32Alta, Norway
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My self-summary
Firstly, my name is Lill and I come from the very northern part of Norway. I am at the moment growing closer to my 30th (or maybe just the 2nd anniversary of my 29th) birthday in March.
It feels weird knowing that I will be turning 30, when honestly, I don't remember how I got to here from 16....

I used to work at a kindergarden when I was younger, and I see the little kids that used to go there, now driving and drinking (not at the same time), having kids themselves....
And I recall this one time in line at the cinema before Christmas, and there was this pack (yes definately a pack... like wild dogs) of girls 12-14 of age probably... And they were dressed like... hookers.. seriously, and talking like something out of "gossip girl" or whatever show is of apropriate reference here... All I wanted to say was.. GO PUT SOME PANTS ON AND WASH UR MOUTH OUT WITH BLEACH! ....

Ok ranting over... I feel old, the morale of the story was.. I think..
If you can think of a better one, please let me know.

So what you know about me now is that I feel super old when I see teenagers who think they should act and dress like people my age, who can only make a living on a streetcorner..

Other then that theres not much more to know about to honestly... But I will give it a go anways.

I have always been called a geek, and even tho the times have changed, and geek no longer means something offensive, I do take pride in saying I was a geek long before it was cool :)

I spend a very big ammount of my time watching TV series and movies, and listening to music, and I will dive deeper into which kinds further down on this page.

But seriously if you want to know anything about me just ask. Im a very friendly person (even to people I dont like... thats how nice I am), and people do tell me I'm funny. But not sure I should take their word for it, seeing as my friends are just as weird as I am.
I’m really good at
Well I can't really brag too much as there isn't much I do especially good compared to others.
I do however love to cook. And I'd say I'm pretty dedent at it. No one has died from my cooking as of yet!
I have a weird memory where I cant remember what I had for breakfast, but I can most likely remember 90% of all songs I have ever heard, even if its only once. Which in my mind makes sense. I have so much song lyrics floating around there just isn't room for any new information unless its vital.
I also can usually remember exactly where I was when I heard a specific song the last time, or if I hear a song, I will be reminded of what I was doing the last time it played.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm gonna go right ahead and start with TV shows as thats what consumes most of my time these days.
CSI (all but original is prefered), NCIS (original.. I love McGee and Abby), Bones, Blue Bloods ( <3 Jamie), Law & Order: SVU, Rizzoli & Isles ( LOVE them), Pretty Little Liars ( Aria is my fave), Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy..... Thats just a few of the ones still running, I'm also actively watching re-runs of a lot of other shows. As you probably can tell I really love cop shows. Those are my favorite ones.

The Normal Heart (the best movie ever made, based on the play by Larry Kramer) , The Grey, Frozen (not the disney one), Eight Below, Boys dont cry, Blade, Any marvel based super hero movie, Now You See Me, Freier Fall, Final Destination (all), Saw (first 2), Pitch Perfect, Nightmare on elm street..... So many to choose from. Love SOO many movies. I love horror a lot, and I also love based on real event movies...

I dont know what to say here as theres just too much to choose. I love all types of music from classical to rock, to pop, to show tunes... If you want to know more about what music I listen to, just write :)

I'll eat just about anything. I was raised the way that "you can't said you dont like it if you've never tried it". And "you eat whats put infront of you, or you don't eat". Which I am very happy for, cause I see so many kids today go "I dont like that", and then it's because they've never even dared to try.
Some of my favorite meals are:
- Eggfried rice, with some peas, carrots, baby corn and maybe some chicken or shrimp.
- Reindeer stew, its thin pieces of reindeer fried in a pan, then boiled with finely chopped onions cream, sourcream and some stock. Often served with boiled carrots and mashed potatoes.
- Home made pizza with lots of crusts. I love pizzacrust way to much! And I tend to like it slightly towards the burt scale... hehe
- Pasta Carbonara.... No need to explain.. its just delicious.
- Baked potato with bacon, sweetcorn, sourcream and a bit of butter in the middle of the potato :) <3
Six things I could never do without
- My hearing... I think this would be the worst of all senses to loose for me. I don't know how I would ever be able to live without hearing music again.
- Potatoes... YES I have a unhealthy love for potatoes in any shape or form... I am sure I could live of only potatoes for the rest of my life if i had to (without complaint).
- Driving... I love driving my car around without actually having anywhere to go. Just me, the car, the road, and some good singable music. That just is heaven.
- Slash Fanfiction.... Yeah it's my... erm... What can I say, I love reading some great slash fiction, and some of the writers are just so amazing, they could be up there with some of the greatest awarded authors.
- Dancing (when no one can see me....) If you have seen Friends, the episode where Phoebe runs... Thats how I dance.. Or at least how I picture myself dancing..
- Crushing on celebs way out of my league... Cause you're never to old for that :D
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a cosy drink in bed while I load up Netflix and whatever movie or Tv-Show I'm binging on at the time! Light some nice scented candles, maybe some insence. Something jummy to snack on, and I am set. :D
You should message me if
- You found anything I said interesting and think it would be cool to have a chat.
- You have questions that needs answering... doesnt have to be about me, Id love to help with any questions you might have, about any topic!
- You think I suck, and would love to argue with me, or just tell me your opinions..
- you want to... :)
The two of us