54 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm looking for my seatmate for the roller coaster of life -- there's a fine image from a total amusement park scaredy cat! However, in my real life, I take the plunges with my hands in the air and I'm looking for a guy who does the same.

I have a busy professional career and lots of interests – and I'm looking for a man with a similarly engaged and active lifestyle. We would share some simpatico pastimes, introduce each other to new activities, celebrate holidays and special days, relax with each other's family & friends, and generally look after each other.

If you're interested in getting to know me, please tell me what caught your eye and why you think we might enjoy each other. I don't reply to generic "like your photo" comments, and I'm a lot more enthused if you sign your name! It's all about building the connection.

And... if I messaged you, it means I've read your profile including the questions & thought I saw enough common interests for, hey, how about a coffee date? At the least, a nice no-thanks would be much appreciated.

Here are a few more ingredients for the pot...

My lifestyle is urban, and downtown Toronto feels like home (though I actually live in midtown). I get out of the city when I can, and love country drives and small towns -- but when I'm here I love what the city offers in the way of arts, culture, dining and shopping.

I enjoy travelling and would like to do more of it. Favourite destinations have included the UK, Ireland, Italy and the Caribbean, but with the right travelling companion for sure I’d be off to more exotic locales. I have island fantasies, and would love to visit a coral atoll and watch the sun set behind the palm trees. My "bucket list" contains destinations on every continent -- I'm hoping to check some of them off with my partner.

I've got a slew of exciting new projects in development at work. I feel just a titch envious reading profiles from people my age who are retired or semi-retired... but that feeling passes pretty quickly! I've got way too much on the go to think about slowing down for a good while yet.
What I’m doing with my life
Making music, staying limber with my tai chi practice, caring for the people in my life, and trying to leave the world (at least my little piece of it) better than I found it.
I’m really good at
one or two things I'll save till we get to know each other.
The first things people usually notice about me
Mm, prob'ly my sparkling blue eyes and my luscious mezzo voice!


Hey, can you tell that I'm pretty expressive? I'd say it's a defining quality. Among other things, I'm a published author and part-time university instructor. Articulacy is an aphrodisiac in my books, and polysyllabic vocabulary makes me downright weak at the knees.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Indelible reads: Baltasar & Blimunda (Jose Saramago), The White Hotel (DM Thomas), Love in the Time of Cholera (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Also Graham Greene, Margaret Atwood, Anthony Trollope, Henry Fielding, Michel Tremblay, John LeCarre... I read Discover and National Geographic pretty regularly too.

I'm not a big movie-goer; probably more inclined towards thrillers and kitsch than to serious cinema. I enjoy live performing arts of all sorts, and a Sunday afternoon stroll around a gallery topped off with a latte sounds perfect to me.

When I started studying voice, I wanted to sing like Ella Fitzgerald. Not going to happen, but I love her music! Also Annie Lennox, Chicago, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, and lots of 70s and 80s hits. (Brings a tear to me eye, sure it does, when I hear the coolest songs of my youth turned into elevator music...)

My performance choices run the gamut from novelty songs and vaudeville, to jazz standards and folk, to Baroque opera and 20th century art songs. I'd rather sight-sing than practice any day. I like to stretch my wings, and have been working on some atonal music... balanced with building sing-along rep on the ukulele. :-)

Food, yes! I enjoy trying new tastes, and my favourite restaurants include Thai, Middle Eastern and Ethiopian. I'm handy with chopsticks except when it comes to mushrooms: slippery little things, they are! I'm not a great cook; that would be a swell interest for my beau! I am pretty wonderful, though, at helping out and cleaning up the kitchen -- and paying halvsies when we go out.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How lucky I am, but also how much better my life could be with a loving partner to share it.
On a typical Friday night I am
hanging with friends or family.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't talk about myself very readily. That's probably a bit of a flaw, especially as so many guys on here seem to be "open books." I will say that I seem to have the quality of being *surprising* to men who get to know me.

And, having had a lovely relationship with a man considerably shorter than I am, I've gotten over my hangups about the height "thing."
You should message me if
you liked what you read. I'm not big on lengthy email conversations and most likely will want to meet for coffee soon if we seem to share a good connection online.