29Garner, United States
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My self-summary
Hullo. I'm a 26 year old girlthing with a 8 year old minion and an extended family of affinity. My laptop is my precious and no one is allowed to touch it. Seriously, I'll fucking eat your face. :) I adore sci-fi/fantasy but I'm not as well read as I would like to be. I also shame my fellow elf enthusiasts with my hatred for Tolkien's writing style. I love the stories...adore the cartoon movies from the 70s...but for the love of all that's unholy, his writing sucks ass. To be honest, I'm a lot crazy and *quite kinky*. I've got a Fet profile if you want to just swap those and skip ahead. For fun I read, spend time with friends, hitch rides to various events/parties when I can, and fuck about on the intarwebz. I am funny, sarcastic, and strange. I'm an alterna-tink and a "gothic strawberry shortcake". (Yes, I have seen the Penny Arcade thing with Femdom Strawberry Shortcake. No, I am not toppy in the least.)
What I’m doing with my life
Being Bambi the Minister's Aide at the Ministry of Mayhem. Slogging through schoolshit. Fighting viciously for my position as Harley because damnit, I called dibs! Attempting to balance social obligations, familial obligations, and academic obligations. Cranky Xstitch, which is epically fun. Nothing like an old-fashioned sampler pattern adapted to cynicism and cuss words.
I’m really good at
I'm really rather good at making people laugh...well that or horribly offending them. Sometimes it's a gamble but it's generally worth it. My amazing alliteration ability is awe inspiring and absolutely admirable. Also, it amuses me. Thrift stores. This sounds like a weird one, but I have magic. You don't even know. Those boots in my pictures? 5 bucks at a thrift shop. MAGIC, I TELL YOU!
The first things people usually notice about me
I honestly don't know what the first thing about me people notice would be. Maybe my hair? It's generally a weirdish colour. My height is a good possibility, especially since I hang with a lot of tall folks. Even more probably is the fact that I can't shut the fuck up to save what's left of my shriveled little soul.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
They're mainly trashy romance. I have 5.5GB of ebooks and know the best websites for free fiction and fanfiction. I have a lot of hard copy too but they're in storage currently. The internet stuff is generally crap...but that's half the fun. It's like thrift-storing. You gotta look through it all to find the great stuff. It's worth it when you do.

Movies: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror. Sci-fi original "horror" movies crack me up. I fucking love all their remakes of old school books, too. Tin Man and Alice? Sweet baby jeebus. Andrew Lee-Potts was a delicious Hatter. All Hatters are delicious but he was a supergoodyumomnomnom one. Also, I refuse to call it the Syfy channel. We have been betrayed. This is an offensive change that insults our intelligence. The Fifth Element and Serenity and now Star Trek: Into Darkness are my favorite movies of all time. They're like foreplay. So hot. So is anything with Bruce Willis, really. Red was amazing. Silence of the Lambs and the rest of those are also high on my list but don't worry they're not hot. Fucked up and amazing? Yes. Hot? No.

TV: I'm adding this with the warning that I rarely watch TV anymore and have no attention span for keeping up with entire series. So, I've rarely ever seen 100% of any series and I'm seasons upon seasons behind in most of them. Firefly and Avatar: The Last Airbender are two major exceptions. I'll happily watch those in a marathon. Yes, I well remember Avatar has 60some episodes. I never said I wouldn't have to pause for life occasionally. Mostly seen loves: Star Trek (TNG is my fav and I stand by that), Farscape, Stargate (I bailed at the end when Crichton and Aeryn were suddenly on it), Dead Like Me, NCIS, Criminal Minds. Patchily seen loves: Dr. Who, Supernatural (I bailed after first couple of seasons), Big Bang Theory.

Music: Just about anything. I'm not real picky. I just like to scream/sing along. Anything from angry-90s-girlrock to pop punk AND "true" punk to the early stages of the emo MUSIC movement (Fuck the fashion/pop culture movement. Damn scene kids *grumble*) to top 40 to Oakenfold to Rob Zombie and everything in between. I'm one of those people that is clinging desperately to the music from approx 2005 and earlier. Everything since has kind of sucked.

Food: Cheese. Carbs. Spicy tuna rolls. Chipotle. Cookout Milkshakes. Whatever is speaking to me when I'm staring blankly into the fridge.
Six things I could never do without
- Minion
- Internet/Laptop
- Pharmaceuticals
- Soda...I know I'm horrible. I'm pickling my innards.
- My social circle and events
- My cat. Or a cat in general. But specifically mine. She's a little black cat who is all black except for her junk. That is white. It's like a tramp stamp for a kitty or something. Her name is Om.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
MAYHEM! The dissolution of civilization due to the inability of the human species to adapt to social restructuring caused by technological advancement. Family values aren't being lost, they're changing and some rat bastards can't handle that. Beating the shit out of your wife daily was at one point considered to be a Family Value. Idk about y'all, but I'm self-serving I guess and am kind of glad that one died off. My social calender. The flow chart required to track the drama that occurs within the social community I circulate. My family. Where I put that one specific pair of shoes.
On a typical Friday night I am
During public school year, I'm at home with my Minion most Fridays. If I'm not, I'm out with friends or at ours laying about with the Ministry of Mayhem. Saturdays are much more likely to include nighttime excursions and parties, no matter the time of year.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Um...I'm willing to admit a lot of private things one-on-one but I don't know about posting them out to the world of primarily vanillas. If you want to know, ask. I'm up for totes admitting that I am a masochist, a submissive with standards, and a generalized kinkster. I don't do hook-ups or fuck and runs and I'm monogamish, not poly. Which makes me a weirdo.
You should message me if
You share one of my fandoms or interests.

You'd like to geek out over psychological/sociological theories or have a grumble about the current mental health system and the schools of treatment/thought that are applied to and within it in the US today.

You know how to "nerdflirt" and are proficient.

You're any type of geek, freak, or otherwise interesting person. :)
The two of us