32Oklahoma City, United States
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My self-summary
(yay! I recently got a 100% completion on my profile.)

So this is my summary? I like Astrophotography, you know takingpictures of random crap flying through space using a camera and a telescope. Okcupid seems to access deny any photos of it though. I have a three year old i care the world about and its actually nice to be a parent even though it seems scary at first.

I'm rather laidback and easy going and try to stay away from the drama in life and focus on the bigger things, but that doesn't always happen.

I grew up in the Northeast united states, so like most every other yankee i love the outdoors, lakes,boating climbing mountains (ask me which ones) and well just being outside. I love going out and about although with the kid it doesn't happen all to much these days besides the waterpark and playgrounds. but thats alright because it's my excuse to swing on the swings and slide down the slides again while not looking like a retard.
What I’m doing with my life
This and that, really not much these days it seems i have goals, someone just keeps kicking the ladder when i try and reach for them (damn life) other then that i'd say being a dad is what im doing with my life at the moment, maybe thats why everything else seems to have stopped?
I’m really good at
Fixing things, especially computers. I'm a decent cook although don't ask me to whip up the thanksgiving turkey as you might end up with a freak of nature on the table. I'm also a pretty decent driver among other things. J turns are my favorite maneuver in a car (one thats low to the ground), I know apex turning, did a couple ghetto races as a teenager, i also passed my driving test the very first time with no questions missed on the written and a 28/30 on the driving because i drove half the test with one hand on the wheel but did everything else flawlessly (driving a borrowed car i'd never drove before in my life at that) I can parallel park perfectly and could probably J slide into a parking space if i didn't care about potentially tearing my car up and making my control arms and suspension retarded from curb strikes if i screwed up. (you'll always screw up driving every once and awhile, its your reaction time and recovery that singles out a good driver and avoids making the big mistakes-Skipp Barber)
The first things people usually notice about me
? you should ask them not me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books, good for learning stuff, i can't really think of a "favorite" book of all time right now though.

Movies, i'll pretty much watch anything, seems i'm on a horror movie stint, some of those asian horror films are awesome, really its just sort of nice to be able to watch scary movies with someone that'll watch them too. I can watch cheesy B movies just fine though (might add my own hilarious commentary though every once and awhile) some are actually really good once you get past the fact its shot with a crap camera, barely any props and special Efx i could probably do myself can't think of any specially notable ones but "Black dynamite" was a pretty good one. So is " the story of ricky" (probably the most gruesome and hilarious kung-fu style movie you'll ever see. with pretty good punches (dude punches a guys head and it explodes, punches through a dudes chest, punches out a giant prison wall with a street fighter sariukin, says hilarious stuff and punches a dudes fist and makes it explode)

Music, well i think a lot of different genres of music.

from 80's pop like duran duran, M,devo, kelly lynn,

death metal like pantera, RGA,element and those guys.

electronic/techno/step/hardstyle/shuffle/dub and the rest that makes up the label "tech"

I can also dig on country music when its a good tune. (kenny cheseny; there goes my life gets me every time)

Classical music can be awesome to, especially on a ridiculous audio system, I've had the grace to know a few good musicians and singers in my life time, and they've shown me that its more about the thought and story, then if the person can hit that note perfectly.

I'm also well well versed in rap music. Brotha lynch hung, Bone thugs, Spice-1, Celly cell, Master P, Mystikal, Too Short, Three six mafia (not now a days 3-6m, two people left isn't exactly a mafia now is it? used to be like 10 people spitting tracks on the old albums) Dead Prez (hilarious racist music against white people...some of its past racist its more like..."damn, now thats some racist music) Easy-E... lots of lots of it. if you name it i can probably tell you some tracks from them.

But i can't withstand a "fake" song. you know...the ones where someone completely independent from the artist writes the lyrics to the song, then sends it to a audio artist who makes a track to go along with that music. Then they send that to the singer (i...dunno lets say justin beiber, lil'wayne or well just turn on the radio and it'll be about every song on it these days) and they compile that all together and say its the best song of the year..... my ass

food. Well besides beans and some various other products I'm ok with eating food. i hate mushrooms to. i just think of feet fungus or something growing off a cow poo or dead animal when i see a mushroom.


I also tend to think about the animals i'm eating. (like holy s@#t this hamburger was probably walking around north kansas eating grass a few days ago) especially meat with bones. chicken meat with bones also makes me think about my friends chickens who were pretty cool to hang out with when you were at his house. (you'd be playing playstation 2 and a chicken would come in the room, go over to the chair and sit in it like its a nest and look at you like..."so.. mofo ill cluck your a@#".

Chickens also cluck when they are But that doesn't stop me from eating animals. If we've been doing it for the past 100,000+ years no sense in stopping it now.
Six things I could never do without
I could probably deal with not having most anything thats not a fact of life.

However i'd say i'd be pretty sad if i didn't my my kid around.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
on the road...

"omg don't kill me dumb asses"

at home...

"omg don't break into my house while im sleeping crackheads"

at work....

"omg don't take my finger off giant saw of doom."
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying out of trouble.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I play video games?
You should message me if
You would like to?

I'm pretty friendly and can hold a conversation about most anything. I like chatting up random a@# people on the internet so if i send you a message don't take it as me looking to tap yo' booty or something like that. you probably just seemed like a cool person with something interesting in your profile so i sent a message.

I've been on this website since...oooOo.. 2004 or so (heard about this website on 4chan when 4chan was cool and this website had hilariously slow servers). If you've got questions about making tests or how to do crap in general on here just ask away. (this place used to have chat-rooms believe it or not...pervs kind of overran it though)

oh and sorry my photos suck i hate taking pictures of myself or others taking pictures of me. but you get the jist of what i look like..and thats foogly as f@#k.
The two of us