112Eng Khong Gardens, Singapore
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My self-summary
I want a man for the medium to long-term to settle me down to medium focus, calmness and contentment, rather than me being the driven one, someone brings out something in me, be it spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I do appreciate burgeoning desire if it's involuntary and not calculated. Add me on wechat on the same username, if you can get past the gate - with your POSSIBLY uninspired nickname from here.;)

For the investment of non-committal friendship, you can be whoever you are or with whoever you want to be, so long as you aren't trying to sell me things I don't want or tell me things which aren't true. ;))
I’m really good at
1. Driving & navigating in any city, with any car, be it a 5 gas guzzler or coaxing life outta a 20 year-old proton manual.

2. Being logical, bringing out the best and worst in people (this goes hand-in-hand with stating logic), being interested in how things work/flow together, be they visual or intangible.

3. Proof-reading & editing services (published/unpublished work).
The first things people usually notice about me
Ah... good question about the "first things"- I've not as yet saliently explored before coming across this question. I know my female friends think i'm always well-dressed. Haha, I dress for them, I guess! :)

Are you ready to meet to form your own impressions as to the thrum we may form? Life's not as a fun in a solo.

I notice and admire men who are fit. Even if there are spots they don't feel good on, I appreciate the attempts to do sports or I appreciate being cajoled to working out together even at different speeds.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I do everything widely, kinda like a mosquito :) imbibing the essence of non-fried foods, great music, view-changing movies and books.

I really like dancing. ^_^ but the most I can claim is that I don't step on feet. I really appreciate a good partner, then it becomes magical, even for a while.

If you perceive human beings as being defined by their tastes, then I guess I'm only selectively mainstream, because most of what's mainstream (not saying all) is disposable.
Six things I could never do without
<<That depends on the situation>>... but <<for long-term>>:
א. Spiritual fruit
ב. Nail clippers/ scissors
ג. Communication enablers/ devices
ד. Contentment
ה. Vehicle
ו. Toilet paper (trust me,.. leaves don't do as well!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I've spiderwebs in my brain. :D - Why doesn't anyone help me blow them away? :D

Whether counsellors/life coaches are as messed up as their patients, just that they are on the right side of the invoice.

How much time will it take before I finally psycho myself to love paperwork? :D

When is my next multiple orgasm (not meal, mind you!)

The golden ratio

How can I have the necessary verbal skills to gently deflate a man's ego without wounding his pride?

Who's the wisest of us all?
On a typical Friday night I am
till 7pm - tying up loose ends at work
8pm - finished dinner
8.30-11.30pm - Bible Study/Small/Life/Cell group
After Midnight - joining the tail end of secular parties

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Since 90% of my visitors are males of all orientation, here is some straight-talk. I am straight and have felt the heady feelings of lust when I was younger with gorgeous eye candy, but no matter no matter how sweet or tempting the hunks, I didn't physically indulge so I'm looking for someone with such physical self-control and mental focus. :) But I doubt I'd find anyone like that any more so I doubt I'd be getting married, so you guys are all safe from me having designs on you all other than as friends. I.e. everyone should not have expectations about getting out of Friendzone a la 9gag.com :). There you go! My down and dirty.
You should message me if
You aren't spoilt rotten, can provide alternatives in the interest that perfect information is a desired goal and that whilst expressing yourself, you aren't looking to belittle anyone.

These are the things that I've done that is stimulating

1. Playing Guitar Hero/Other xbox/Wii games at St Games @ the Cathay
2. Playing Squash/Tennis/Basketball

3. Exercising/ Hiking & Running & Trekking (anywhere in Singapore)

4. Book/Board Games or Coffee ;2Club/TCC/Yakun or australian coffee Cafes ($5 pax/ hr)
5. Movies (I say this reluctantly - because a movie is kinda a fail-safe, not likely to dazzle meet)($5 pax/ hr)

6. Groupon or Fine Dining ($5 pax/ hr to $50 pax/hr)
7. You can suggest other face-to-face non-sexual activities :P like dancing vertically (!) ($cover charge pax/ NA hr)
8. Go for each other's church services if you are also a Christian/Catholic/Jehovah's Witness etc. - I go for Mandarin though!
9. Go JB with me to pump petrol.

PAX! :)
The two of us