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My self-summary
(Haven't been here in forever. Horribly outdated. Will update later) Well hullo thar! Welcome to my little slice of OKCupid. Pop a squat. Have a cup of tea. You deserve it (especially of you actually read the entirety of this drivel). Pardon the mess. Phones make typing without any typos a smidge difficult.

I'm a Southern Californian transplant. Not for school or anything, this is just sorta where I stopped after a journey vagabonding all across the country (and I miss mountains dearly).

I'm a sex-positive, polyamorous geek who loves to dress up for both reasons and not reasons.

I'm in a non-committed, open, polyamorous relationship. What that means is I'm romantically involved with someone, but we both don't really plan for it to last forever, we are both free to go do whatever with others and we are both down with dating other people. Or the same person if the dice roll right. If that's cool with you, read on. If not, sorry.

I love all things geektastic. Can you kick my ass at a game? Good. I want to know you. Know about an awesome show I haven't seen and you just NEED to show it to me cause it'll change my life forever? Awesome. You should ramble at me about it.

I'm a Steampunk semi-professionally and have been at it for quite some time. I'd say it's probably one of my biggest passions.

I'm an odd one. Weird and eclectic. I guess in mostly a good way but I'm very animated, very sociable, have been known to meow for no good reason, make weird noises instead of words on occasion and make geek and pop culture references in day to day conversation. It throws new people for a loop until ya get used to it. Unless you also do those things. In which case can we be friends like yesterday?

I'm also kind of a duality. I don't know how to properly convey this in text, but it's weird. Some people say it's frustrating, others say it's fascinating. You can be the judge yourself

STR: 10
CON: 13
DEX: 15
WIS: 13
INT: 14
CHA: 16

Special Skills:
+7 Perform (Announcer/Ringleader)
+5 Diplomacy
+3 Disguise

Beard of Awesomeness: -2 to disguise. +5 to Diplomacy.

Round Sunglasses: +2 to Intimidate. Strangers will tell you they remind them of John Lennon or Ozzy.

Headphones of Low Register Soundwaves: +2 to Armor Class. Gives it's wearer the ability to go unbothered in public and may ignore any penalties from sound-based disturbances.

Okay, I'm done making D&D references now...
What I’m doing with my life
I suppose you could say I'm always trying to figure that out. My life doesn't really like to keep to one track for very long despite my trying sometimes.
I’m really good at
Um... a buncha stuff? I'm kind of a Jack-of-all-trades. Proficient in everything, a Master of none, but I can pick up any skill very quickly and have done everything from barista to glass blower to photographer to jewelry to whatever.

I found out at a convention that I am ridiculously good at PR and Customer/Guest Relations and I like dealing with people, so there's one. I talk to people good. :P
The first things people usually notice about me
My interesting fashion style. Or my long-ass hair. Seriously, it's to my ass. I honestly have no idea what people notice first. Could be any number of things. If ya meet me, you can tell me :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them." - John Waters

BOOKS: I love a lot of books and collect vintage books. I'm talking 1860s kind of vintage. Most of my collection is in California, though. But here is a list of a few of the books I know I enjoy: Our Deportment, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The Hobbit. Lord of the Rings. Dante's Divine Comedy. Lolita. 1984. Fahrenheit 451. Good Omens. American Gods. Anything by Keats, Poe, Verne, Wells, Gaimon, Heinlein or Adams with others thrown in there.

MOVIES: I am lumping Firefly and Serenity in here as one. Deal with it! I dig a lot of sci-fis and fantasies. Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghilbi. I also love Movies and Art kind of movies. Basically, if I am sufficiently entertained, I feel the movie has done its job.

"TV": Supernatural, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, Constantine, Avatar, Legend of Korra, RWBY, Red vs Blue, buncha anime (whatever I stumble upon, usually but I'm currently keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal and Sword Art Online and I'm on the very long journey that is One Piece.

MUSIC: I like ALL styles of music, but my least favorite is Country and Gangster Rap. Even in those styles I'll find music I can groove to. My favorite genres are Melodic/Hardcore Metal and Electronica though. Electro, DnB, Trance, Nightcore and Dubstep are my favorites. Even more so if those styles are mixed together. I'll also sing along to 80s music. Cause yes. I'm also a huge fan of geek bands. The Megas, The Protomen, Power Glove, MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Lindsey Sterling, Alestorm (Not to be confused with Halestorm, whom I also love), et cetera,

FOOD: Fuck even attempting to list what foods I like. If it's edible, odds are I like it. I may be a skinny guy, but I ADORE food in most of its forms. I especially like anything resembling Italian food. Carbs and spices and yumminess.
Six things I could never do without
Dunno if I can do six, but here's some things that are SUPER important to me. Physical touch. Intercourse (please use any variation of definitions as they all apply). Words, be they written or spoken. A way to Internets (It's how I get paid. I need it.) Passion. Music. Tea/coffee. A bicycle, a warm sun and a cool breeze.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the universe, everything, philosophy, psychology, sexy things, what I would do in case of a zombie invasion, how I can steampunk (insert object currently in sight here), sexuality. What the hell to do with my life now. How so many people in my area have pictures like "Look at all the places I've been!" And I'm just sitting here like "Look at the things I dress up as!"
On a typical Friday night I am
Honestly, probably sitting on my ass. Probably playing a Zelda game and drinking tea, knowing me. I might be out and about just to be out and about.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't believe in living surreptitiously unless necessary, so anything you want to know, I tend to put on the table. I have no shame and really no secrets :D

Though I guess I can say that I have glaring faults that I'm well aware of but try not to let them bother me (often), and change the ones I can when able
You should message me if
You wanna go grab some coffee/tea sometime. You want to compare zombie apocalypse plans. You want to buy some sexy jewelery from me or commission me to make you a custom piece. You want to be my sexy, adventuring sidekick. You just wanna tell me how awesome I am (cause sometimes my self-esteem needs that little boost). You want to totally geek out over something or anything. You're cool with the whole polyamorous thing. You think I could be a potential mate/partner/sexy friend. If you're up to it, roll initiative and message away!
The two of us