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My self-summary
[Summer 2013: i have started dating someone and while it isnt "closed" in the traditional sense I am not seeking anything more than friendship on OKC... Unless a message intrigues my GF, and then all bets are off.]

Like the old adage, work fills all available time and I spent my Fall teaching and directing a play while choreographing fights for two others. My lead actor had to drop out so I took on the role and got to go on the emotional roller coaster that is Jacob Marley. . .

So now the semester is done and I am catching my breath. My apartment needs a good cleaning and my cats miss me, and my scripts are a bit more than resentful that I have neglected writing them, but it means I have been "sucking the marrow," so I am satisfied.

I started out dragging my feet on this self-summary and all the other info boxes and began with those questions... I thought those would be quick... and they just kept coming. And when I finally looked at the results it says that I am basically a rude person. Really?! Most people say I am one of the nicer guys (yes THAT curse which usually kills all dating potential, right?!)

So now I have to revisit some of these questions and see just what the heck I answered poorly. ("He chose... poorly.")

Self-summary... I am a storyteller at heart. I have been a professional theatre person since the tender age of thirteen. I act, direct, produce, and most recently write. My third full length play is being birthed on paper as I write this. I traveled to London to do some research recently which was an incredible help.

Another OkCupid user asked me "What are you looking for?" and this is how I replied (slightly edited), and I think its pretty accurate... at least for today:

"the honest answer is, "i am not sure." The easy answer is "the love of my life" but that is more complicated than a web-introduction could provide (i think). although my brother met his wife on eHarmony and they are an amazing couple.

Right now I am looking to find myself. I was in a 4 year relationship that I thought would be forever and it gradually became clear that we are best friends and each others' biggest supporters... but not eternal lovers. We didn't blend as well as we wished. I have felt really down about the romantic side of my life. like i might never be wanted, if that makes sense. I teach undergrads and they are all young and vibrant and see me as "getting older". But I still feel i am young and vibrant. I might not throw myself around quite as violently as i did in college, but i got those bruises and scars already. ironically i spent my 20s in the theatre and not doing the hard partying that my engineer and lawyer friends did as they started new careers. i didnt start a "casual dating slash hooking up slash booty call" phase until my 30s and i think i appreciated it a bit more than i would have the decade before. I know now what I like and what i would like more of... I don'y need to try everything once because i have a good idea what i'm not interested in. and I am not interested in anyone who can't understand my references (the pre-internet world...) but I'm also not the typical 40something man. I freelance in the arts, so I don't have a 401K, I have taught a whole generation of young actors out of cleveland who are now hitting the professional world and making waves. I feel like that is my legacy. I plan to keep working and die on the stage (or while directing from the table at the back of the audience, or over my laptop as I write another groundbreaking script.)--

These are hard for most people to appreciate. I find that most women my age think I have been aimless and don't trust that I have any substance. Perhaps I just don't have the substance they are looking for....

In any case, right now I am looking for myself and people to connect with. I am going to try to date casually until I find my sea legs. I hope to find the boundaries of my comfort zone and give them a push to expand them. Maybe be someone else's experiment in boundary-expansion, too. And then I hope to find a life partner, start a family, be the father that I have always wanted to become, and start a new phase of living.

Thanks for asking. I needed to tell myself that."
What I’m doing with my life
I teach ASL at a local university and do theatrical interpreting as well as some educational interpreting between teaching gigs. There are times when English abandons me and all I can think of are the signs for things I want to say. Either that or they come out in Elizabethan English, and those are my two extremes of language. (They actually go surprisingly well together. "Hey, you put your chocolate in my peanut butter!")

One of my goals is to hike the Appalachian Trail. Not in one shot, but in pieces over time. I started one leg last summer, and it happened to be that weekend when North America had that awful heat wave. That was fun. Alone in Eastern New Jersey, in the middle of nowhere, with a 30 pound pack, 110 degree heat, no breeze, and about 80% humidity. That was fun. I'll be back on the trail this year with a lighter pack, more water, and at least one other person with whom to have a conversation. (What are the chances of record low temperatures this time?)
I’m really good at
Shakespeare is my lackey!

I guess I would say that I am really good at editing and working with period language and scripts. I was Artistic Director of a free, outdoor Shakespeare festival for ten years and loved the work.

I teach ASL literature and love adapting and creating ASL stories and poems.

I really enjoy teaching, especially students who want to learn. I regularly teach workshops with preschoolers which is a blast. They are so eager to let their minds go without internal editing, so unlike any other age. Most recently did one to accompany a national tour of The Ugly Duckling and lead the children through all the possible acting moments in that story... they were simply inspiring.

I used to be really good at stage combat and choreography, but have gotten out of practice, but I still have a good eye for that kind of violence.

