26Rugby, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
In a nutshell: Meek wannabe writer who likes all things nerdy and spends most of his weekdays trying to prove that new medical machinery isn't fatal for whoever uses it.

The long version...well, that's below!
What I’m doing with my life
Working (medical R&D is really tough stuff, but it's interesting), worrying about the future, and trying to find new and interesting things to distract me. I'm always open to suggestions...life's boring at the moment.
I’m really good at
For what it's worth, gaming - I've been doing it for long enough, and I'd be a bit upset if I wasn't! It's my main passion, though.

I'd like to say I'm good at writing, but that'd be a lie.

Bad jokes too (see my self-summary!).

Bad dancing when no-one else is watching or I'm trying to weird someone out.

Calling people "guv" and mangling words for no reason other than I can.
The first things people usually notice about me
Honestly, no idea. I don't stand out - people will only remark on me if I'm wearing a T-shirt with something funny on it, or I'm making a special effort to do something stupid.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read as much as I should, but I enjoyed Cloud Atlas, The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Hobbit (though I never really made much headway with Lord of the Rings, sadly), and the Harry Potter series, though a good half of that was read in a Chinese airport....

Film-wise, I love Inception, Lucky Number Slevin, Wall-E, Taken, Spirited Away - lots of different genres. I appreciate film both from a sort-of snobbish, hipsterish critic sense (if it's actually good), but also from the point of view that says that films should be fun to watch - like Rush Hour, or Hot Fuzz.

Don't watch TV much, though the original series of 24 holds a spot on my shelf, and many of the cartoons from my youth have a special place in my heart - like Animaniacs, and Invader Zim (though I was only introduced to that later). Breaking Bad and Galavant are on my list to watch. As much as I hate myself for it, there's also a non-zero amount of Downton Abbey in there.

As far as music goes - anything that isn't rap and R&B, though even on those fronts I can be pleasantly surprised. Most of the music I regularly listen to is a soundtrack from a film or a game or something, but anything from Muse to Pendulum to Metallica to Billy Idol to even a bit of Bangles from time to time. I'm good with most things!

And food - well, again, I'm easy. Not too fond of seafood, but I've not tried much of it. If this were an ideal world, I would eat more sushi and be able to cook halfway well.

There's lots of nerdy stuff too, but I'll spare it from here. Feel free to ask!
Six things I could never do without
1) The Internet - it consumes altogether too much of my time. I have Facebook and YouTube to thank for that.
2) My computer. It's a part of my life. And it's my only route to the previous point.
3) My bed, the place of harmony with the Universe such that it is in the morning when I'm supposed to be somewhere else.
4) My friends. Yes, this one's cheesy, but it's true.
5) My phone. Not because I can get in touch with anyone I know, but because it's a neat small camera I can fit in my pocket. All the good things I see, preservable forever with a push of a button!
6) Caffiene. Not quite as bad as some people I know, but I should never be without it, in case I wind up draping myself over my desk in a stupor.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All sorts, really...though I _do_ spend far much time thinking. I'm a serial worrier.

In particular, though:
- How I miss being a 90s kid who can spend their time watching cartoons, yet how nowadays I get all the adult humour they sneak in there
- How to get people to torment themselves with a Jenga tower
- Bad taste jokes that should probably stay unmentioned
- How I might secretly be incredibly awful at just about everything
- Ideas for games and films I'll (probably) never get to make
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with a couple of close friends, playing a game or watching stupid internet videos. I'm not one for loud clubs or anything like that.
You should message me if
you want to get to know me, you have similar interests, or (mainly) if you want to talk about something so incredibly random or crazy that only a stranger on the internet could provide. Or even if you just wanna talk about something on your mind; I'm happy to listen. I offer that service to most of my friends anyway, and I can promise impartiality!

Do message me if you think we do have something in common, though! I'm always up for a chat even if I'm not the one to start a conversation!
The two of us