51Sierra Vista, United States
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My self-summary
NOT ON THE DATING MARKET RIGHT NOW! I am not looking for anyone at this time...I am in a committed relationship. Thanks for not reading my profile as per usual.

Let's start with the basics here...I have auburn hair and most people think I have brown hair until I stand in the sun and the auburn comes right on through. I do have some gray peeking in, but I have been graying since I turned 16 years old...I got that from my father unfortunately. I have very wild green eyes...the color goes from olive to sea-green...depending on my mood. Most people tell me that they notice my eyes first...my eyes have been told lovely, sexy, deep and alluring. I believe that my eyes are my best attribute...along with my smile. I am not a thin woman by no means, so if you are looking for a model, you won't find it here...actually I was a big beautiful woman (bbw) until 2008, but I have lost alot of weight in the last year. Once I get to know a person...I have a wicked sense of humor and I am very outgoing.

I am separated...but he and I have been separated by many states now for well over 9 years now...so I consider myself single, but not divorced. I am not looking to jump into another marriage...I just want to get to know another person. I do have one beautiful teenage daughter, who lives with me. I am trying to get her ready for jump into adulthood in a few years.

I am also a Celtic (Druidic) Wiccan and have been following this path for well over 27 years. I go to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Southeastern AZ...here in Sierra Vista. After a few months of going to this church, I joined...and now I am a Unitarian Universalist Pagan as well.

I am quiet, funny, and friendly
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I am working on my speaking issues. I have Aphasia (specifically Oral Apraxia and Apraxia of Speech)...so I work daily on my speak issues which may never go away. I suffered a stroke on November 2008. I was given a medication that was supposed to help me and instead it left me a stroke survivor. This does not mean that I am not a idiot or now retarded...because I received mild brain damage. Most people are not comfortable with stroke survivors...and if you uncomfortable, then do not bother emailing or chatting to me.
I’m really good at
Computers...I speak that language excellently! I am a software guru...not a hardware one, but I can learn that skill too. If a computer has an issue, then I am usually able to get it working. If I am not able, then I can point people to the right places to have that computer fixed.

I am an excellent listener. Most people will come to me and just talk to me...to get my opinions and stuff. The people that I work with and around with find me a very compassionate person.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and then my smile... and then my laugh. I do laugh alot!

I am a very friendly person and that is why I work with people. I smile and most people will feel very comfortable, then I will listen to them very closely and try to help if I can.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors I like: Andre' Norton (may she rest in peace), Piers Anthony, Barb Hendee, Anne Rice (before she "found" God), Anne Bishop, Gayle Greeno, Mercedes Lackey, Darren Shan, and so much more. Most of the time...I will become a fan of a author just by accidentally picking up a book at the library and I am hooked.

These are the series that I will read without hesitation: Xanth, Harry Potter, Noble Dead, and a Series of Unfortunate Events and the Saga of Darren Shan (Cirque Du Freak).

All the Harry Potter movies, all the Star Wars movies, the Lord of the Rings movies, Nanny McPhee, Aeon Flux, What Dreams May Come, all the X-Men movies, both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies, all the Matrix movies, all the Star Trek movies, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Final Fantasy-The Spirits Within, Final Fantasy-Advent's Children, Avatar, and most Disney cartoon movies. My new love will be The Last Airbender which looks so promising and I loved the TV show as well...cannot wait until opening.

I am a British-ophile...which means I adore Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, & Torchwood. I have seen all Doctor Who...from the first doctor to the tenth doctor. I love the accent and United Kingdom is a place I want to visit...some day I hope to go there. I would love to find a great job there and go live there permanently.

I adore music and have been know to listen to alot of different types. My current favorites are: Madonna, Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack, Shania Twain, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Gypsy, Lisa Thiel, Travis Tritt, Mozart, and Shakira just to name a few.

Chinese food, pizza, pasta...and salsa. I also love hot and spicy food due to the stroke killing my love of bland food...the hotter the better.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter - she is my one and only. I only have 18 years until she wants to move on her own life. I sometimes wishes that she was still small. She is just like me which can be quite scary to me...look what I created.

My car - it took me along time to decide to get my own wheels. The car is just like another child...so I have to make sure that it doesn't take all my funds to keep it running.

My sanity - this is something I will always worry about. After suffering a stroke, I have to make sure that I don't fall into dementia which is something that people with brain damage have to worry about for the rest of their life. I also am trying to train my brain...I made up my own stroke re-training exercises...to keep my sanity and keep my brain always working correctly.

My friends - are just like my family since my own family has issues I no longer want to deal with. My friends are my family...we think similar and we care deeply for each other and I thank them always.

My belief - being Wiccan and Pagan are the most strongest feeling I have. I expect people to accept me just the way I am or else they can go elsewhere...because I subscribe the Christian thinking. I love my Lord and Lady...they have kept me growing stronger and they keep my very grounded.

My job - I work at Safeway as a All Purpose Clerk/Cashier. I love working with people...and am glad that Safeway gave the chance to shine. I just wish I had a bit more hours a week so that I can live just a bit better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Many things...I am woman and all our whole lives are set up to always be thinking about just about everything.

Divorcing my husband soon is on my mind so much...due to our daughter will be 19 years old soon and I need to protect both of us.

Of course my health will always be in my mind...as I have been through so much since birth. I want to live to see me having great grandchildren going to their high school graduation and beyond.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading a book...because I don't get invited out very often. I do not drink...so I am not interested in a bar. I don't smoke due to health issues....so I don't look for a smoking opposite sex type.

I am a movie watcher...most Friday nights I am watching a movie on DVD or in the theaters. Interested in coming with me??

I also love to play computer or Playstation games...mostly RPG's such as Wizardry 1-8, Final Fantasy VII- XII, Bard's Tale, and so on and so on. Yeah I am quite the nerdy type...been that way since high school and I love to talk about with computers and I like to play with new computer stuff. Care to visit Best Buy and play with me?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a Scorpio, which means that I am rather hot-blooded sexually. This is not an invitation for anyone that reads this profile. It is just the truth...Scorpios are known to be a bit...okay...very sexual.

I am into light BDSM and when I get to know a person...then I will share a bit more of that. Actually, I do not follow the known rules of BDSM...because I believe it is a way that a couple can enjoy each other with sex games. No one is allowed to be the controller in the relationship and no one should become so subservient that they lose themselves.

Don't get too excited...it doesn't mean that I expect BDSM chats or sexual chats as well. I am looking for a friend first...and I hope that it will move into more...but slowly. I do expect to be treated like I am a lady first and maybe...just maybe I will show you a bit more of me. But...no promises if you misbehave!!
You should message me if
I will answer you...unless you went into the gutter with some of the sex information I left here in my profile. Not the smartest thing to do! I will mostly just ignore you or drop you quickly.

Just ask away but prepare from the answers I just might give you...just don't start your chat topic or email topic with BDSM or I will show you what a Scorpio dominant female looks and acts like.
The two of us