I wish I could say that I am good at playing my ukulele, but I'm still a basic chords kind of player.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am tall and I am generally either smiling or listening/watching/absorbing.

I do have trouble masking my feelings if I am not careful. (You do not want to sit next to me during any of the Twilight movies. Unless they grate on your nerves like they do mine.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Silverlock (John Meyers Meyers), anything Neal Stephenson, Shakespeare-related topics, martial arts books, Sign Language info, The Neverending Story (two color print)...

Music: Julia Nunes, Paolo Nutini/Louis Prima (are they the same guy?), Eva Cassidy (she is the real Adele!), Ana Vidovic, Pinback, Loreena McKennit, Hayseed Dixie, The Gourds, Iron Horse...

Plays: Anything Elizabethan or Commedia, nothing too avante-garde (I need a story),

Movies: Anything with wit, cleverness, and craft. Stupid films make me want to throttle kittens! The Specials might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is one of the most simple and clever pieces of craft I have seen. Can I please have the hours back that I wasted sitting through Anchorman, Twilight, Something About Mary, and the like? Any of the Ealing comedies (Lavender Hill Mob), The Guardsman, anything Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (uncut and glorious!)...

Almost anything British- Sherlock, Black Books, IT Crowd, Spaced, Two Pints..., Mitchell/Webb Look, Man Stroke Woman, Tittybangbang, No Heroes, Hyper Drive, Doctor Who & Torchwood, etc.
Most US tv sucks. Its churned out weekly with so little effort, and soooo dumbed-down. the exceptions are The Daily Show & Colbert Report, Real Time (but Bill Maher has to stop laughing at his own jokes!), Big Bang Theory, Castle, Farscape, Firefly, Joe Schmo 1 (not 2), Deep Space Nine...
Canadian TV is really surprising! Trailer Park Boys, Slings & Arrows, and where are the DVD releases for the series Billable Hours?????
Six things I could never do without
My Collected Works of William Shakespeare,
my OED (tiny print & magnifying glass!),
my ukulele,
Ice Cream,
a bottle of Port,
a pad of graph paper upon which to write....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How greed and stupidity cause nearly every bad thing in life.

I don't understand how anyone can have such a fragile sense of self that they need an omniscient, omnipotent, invisible being to give their life meaning (especially when that being repeatedly proves unaware, ineffective, and absent from the world.)

I can't figure out why sports are seen as wonderful and necessary while the arts and humanities are the first things cut from schools. All the lessons I learned on sports teams (teamwork, self-reliance, commitment, responsibility, etc.) were tainted with the ultimate need to winwinwin! and coming in second meant you sucked (because you weren't first.) Whereas all the same lessons I learned from my years in theatre and music were enhanced by the need to support your peers. A symphony sounds beautiful because the lead violin and the third trumpet both did their part well. If the trombones cross the finish line first, they don't win a trophy.

It makes me sick that people are so greedy that they would profiteer from the needs of others. How can any company be in the health care field and be more concerned with profits than actually helping those that are sick or injured? How can we as a nation allow them to rob us blind? Why is it that we have medicines like Viagra but there are no real cures for HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, or even the common cold?

And don't get me started on Global Warming and the morons who think its some conspiracy of hippies and scientists, because when was the last time those two groups ever got together?!
On a typical Friday night I am
Often acting on stage, or watching from the wings as a cast I directed performs, Ir better still, as a cast performs a play/scene I have written.

When not in a show I really like going out for an evening with friends. Not a bar-hopper. More like dinner and a play/musical. I used to love comedy clubs when it was still such a new venue, but now its a lot of rehash. I miss being in an improv comedy troupe... a bit. But that, too, gets repetitive (both onstage and in the audience.)

No matter what, Friday nights end well with a hot fudge sunday!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm far too honest and my internal editor is usually out of the office. So, while I will try my best to word things well, often the message might be too direct for your tastes.
You should message me if
You just want a conversation, or to talk books, tv, theatre, film, music...
You know that vampires don't sparkle in the freaking sunlight.
You think La Pucelle was portrayed really badly in H8.
You think Will Farrell is a really low-rent replacement for the loss of Phil Hartman.
You understand that words like "communism, socialism, capitalism, free market, etc." are all ideas and not ideals.
You don't need an imaginary friend in the sky to give your life meaning.
You can respect and be fascinated by religious beliefs but want to bitch slap anyone who thinks they have any place in the governance of our country.
You insist on the Oxford comma.
You are bothered by the fact that all of these "tests" that are on OkCupid are from 2006... I know I have changed a lot since that year, the entire world has... so who's slacking in the "quaint and curious lore" of testing revision?!
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