33Miami, United States
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My self-summary

I'm from Paris, born and raise ( yes, French, sorry about that ) but I live here now
I'm not gonna talk about my default or you gonna run away haha
I'm not looking for sex or something serious neither, what will happen, well will just happen, that's the beauty of the real life...

Relax, be nice, be fun, be cool, enjoy life, and don't take everything too seriously...this is the way to stay younger forever ; )
Enjoy your reading !

If the only relation you have to offer is friendship witout even a chance to improve it...get off my profile and use Facebook ! No time to waste !

You're probably here seeking for your soulmate, a real man, guenuine, serious, faithful, honest, handsome, tall, rich, riding a beautiful white horse to pick you up, not a gamer lookin for a hook up, who knows how to listen,cook, build and fix stuff, handle you and make you happy, and many other kind of stuff...but, the perfect guy probably killed himself for being boring ! Haha

You want a romantic guy, but when we are romantic, you're being bored
You want a nice guy, but if we are nice, you want us for friend
You don't want an asshole, but if we act like an asshole, you're being interested...
You're not looking for sex, but you put more pics of your boobs and ass than your face...you're funny ladies
So, what do you want ? Haha

Enough serious talking, and let's talk about what everybody love the most, sex...

I don't just like to f...I prefer sharing some confidence before sharing sex with a girl ( who knows where you've been just before...)
I enjoy making love, caress her body, I need her to enjoy, I need to feel that something amazing happening...
I want to hear you enjoy and scream, I want you to grab my hair while I'm licking you...
I like to bite ! To pool your hair ! To strangle you and slap your ass ( gently or not )
I like giving an.l sex too
I love receive a good blwjob, and sometimes not a regular one, I like to grab your head and make love to your mouth...
(I hope I shocked some of you hehehe)
And you, what do you like ?
What I’m doing with my life
Looking for a mother for my eventual children lol

Taking care of my own business and you ?
I’m really good at
Positive attitude ! So smile !
Convince people that I'm right with good words :D
Making cocktails
Various manual work (non-specialist)
Make a woman beautiful and happy ; )
Many things...and everything ! I'm the man !
And I'm doing amazing massage !
The first things people usually notice about me
My sexy French accent

I'm laughing pretty easily

I'm nice, sweet, funny, cute...but I'm crazy !

Some peoples think I'm smart, but maybe they are just more stupid than me...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books sometimes, I'm crazy about movies, I like shows : The walking dead, how I met your mother, that's 70s show, Friends(obviously)..., MUSIC IS LIFE ! Food ? You have to live to eat and not eat to live...pizza, pasta, burger, Asian, cheesy, spicy, sweet, fat ( more it's fat better it is, right ? )
I don't like cheesecake, and can't even smell cinnamon
Six things I could never do without
Except the basics survival like eat, drink, eat, sleep, eat...well nothing or maybe my phone and Internet wich is became a basic survival also today, and eat also, did I mention eat ? No, well eat too then
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Why are you so scared ?!
-Yeah yeah you're hot we can see that, but what's the point if you're fucking dumb ?
-My family and my friends in Paris and how it's difficult sometimes alone here far from all what I left
-Everything is gonna be good !
On a typical Friday night I am
What ? You think I do the same thing every Friday night, like a robot ?
Well yes, I do !

Out, drinking, dancing, making out with girls ( when I get lucky lol )
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I speak alone sometimes...this is the best way to have a smart conversation anyway
You should message me if
If you're faithful, are a good girl, want a man, a real man who's gonna have for only goal to make both of us happy together...it could be a good reason to !
Or if you want to get laid lol
Or if you want to eat and get fat with me ; )
Or whatever, I don't care
Or don't actually, just answer me if I message you
The two of us