47 Essendon, Australia
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My self-summary
Passionate, intelligent, sensitive lady would love to meet a nice guy for fun and exploration; mind, places, life, food, ideas, coffee, alcohol. Anything else is a bonus.
Love to pamper my partner and enjoy the same in return. I get sooky when people get hurt on TV, or animals get hurt. Dont use emotion destructively or to get my own way. Empathy and sympathy which sometimes gets me into trouble. Will do almost anything for a mate/partner if they needed it. I believe in being the right partner not just attracting the right partner.
Love my coffee and my life outside of work.

Hazel eyes, short brunette/brown hair, currently blond stripes. Occasionally dye it red / dark brown also.
Im going white, if that matters to you at all. Though by the looks of it it wont be all over me until I am 60.....
What I’m doing with my life
Working (library) major Uni. I send loans of books to other libraries, everywhere on planet earth almost. Not the traditional librarian; I do that to survive. I have a lot more fun outside of work and am pretty spur of the moment. I like to live with passion and follow my ethics and inspirations.

I'm also trying to set up a business at the moment on ebay. I will be potentially connecting with the Commonwealth Bank to do this over May 2016.

I live with my daughter (high school), 2 cats. I'm divorced, shared custody, No issues.

I'm only able to meet someone on my weekends off - firstly. That's fortnightly by the way.

On weeknights I'm effectively housebound (at night time Only) **when I have a child in the house** Please do not respond if this is unsuitable for you. Thanks.

The above (re : houseboundness) just basically means that if all of us were out on a school night, we would have to be home by 9 PM. Not too hard I dont think

I dont do online chat/skype/whatever the hell. Other than Okcupid
I will be open to anything chatwise - except facebook or Skype - once i get my antivirus operating by about end of April.

**On my weekends off there are no restrictions on what i can do. I'm happy to travel to you then if its feasible within an hour**

I like bike rides, eating, I'm a coffee, wine and cider aficionado, I play Wii games, computer games; board games with my daughter. i enjoy markets, fetes and garage sales.

Im a bit geeky but I enjoy it; headphones, computer games / reviews and that kind of stuff sucks me in.
I’m really good at
letting people feel comfortable around me; expressing themselves without being censored or jumped on for being different. I believe in tolerance and am considerate of everyone.

If you have a problem, I am better at "discovering" how you feel about it than strictly what you want to do about it.

Love discussing sexual politics in general with anyone. And what makes you tick (if we are that way involved - Only).
A good coffee (yes i have the right machines. I'm also trying to do my own beans lately. Some results are awesome, some are, oh my god, fire brigade almost).
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm short ish and have great dimples (and smile) so I am told.

I've dropped a bit of weight and are now looking to build strength within reason (legs mostly).

Comes from dancing anything up to 3 hrs on a Saturday night (mostly Saturday sometimes Friday as well (Meaning - chuck the headphones on and go like Hades - better than a gym workout anyday for me)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Go mad for sushi and most Asian inspired food. Not a good cook but now that my new kitchen is up and running I plan to be more spontaneous/inspired when i can.
Books, mostly psychology, relationships, people-focused stuff. Occasional novel. Biographies (especially music related). Computer game related. Fix up my life in some way.

Not a movie head often But will watch something if it really inspires me. My daughter loves horror at the moment , so I am dragged into that.

Musically mainly 80's (Blondie, Clash, Cure, Stones, some Nirvana; DDuran, George Michael, Talking Heads, Queen, Billy Idol; Pink Floyd; The Who) from punk to disco to ABBA. TV : Porridge, Gruen, Bottom, music documentaries, music videos (80's again); cricket, AFL, F1, tennis, some Olympic sports, eg diving, swimming, equestrian
The six things I could never do without
Coffee, and doing my own beans is great fun lately.
Alcoholic cider or white wine
Something to read that makes me think / improve my life somehow
80's Music
Something to aim for
Love being the most important thing as a motivator.
I tend to crack it without enough dance in my life, so be warned already .....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
relationships and how they work and sometimes don't . Sexual politics and gender politics; thus why can women do such and such and men are frowned upon or ridiculed for the same or similar behaviour. Why is womens sexuality so damned precious and guys sexuality is almost treated as a joke. Why are we bought up so that the guy is expected to do all the work in the relationship ? Etc etc. Welcome feedback on this especially as it really bugs me.
Maybe I am just anti feminist in the usual sense....
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing stuff on the computer and having a few drinks. Later I usually get into the music / get up and dance. Sometimes watch Rage on channel 2.
If you know how to or want to dance or learn how to then I am definitely your kind of girl.
On my Saturday night off I sometimes make pizzas from scratch or with a dough mix.
I'm a footy head so if you cant handle that.....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dont drive. Sorry. Public transport is not a dirty word however (within reason).
You should message me if
**Youre in Australia,. Not pretending to be in Australia**

you like what i have to say and how i think.
You want a girl who isn't consumed by make-up 'buying and clothes buying.
If you're into cats, dancing (mostly in the loungeroom but happy to go out also) and 80s music.

If you can understand that i have to meet you before i give out my phone number. Its not a lolly its a privilege.
I don't want your phone number either until I have met you

First date, coffee and cake suits you fine. (I prefer to go dutch most of the time as well)

If Youre Not looking for a career girl, sorry never going to happen.
If you can afford to put in some effort Before You meet Me.
As Aretha Franklin once said, "respect" Its all im after And Im perfectly happy to give it back.