35Herndon, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a happily married, polyamorous (look it up) woman. I'm on here with full support of my husband (he has his own profile on here as j00bz) and my boyfriend with whom I'm also entirely committed) Dritano, and I'm interested in finding other open-minded, poly-friendly men or women for friendship/ casual dates (though *not* for casual sex) . I'm Cuban and Jewish. I do Crossfit. I stick to the Paleo diet, and I can probably deadlift more than you can;-) I'm built like a pin-up model and have done my fair share of it. I'm a professionally trained vocalist, but I'm an artist of every stripe. My husband likes to say that the only reason they haven't named a hurricane after me is that there hasn't been a class 6 storm yet. He's probably right. I am a *very* intense person- its kinda just my main mode- especially when I meet someone new- I *could* dial it back- but honestly life is too short for me to be anything other than who I am.

"It's not that she's in love with *me* or *you*... It's that she's in love with the world" - the artist is present

Just to be upfront, I do have protocol when it comes to dating. Everything has to be above board and I keep NO secrets from my partners. I'm not interested in an affair, nor a cuckolding situation.
What I’m doing with my life
Where to start... I was trained as a professional opera singer - and did that till I was about 23. But then switched gears and went into non-profit management (yes - I'm a bleeding heart... but not the crazy sort). These days I find my self switching yet again back into my creative roots. I'm the lead singer/songwriter of a local rock band, I do makeup design and face/body painting, I am a model (mostly pinup) and a photographer, and I'm branching out into visual arts and fashion design. Like I said, I'm an artist of every stripe.
I’m really good at
looking and singing pretty. Or at least that's what I say after I say something completely silly that I can't take back. Which happens more often than I'd like. Or will ever ordinarily admit. But I'm actually quite clever and smart, and I'm always in search of new knowledge and paths of learning.

I'm really good at being a social catalyst- though I confess I'm a natural introvert and it exhausts me. I'm always trying to introduce my friends to each other who I'm positive will hit it off. I'm really good at making Cuban food (but that's about it). I'm really good at walking in five inch heels. I'm *really* good at cuddling with my dogs. Oh and sleep... yeah... I win at napping.
The first things people usually notice about me
I know this is supposed to tell you something revealing about me, but honestly it's my tits. Holy living fuck, they're huge.

But after you manage to pull your eyes from their gravitational pull, people notice my green eyes and totally memorable personality.

So basically, come for the tits, stay for the charm. It's win-win all around. And dont even try to pretend that you don't notice them... I have years of experience on calling people out on that load of bull shit.
Six things I could never do without
1. My guys (yes 2 of them)
2. My pets
3. The ability to create- I can rarely turn my mind off
4. My family (both blood and non)

And in no specific order:
5. Red wine and Bourbon (separately- obviously...)
6. Cuddles

Also- I hate that this question only asks for 6.... I'm way too complicated for just 6...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Do my dogs really know what I'm saying, or are they just making lucky guesses all the time? Hey, I've got an empty toilet paper roll - maybe I can turn that into something cool. Look at that stain on the sidewalk- Doesn't it look like a bird?! How can I get somebody to give me a foot rub *right now*? Is there really such a thing as 6AM or is that just a myth? Was my form ok on that last dead-lift? I really hope that the wod doesn't break me. I should make something cool with that empty wine bottle- maybe I can fit a tree sculpture inside of it. This will make an *awesome* lyric! Oooooooh reddit... (one hour later). That's a really awesome poly article- I should share it with everyone.
On a typical Friday night I am
out at karaoke night with my poly and poly-friendly friends (I am very fortunate to have an amazing poly family and community that I have become part of).... this is typically every single Friday. Otherwise, I'm usually entertaining a half-dozen random guests at my house with Firefly or New Girl reruns (also BSG), copious bottles of wine, and whatever my husband whips up in the kitchen. I love to dance- but kinda have to be in the mood for any club scene... I'm known for randomly turning my living room into salsa night though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book to people I care about- lets see if we can get that far first.
You should message me if
*You actually *read* my *whole* profile
*You can write in intelligent and coherent sentences
*You are poly-friendly
*You are intelligent, interesting, and independent
*You actually have opinions of your own
*We actually seem like a *good* match
The two of us