.
-I refuse to play WOW.
-I went to Fullerton College not Cal State get it right!
-I'm currently going to the U. Go Utes!
-I'm pledging to join the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Go Pikes!
-Squishy is my favorite color. Yes in my world it IS a color.
-I'm Bisexual. You're the one that's confused not me.
-I speak fluent sarcasm.
-I talk a lot. So shut up.
-I hate bars.
-I dance in the streets.
-I dance in clubs.
-I dance in the shower.
-I dance.
-I sing when I hear a random reference to a song.
-I sing when I think of a random reference to a song.
-I sing when I don't hear/think of a random reference to a song.
-I sing.
-Trying to become an actor.
-I act.
-Trying to write musicals and plays.
-I'm a certified Graphic Designer.
-I can't draw.
-I'm also a certified Massage Therapist.
-Make an appointment.
-Loves it!
-The end.....?

Tibi sunt Malchut et Geburah et Chesed per Aeonas.

I am Daniel, A Musician, and A Thespian
What I’m doing with my life
Currently going to U of U majoring in Musical Theatre Performance. Love my classmates in-spite of the fact that they sometimes drive me crazy.

After I get my BFA. I'm planning on getting my masters in Music Composition. Maybe get my doctorate in Education after that. I've always wanted to teach but I feel the best way to teach is to draw from experience not just books.

I really don't prefer my world on a shelf. Although growing up that was what I had grown accustomed to.

I'm also trying to write a musical. Well the music for musicals. I'm not much of a playwright.

Finally got my certification for Massage Therapy and now can heal a great many ailments. Make an appointment. Just message me for my number. I need the work and you need the healing. Lets not be coy. Just message me.

I'm also tyring to plan a trip to europe. I've been wanting to go since I was born. London just feels like I belong there. Ya know?
I’m really good at
Being full of useless information. I kick ass at trivial pursuit!

I play piano. I'm a vocalist. I also play guitar, trumpet, drums, flutes(gay, right?NO!), harmonica, xylophone and other like it, and others I can't remember right now. I don't play violin basically and I really really want to.

I'm doing my best to be a good actor and dancer. Music has been like 80% of my life the other 20% has been trying to be an actor. We'll see...
I'm good at Jeopordy.
I rarely watch TV.

I'm good at reading people; what they want, then what they need. It comes with being an actor I suppose, or from what some lady told me being an Indigo/Rainbow Child. I thought it sounded really random too. Now that I've also been made a Reiki Channel I've become more empathetic, its become quite annoying.
The first things people usually notice about me
You tell me really. Seriously message me on what you noticed first. I'm quite curious.

Some people notice my eyes. I had a friend that said they look like they've lived a hundred years.

I had someone notice my hands once. They commented saying they looked elegant. I couldn't help but think to myself that they look rough and callous.

Normally what people notice changes so really you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read so telling you my favorite book is like asking me my favorite song its impossible. I read a lot of plays, fantasy, music, more music, and just for a change of pace some music. I usually like to read fiction because it can take me from this mundane world of ours and take somewhere at least minorly amusing. I read a lot of plays and fiction. I also read even more music.

I love movies. I have a large knowledge of them. Here is my short list of movies I think everyone should see...

The Princess Bride, V for Vendetta, Hot Fuzz!, Europa, Europa!, Amadeus, The Color Purple, Being There, Harold and Maude, Little Miss Sunshine, Calamity Jane, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Back to the Future 1-3, Star Wars 4-6, Godfather 1&2 but not 3, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clerks, Anything by Jim Henson, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Cabaret, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Majestic, The Last Starfighter, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Knights Tale, The Mask, Donnie Darko, Science Mystery Theatre 3000, Forrest Gump, Big, Tank Girl, Tropic Thunder, Philadelphia, Blazzin' Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Interview with a Vampire, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hook, Cry Baby, Repo! the Genetic Opera, Girl, Interrupted, Ferngulli, Napoleon Dynamite, Wizard of Oz, 40 Year Old Virgin, Elf, American History X, Kung-Fu Hustle, Anything by Monty Python, Orgazmo, Kill Bill 1&2, The Hannibal Series, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Walk Hard, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Enchanted, Grindhouse, Singing in the Rain. Thats the short list...

I also am an avid theatre goer. I'm new to it so this list is much shorter.

Sweeny Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Ragtime, Cabaret, The Rocky Horror Show, Into the Woods, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum, Shadow Box, Noises Off, Angles In America, Bent, Much Ado About Nothing, Spring Awakening, Beautiful Child, Assassins, A Street Car Named Desire, Arsenic and Old Lace, Avenue Q, A Chorus Line, The Pajama Game,

My iPod holds this lovely bit of random and more.

