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My self-summary
Hello. Self-written summaries are not the best idea, and since I really doubt more than a handful of people are ever going to read this all the way through, I have no idea why I put much thought into them. Anyways, I'm an asshole. A very nice, very smart asshole. I'm also slightly egotistical and crazy. Yay?
If you want the truth of my personhood, including the things not mentioned here and the nuances that require first-hand experience, then a much more reliable source would be talking to me instead of relying on self-diagnosis.

Since I love lists and can never seem to not make this section somewhat awkward, let me continue!
- I'm of decent flamboyancy and extreme eccentricity.
- I really am somewhat of an asshole. I'm also unapologetic about it.
- I'm quite amiable. I get along with everybody, so I guess there aren't a lot of reasons to not like me? Who knows? Not me. You find out.
- I quite often forget I am not employed as a comedian. I make jokes about anything and everything and am thus not all that serious.
- I am highly sarcastic. I'm very candid. I dare you to figure out which is which.
- I highly suggest messaging me. Not saying I won't bite, but hey, life's a bunch of risks.
- I don't have enough years to list every philosophy I live by nor every cool fact and/or phrase I've learned. So let's talk about some of them in the meantime.
- For those who know what they mean, generally an INTP. I'm so horribly split between that one and like five other combinations that it's really pointless but I mostly identify with INTP. I also like to take a lot of these types of tests that attempt to cast you into a mold, so if you think there's one I haven't taken, I dare you to find out.
- Every so often, I like to update and add things to my profile to make myself seem really cool.
- Every so often, I also disappear. It takes me a while to resurface. There's ways to get around this, such as getting ahold of me via social media (listed far, far below).
- Blah. There's no real list of criteria to put down, so I don't really know where I'm going with this. Ask me questions! Have solid conversation! Something!

That's all, folks.
... and for the record: last official update to this is May sixth, 2016 common era.
What I’m doing with my life
Whatever I want. I am a fickle and capricious beast. Sometimes that is plotting my eventual domination of the planet. Other times, it's nothing. Other others times, it's spending my time being a chatty squirrel and writing. Other other other times, it's doing something probably really cool. Somewhere between, I'm also biding my time until I start to do things. What are those things? How should I know!?

Oh, I also teach piano. And I like to learn and do so in varying degrees almost all the time. What, you may ask? You really like to ask that question, don't you? But to answer: all of the things.

(I'm currently in a flux of activity. I'll probably write an addendum to this when I've settled or completed more stuff.)
I’m really good at
EVERYTHING! Every one of them. All of them. But especially writing. I have a deep passion for forging prose and envisioning poetry. Despite being somewhat scatterbrained, I have an extremely excellent memory that some people have deemed scarily so. I'm excellent at being someone to talk to, even if I'm uncomfortably awkward (which I have been known to be for various reason). I'm also excellent at being creepily quiet and staring. I'm also really good at words. Why? Because words. Words is why. I'm also fairly decent with a piano and I like to think I'm okay at writing music. I also like to work on science stuff. And I'm good at learning. Kinda like a sponge. I'm also extremely good at being lazy. Basically, I'm a true renaissance man.
(Also, I also say also a lot.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Uh. Can Lana Del Rey be all of the above? No? Too bad.

(As a note on the side, I will concede that
- I have over a hundred books, but my most favourite book is probably Sprout by Dale Peck with Cody by Keith Hale falling in second, and I have recently found love in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin;
- my favourite authors are John Green (The Fault in Our Stars & Looking For Alaska), H.P. Lovecraft (The Cthulhu Mythos), Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and Andrew Hussie (Homestuck);
- my musical taste consists of Lana Del Rey (and is spiced up by Evanescence and Paramore and Marina & the Diamonds and many, many others) and my genres exclude the vast majority of rap and country;
- I don't have a favourite movie, but if I did, it'd be the short film "Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho";
- my favourite T.V. show is Avatar: the Last Airbender (and I have a love for Supernatural and Doctor Who and American Horror Story) and I find fascination (usually followed by obsession) with anything scientific or comedic;
- I lied about the movies. Partly. I really like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and How to Train Your Dragon and Mean Girls. I did not lie about the short-film being my all-time favourite, and again that's "Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho";
- Pizza. That is all.)

Note: after about a year and a half of having this list without changing it, I looked at it again and I'm still like "nah this is perfect"
Six things I could never do without
Lana Del Rey. Homestuck. Pizza. Blankets and pillows (I have lost count of how many I have of each). Sarcasm. Writing. Being anal and slightly neurotic about updating stuff. Candles. Science. Oh, also my laptop. Music should probably be on this list, too. I guess the people I like talking to? Also food. And humour.

Oops, I went over six. Too bad.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All the things. All of them. But especially those ones. Yeah, they're really great.

("Those" ones being:
- science, particularly any branch of physics, political, or psycho-social;
- the structure of government, both present and the type I'd construct given the power;
- my literature. I write a lot, but I plot a lot more;
- music. Mostly in the form of repeatedly singing lyrics to myself. Or singing the beats to myself. Or singing other instruments to myself.
- Homestuck. Seriously, I spend a LOT of time thinking about Homestuck and don't ask my thoughts on it unless you are prepared because the universe might honestly implode;
- if there's anything I can add to the growing lists I always make for things like these or if there's a better way to phrase something or how many people are actually reading this and making judgments on me;
- generally a lot of things? I don't exactly keep count of how much time I spend thinking. Let's just assume I spend all of it on all the things.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely in bed (but since I have a couch and not a bed, I should probably say couch). This is not a sarcastic or otherwise facetious answer, and if this question were to be posed about any other day of the week, I shall repeat myself.
The only exception to this rule is when I am forced to fulfill my social obligation to people I don't hate.
You should message me if
you want to message me. Do it even if you don't want to. You'll never know what will happen otherwise. Your computer might explode, but that's a risk you'll just have to take if you want to find out if I'm someone cool to talk to. (I am.) Seriously, just message me - I'm not nearly as big, bad, and scary as I might come off. I'm just moderately so.

If you like music (especially Lana Del Rey), reading stuff (especially Homestuck), or anything: I want you to message me. This includes if you just want someone to talk really dirty to. I love conversation however I get it.

In the case that you wish to contact me via other methods, you can always find my Facebook (facebook.com/underscoreleroy), you can sometimes spot me on Twitter (@underscoreleroy), or you can email me (ianussomnium@gmail.com). My SnapChat is also a magical place to find me (@gayquintessence). I also have a Skype and a number, but you'll have to work for those. Wink. There's also Tumblr (the-capricious.tumblr.com) and Instagram (@gayquintessence)... really, there's so many ways to get ahold of me. Choose one.
The two of us