37Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Bar Ναυαγιο (Live - Ικαρια) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4GnVtC1Pfo
I am a worm heart to heart guy looking for tender love and care. Love and appreciation is the most difficult thing to get love close, I got hit by a car riding my skateboard, when I was 9 years old, I broke the front head light with my head, and broke both legs and a color bone, my right side is partly paralyzed Hemiparesis I look a pone a brain energy as a atomic bomb, insult!!! I limp, but i am one of the most interesting guys you'll meet and go out with start a relationship with etc. clowning is away to get love close, Love to be out there, jet setter life style voyager, I am very sweet, and kind, down to earth! I play the piano and sing. And went to Bauman college cooking school. I'm a creative, playing with my dog Apollo, taking walks, enjoying nature, watching tv, movies and going on adventures. Traveling a lot to my other house in Greece in the island of Evia city of Chalkida, living large. I live in Napoli the town means the new city, it is two blocks from the sea, across the street from me is a church, where kids play soccer in a basketball court, and Greece is a very welcome country. When I got hit by a car riding my skateboard when I was 9, it was like an Adam bomb insult. Life is for living, not for living up tight. If you want something that you never had, you have to do something youv'e never done. Santa Claus, St. Nicholas was a real person not some faerie flying through the sky, but worked and died and had a full life. He had a Christian life he was actually a bishop a pastor. He came from a very wealthy family, his family died at a early age. Nicholas was born in Asia minor when the new christaen fate was beginning to spread across the Roman Empire. Nicholas ross from the early church was name bishop of myra a city on the southern coast what now is Turkey, Be for Asia minor was Greece. During the time of persecution by the Roman empire Diocletian, Nicholas was in prison for his outspoken faiths. His name day is on my birthday Dec, 6th in the year 343 ad. Dec, 6th is my birthday too. He was none for his generosity because he was very rich he literally by the time of his death he gave away all of his fortchin, the gift giver. His church is in Dembra in S. Turkey I have been there tree times, beautiful culture. My last name is Nicholas so I felt that I needed to find him etc. My Great Aunts started the Meals on Wheels in the 50's Maria Martha and Virginia, they also started the All woman's first Jazz band in America, There band name was the 3 K's .
The Number 1 ingredient in Coca-Cola Pepsi and Dr. Pepper has Horse Urine! The Phosphoric acid concentrate horse pee, Don't think twice it is all right...
What I’m doing with my life
Right now Im making abstract ceramic frogs out of pottery, Working on my singing, loving going to San Francisco, seeing movies going to nice restaurants, and walking a lot. World traveling cosmopolitan, looking for a beautiful woman like you.
I’m really good at
skiing, traveling, meeting new people, going on adventures, island hopping in Greece, poetry, eating pizza, making frogs out of clay
The first things people usually notice about me
I was hit by a car when I was 9 which left me partially paralysed on the right side. I think when people first see me they notice I walk with a limp but once they get past that they notice my sense of humor and my passion for adventures and life. Welcome to the lifestyles of the artistic cosmopolitan jet setter
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOK-The giving Tree
MOVIES- Goonies, The Secret, What the bleep do we Know, Princess bride, Forest Gump, Patch Adams.
SHOWS- America's got Talent, funniest home videos, The wonder Years, American Idol, Biggest looser, Behind the Bikini, Travel channel
MUSIC- Mario Frangoulis, Bob Marley, Celine Dion,Whitney Housten, Bob Dylan, Bobby Mcfarren, Alpha Blondy, Zucchero, Stevie WOnder, Andrea Boccelli, Janet Jackson ,Michael Jackson
FOOD- Pizza, Greek food, vegetarian and vegan.
Six things I could never do without
1.World Traveling,
2. Avocados, Greens are king, learn to love salads), Bananas Kale (strawberry and plums are in the rose family)
3.My Italian Volpino style of dog, Apollo, or in Greece where the breed is originally from about 5,000 years a go, in Greek the dog is called a Mekri Alepou meaning small fox. Michelangelo and Queen Victoria had one.
6.Dreaming- Day Dreaming, thinking out side of the box
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, is short, I what to start dateing, get a family started... and wish for the stars.... Alot of my friends are married etc. I don't want to wait intell i am 80, I would be a cradle robber.
On a typical Friday night I am
Cruising around North beach SF, walking down town and taking the trolley to Fisherman's wharf. Eating Good food and catching a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to sing Opera, A great artist can only be great if he suffered because I think it is the getting away from our agony that makes us want to produce create, to say something, we be come very self absorbed in our life, because we do work usually, in solitude.
You should message me if
Your adventurous, worm hearted, kind, loving and entertaining. artistic, open
The two of us