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Simon& Garfunkel, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Fredric Chopin, Boston, The Doors, Oscar Peterson, Led Zepplin, AC/DC,Aaron Copland, Alison Krauss, Allister, The Allman Brothers Band, The Arcade Fire, Arethra Franklin, Azwel, The Band, Bauhaus, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Ben Folds Five, The Beach Boys, Bif Naked, Black Flag, The Bobs, Bobby Darin, Boy Kill Boy, Azwel, Scissor Sisters,Brian Stezter, Canned Heat, Captain Beefheart, Carbon Leaf, Carole King, Cascada,The Coasters, The Codetalkers, (Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young), Count Zero, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Damone, Danny Elfman, David Bowie, The Dickies, The Disco Biscuits, Dock Boggs, Don McLean, Doobie Brothers, Doris Day, The Dresden Dolls, The Eagles, ELO, Elton John, Evanesence, The Everly Brothers, Filter, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Flaming Lips, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Freezepop, The Goo Goo Dolls, Grand Funk Railroad, Grateful Dead, Groove Coverage, Guns N Roses, The Hazzards, hellogoodbye, Henry Mancini, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Imogen Heap, Iron and Wine, James Taylor, Jamiroquai, Jane's Addiction, Jethro Tull, Jim Croce, Joe Walsh, Johnny Cash, Johnathan Richman, Julie London, Katy Perry, The Kinks, Keaton Simons, The Killers, King Crimson, A Kiss Could Be Deadly, Leadbelly, Led Zepplin, Liz Phair, Lynard Sykner, McFly, The Mamas and the Papas, Matthew Sweet, Miranda!, Michael Buble, Mika, The Monkees, The Moody Blues, Nickel Creek, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Otis Redding, The Byrds, The Pillows, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Plain White T's, Queen, Rachel Loy, The Raconteurs, Rage Against The Machine, The Ramones, Randy Newman, Ray Charles, Rediscover, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reno Jones, The Rolling Stones, Sarah Brightman, Scott Joplin, Sheila Chandra, Shiny Toy Guns, Slimmy, Small Faces, Smash Mouth, Stevie Wonder, The Strokes, Sublime, The Surf Coasters, The Switches, System of a Down (early stuff), Tally Hall, They Might Be Giants, Thrice, Tom Petty, U2, Wally Brill, Ween, Weezer, Weird Al Yankovic, The Who, Yoko Kanno.

Food is good. I like Sushi. I love coming up with odd combination of food. Hummus and Pizza is amazing especially because I hate pizza. My friend just introduced me to peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Try it! I recently invented peanut better, jelly, and jalapeno sandwiches. They're quite tasty.

I also hate cookies and shell fish. Not a big fan of popcorn either, it just smells gross. I don't like a lot of popular foods. I don't eat fast food because most of it makes me sick to my stomach and I love cooking or at least trying to cook.
Six things I could never do without






One thing that I try not to do is NEED possessions in my life. As I say life is full of nothing but want. You never really need anything.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. My mind never really stops. Its quite annoying. I'm currently busy concentrating on school.

I think about what needs to be done in my life. Work, School, Futures. Sometimes I worry that I'm never going to get where I need to be.

I think about how to be better at life. I'm young and have a lot to learn. I know a lot but you could fill several libraries with what I don't know.

I've also come to find that whatever people put on their profiles usually turns out to be the opposite of how they really are. People who love music have no idea what its really about. People who say they're random have the most orderly lives I've ever seen. People who don't know what to say usually have the stongest oppinions. Just goes to show you that the hardest person to get to know is yourself. I did try while writting all this to give myself and honest observation of myself. Minus all the words that are inncorrectly spelled.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working on a show, home doing nothing, or at the Pike house partyin' it up.

Sometimes I go clubbing simply because I need to dance and really its a lot of fun with friends. I generally hate bars but when you go with friends no worries. I kinda hate the PEOPLE at bars not the bar itself. There are so many superficial, one dimensional people in life that it makes me weep for the human race as a whole really. Dark I know but welcome to my life.

I may also very well be doing a show if so come see it! It would say a lot about yourself if you were trying to get to know me if you showed up to a show I was doing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I told you it wouldn't be private. What a stupid tab, but here it goes.

I have a lot of bad habits. Who doesn't? I'm just willing to admit them.

I snore, however loud; I'm not sure. I'm asleep at the time.

I fidget a lot. I'm just never completely comfortable anywhere.

I bite my nails sometimes.

I crack my knuckles.

I belch....loudly....and enjoy it.

I walk around barefoot almost everywhere. Not because I hate shoes but because I love the feeling of the ground under my feet. I don't do this if I'm some place I know its a bad idea. All of LA comes to mind.

If it itches, I scratch. Hopefully subtle enough that not everyone notices.

I have really bad insecurities. I don't think I sing or act well and I know I don't dance well. Thats why I go to school but even through countless encouragement from other poeple I still have a little part of me that thinks its just never right. We are our own worst critics I suppose.

Anything else you'd like to know just ask. I'm an open book that no one bothers to read.
You should message me if
-You're awesome!

-You need to make a massage appointment

-Seriously, don't ask me what my intentions are. Its a dating site. Be adult enough to know whats up.

-Insert other reason here...

Longer answer being that you find me the least bit interesting. I love making new friends and meeting new people with different ideas, etc.
The two of us