50Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, thanks for stopping by!
Please stop here if you do/are any of these things. All I seem to do every day is delete, delete, delete!!
1. Smoker
2. Drug user
3. Fat or “big” (Yes, I always get notes from those overweight saying that I am mean, but this is my PREFERENCE!)
4. Sober (So good on you! But, I want to be with someone who can drink every once in awhile)
5. Can't speak or write in complete sentences.
6. Only have 1 photo.
7. Haven't said enough in your profile for me to see if we are compatible (Sorry, tired of “pulling teeth” to get information. I'm not going to speak with you until I know the basics)
8. Not within 30 miles of Brentwood/West Los Angeles (or in another state/country for that matter!)
9. Under 40 years - I am so flattered by all you 20 somethings, but I can't date someone half my age!

Now, if you want to know more and have the time....

I come from a good family with good morals (Mom and Dad were married 46 years!) and I'm hoping to find the same kind of stable, lasting relationship. I am looking for a kind, caring, SWEET, genuine, affectionate and romantic man. Someone I can trust, who I know has my back. I want to be with someone down-to-earth, who is my best friend, my rock…you know, “The One”?

I have never done drugs or smoked and I drink moderately. You should be drug and smoke free and that includes WEED! I have green eyes, a tight gymnast-like body and a great smile. Everything about me is natural and real. Therefore, if you are into the typical L.A silicone junkie, then I am not for you.

I look and act much younger than my age. I am trendy and up-to-date in style, fashion and musical tastes. Pop culture junky! My uniform of choice is cool low-rise jeans, cute t-shirt and boots. I can get dressed up if the occasion presents itself. I love KROQ-style alternative music and films that make me think.

I can be cool as well as really “geeky”. I like to have fun and act silly. I will laugh at you, with you and definitely at myself. Life is hilarious, don’t ya think?

I am not into organized religion. So if that is your thing, we probably wouldn't click. I believe in Karma, being a good person and the good old "Golden Rule".

I love children and animals. I always thought that I would have kids, but the clock keeps ticking and I am just not sure now. It would depend on the guy and situation; I have no problem if you have some yourself.

I am very active, so you must be able to keep up with me. I work out 5-6 days a week. I used to be a trainer, but now I'm into hiking, power yoga, walks with the dog and gym cardio.

Physically, I like guys that are in great shape, not too muscular and more on the slim side. Not to be shallow, but I DON'T DO FAT! On me or my partner. Having some “metrosexual” attributes is a big plus. I take great care of my body and I expect my partner to do the same. Please have some sense of style ("Dad's" jeans????) and good grooming habits (back hair anyone?).

I am environmentally aware and I do my part. I am conscious of my actions and how they affect the world. If you are not, shame on you, and keep on trucking…

I am a college graduate and would like to be with a man who is intelligent and articulate. By the way, if you can't tell the difference between "there", "their" or "they're", then we might have a problem. I’m no snob, but come on people; we learned this stuff in grammar school!

It is a real turn off when guys write their profile like a text. I'm definitely not a perfect writer, but your profile is your first impression. If you write with no caps, punctuation and paragraphs, it is extremely difficult to read and looks like you really don't care. Personally, I'll just skip over those.

Are you a dog lover? No? Bye-bye. There is just something wrong with people that don’t like animals. I am involved in dog rescue (primarily pit bull type dogs). Emo, pictured, is my best bud! I live in a small place, but I see myself having many dogs in the future.

Please no game players! I am a blatantly honest person; you will always know how I feel. Be honest and everyone wins. Mean what you say, do as you say and treat others like you would like to be treated. If you make plans with someone and decide you aren't interested anymore, how hard is it these days to text or email to cancel? You know who you are...

Thanks for reading and good luck in your search!

The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and butt!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MOVIES- My Fair Lady, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Raising Arizona!, Where the Day takes You, California, Amelie, Lovely and Amazing, Requiem for a Dream, Magnolia, all the SAW movies, Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Mystic River, Juno, American Hustle, Room, ...gosh, so many!

MUSIC- I grew up with KROQ, so I love alternative music. 80's, Queen, The Clash, Ska, The Smiths, REM, They Might be Giants, My Chemical Romance, GREEN DAY!!, Tori Amos, Beck, Moby, Angels and Airwaves, STP, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons etc...... I am very passionate about music...the list could go on forever! I am not a big fan of rap or twangy country.

TV - LOST, House, Dexter, Breaking Bad (all R.I.P!!) Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance?, Survivor, Modern Family, South Park, American Horror Story, Person of Interest, Pit Bulls and Paroles, SNL, Orange is the New Black, Homeland, Scandal....

FOOD - Mexican, Mexican and more Mexican! Otherwise, I eat pretty healthy, but I do love my sweets! That's what cardio is for, right?
Six things I could never do without
My dog Emo
Coffee Bean
Mexican Food
The two of us