42San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
My ideal match would be "sundress wearin tomboy" like and love's to ski /snowboard. Looking to hang with a get to know as friends vibe and go from there.....other than that keep reading and don’t spill ur wine…. so here is a little about me.....

I mooned the mail man when I was 6 years old…still have that “spunk” in me.

My first word was "Bullshit" and my second word was "salad".
Ive been avoiding both of them as much as possible since then..

In catholic school…3rd grade, the nun put a refrigerator box with the top cut out “as not to bother the other kids” over me…..so I learned to draw …hence I went to design school and received the Industrial design degree.

I was politely asked to leave catholic school in the 5th grade.

The “system” whether it be scholastic or professional…. I’ve always been one to choose my own path.

Graduated from college in 1999 with a BSID---…sold everything I had, got in my car and drove to SF….no job, no place to live….bla bla bla…Just knew the “west is the best”…didn’t even use a map…I just took 80 and had a blast……In 2004 I was Hornswaggled by GM to design a 2 seater hydrogen powered Hummer..I moved to Detroit……what a big kick in the balls that was….In 2007 I moved back to S.F. and started my own company. Shine On LED
We design and sell LED lighting for the home, business and retail store fixture industry.
It rocks ! I love every bit of it..its sweet to live the dreams I set in place many years ago.
I walk fast into work...
Went to UC (University of Cincinnati) D.A.A.P
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in industrial design.
Used to design cars in Detroit.
Detroit is a dump.
Moved to S.F. twice
I’ve been poor—not cardboard box homeless…but a very humbling time.
I’ve been rich
I have no kids.
I don't own credit cards……well I do but I don’t use them..If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy it.
I have no debt
I love my Suzuki Super-moto 400
I love dogs..I think I was one in my previous life….
I love ice cream
I have a great butt.
I have never been arrested.
I was a big brother in Detroit
I laugh at myself everyday….it easy..
I love RUSH…..the band, not the conservative pill popper.
I don’t know who heidi and spencer are.
I want john gosseling and his crazy wife to go away.
I’d rather hear the death rattle of my first born child than to watch one second of American Idol..or ANY reality TV…..
I cross the street to walk in the sunshine,
I love walking into shops and knowing the people who work there….like Cheers.
Drinking coffee and feeling the morning sun, and breeze is my idea of a perfect morning.
I’m friends with at least one ex.
Appreciate quiet time.
Pictures of U in the snow…bonus…….in pigtails on a snowboard….totally super sweet bonus.
What I’m doing with my life
I own a company called Shine On LED...ShineOnLED is a solid-state lighting “LED” company active in the design, manufacturing and implementation of LED lighting for retail, commercial and residential lighting industries. We have created custom LED lighting fixtures for high end clients, produced lighting solutions for our strategic partners in the retail fixture industry and developing our own LED fixtures. Our clients include NIKE, APPLE, H&M, Clinque and the GAP.

Short Term--------Create fresh, compelling LED products that is rooted in authentic innovation

Long Term--------Provide product design vision for Shine On LED global brand
I’m really good at
1. listening.
2. making quick jokes.--whit....I got dat.
3. being a great friend/buddy.
4. sleeping in my bed with a fan 4 inches from my face.
5. Making things with my hands and designing products.
6. hanging with fluffy dogs.
7. calling old friends to catch up.
The first things people usually notice about me
1. shit eating grin.
2. my butt.
3. sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Eckhart Tollie - transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution.

I stopped watching TV for the most part and radio a year or so ago...so I watch a lot of internet TV...and read a lot On-line

-The killers-
-Pink Floyd-
-anything that rocks-
Things that are megga super funky sweet.
1. pony tails-
2. overalls-
3. great style-
4. cool shoes-
5. White button down shirts
6. calmness
Six things I could never do without
1. My awesome bed and my fan next to my head.
2. sundresses, pony tails and Tahoe.
3. dog and friends.
4. honesty.
5. designing and creating.
6. Fossil the dog.
7. a smart and independent woman...smarter the better.
8. Sisters
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. how to have compassion for the peeps in the TL.
2. how I can get more USD so I can have more fun.
3. how all the guys protesting in the middle east get all that time off work.
4. why do people pee in the street when there is a bathroom 20 feet away.
5. why do some people walk like ducks...
6. why do I have so many dust bunnies in my place...hours after cleaning..
7. why there isn't an understood rule that we walk on the sidewalk the same as we drive cars....
8. why she/he is wearing that ...must not have a mirror.
9. do transvestites go into the guys or girls bathroom...
10. why the cops give tickets out to people in the bus lane when there is a drug dealer 10 feet away....
11. why war seems to be the ultimate answer....
12. what is my future wife doing right now....
13. These rubber pants are hot.....
On a typical Friday night I am
1. Creating art, movies, short films with the artists at the gallery.
2. having a drink.....or two.
3. Heckle tenderloin hood rats.
4. Stop in at the HA-RA on Geary and Larkin.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1. nobody ever said "wow ur tweezed off eyebrows look great".
2. I love thick shoulder straps.
3. Still say hi to my first love, once a year or so....
4. I'm a big dumb animal and can't lie well to women....
You should message me if
1. you like to laugh.
2. you like creative guys--with good jobs.
3. you like motorcycle rides.
4. you like feeling wind---skiing or moving very fast.
5. you love to learn.
6. your API.
7. you like art galleries specializing in graffiti and low brow art.
8. you like to work with ur hands and create.
9. you love animals and treat them well.
10. In shape (mind and body)...
11. If ur petite, like to go to Tahoe and love your job.
The two of us