52 Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
Be cautioned, I feel I am about to share too much personal info.

I try to keep my life grounded and remain casual to a fault. I'm easygoing but driven. I've worked in education for 21 years and continue to do so by choice. I deeply enjoy what I do for a living. I value quiet times in my off-campus life as working with teenagers is plenty stimulating.

I recently unplugged from cable TV. It was a shock for a week but I am glad I did it. I am reading "Originals: how non-conformist move the world." I just finished - if skipping about counts - "Homage to Catalonia" by Orwell. I have a copy of "Mortality" by Christopher Hitchens on an end-table, well-written but the topic is disheartening. It pretty much sits there waiting to be picked up but I hesitate. Maybe I'm not so unconsciously trying to tell myself that today is the day and tomorrow an unknown. So cliche.

With age, life's gifts have changed. My two children are grown (somewhat, both are late-bloomers) and stumbling into their own lives. They both moved back in. We play Skip-bo and have a pizza night once a week. My son and I would prefer poker but his older sister finds the game arcane. I want them to have their own lives. I want to have a life too.

That has not been easy as I am often the only caregiver for my mother at the moderate stages of dementia. It is all new territory for me. Perhaps that is why I have Hitchens' book about. (I'm overthinking now.)

I've dated very little since becoming single nine-years-ago, likely due to real and imagined insecurities. Grad school stole much of my time as well. I liked to joke that my forties were the four Ds - divorce, dissertation, debt, and denial. My professors used to encourage me to date - to which I reminded them that in grad school, two kids, and working full-time it's a miracle the dog was feed on a regular basis.

Since the hamster died from my leftovers, cooking by myself offers diminishing returns. However, I will slice, wash, peal, and mix anything, I will pour the beer/wine, tell jokes, and clean the pans -- but I probably should not be left unattended when the burner is on - just kidding about the hamster...my daughter's fish on the other-hand is a different story.

That is where I am at. I am interested in long-term as a goal but not yet. I have lessons to learn about myself, aging as a gen-Xr, and life at large before settling down again. Rushing into things is for firemen.

Write if you want to exchange some words and possibly meet for a drink or coffee.

Tag, your it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read non-fiction. I have a diverse taste in music. In general something that feels genuine and from the artist's soul.